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  1. I'd agree if it weren't for Marvel laying claim to them. I'd be surprised if they did
  2. I have a eerie feeling CBS will do Supergirl dirty the same way. You mark my words.
  3. Just dont do crossovers with Arrow or Flash and I'll allow it. iZombie's managed fine without the CW brass going crossover overboard
  4. NO FUCKING CW!!! I dont want Berlanti tainting it with his New 52 leanings
  5. We'll find out Monday. We'd be lucky if its commissioned for midseason return and filming commences again later this summer and slotted for a Season Premiere in January-February tops
  6. Nor did Jeff Lemire and given the fuss over on the Flash title (I.e. Mirroring the TV show) I have a feeling Robert Venditti wouldn't have either.
  7. He did say he'll be informed 2-3 days before the 15-16 schedule's inveiled Monday too
  8. Injustice!John succeeded where New52!John failed: have the John we know's personality and natural DCU interaction rather than forced out of stupidity
  9. Like we've been running out of those; badge or not... Smh
  10. Network to stream all 13 episodes effective tomorrow
  11. looks like boots. although the question remains, who in their right minds of fashion wears high boots to a suit? why not go directly for sneakers and white socks... The 3rd Doctor spings to mind but that doesn't count
  12. Yeah. The fact that we see Gaz (?), Anne Marie, and Ben Cox in all their ghostly glory is refreshing. Im beginning to think the new jacket really is taking cue from the TV coat (save for the last scene of the season finale of course with the proper one); still not thrilled about the pant legs being hiked up unless its ment to be boots
  13. http://comicbook.com/2015/04/20/batman-v-superman-new-look-at-batman-superman-and-wonder-woman-c/?utm_source=Comicbook.com&utm_campaign=b324dd1761-2015_04_20%3A15%3A10%3A21Comicbook.com+Daily+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7a2d10cb6e-b324dd1761-268639561#Image2
  14. That would be Rogen. I'm just a mentally damaged bystandar
  15. Going by the description it looks like they're merging Quinncannon with Grandma L'Angel and/or Jodie seeing as Rogen and Goldberg are tying Vyla to John Custer. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they rebranded Jesse's mother's maiden name from L'Angel to Quinncannon like Geoff Johns made Martha Wayne's maiden name Arkham for Batman: Earth One
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