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  1. Recently been following Californication and making the connection to John Constantine and Hank Moody
  2. I have that. The art work is good. The story definitely lacks that John Constantine swagger, but then again, I guess that would be the point, right?
  3. As a Hollywood movie, Constantine is decent enough. However, I strain for that objectivity because I know the source material and would rather see our boy John get a treatment similar to The Walking Dead. Should we ever be blessed with a reboot I would immediately choose JUDE LAW to be John. Anyone want to play the reboot casting game?
  4. Map

    Hellblazer 275

    Gemma was aware of John's spirit. One would think that 1) Gemma would know the difference between a John that is made out of shit and the real thing. 2) John might check on Gemma since he was visiting her in spirit form . 3) Why would the Demon Constantine have a scar like John? I will be highly disappointed if there is any continuance of this " Gemma's Revenge" business
  5. Map

    JC in the DC

    You got me all wrong--I'm not suggesting that JC get pimped out like Wolverine or Spider-Man... and I enjoy that JC hellblazer is separate from the superhero DC universe for the most part. i think that is done well. Just the same, it would be cool to see him reckoning with the likes of The Joker? I say this as a man who grew up strictly Marvel
  6. Map

    JC in the DC

    I was just thinking that Hellblazer has made its distinction from the DC universe and managed to sidestep any banner wide events in said universe. Nonetheless, it would be cool to see John drop back into Gotham to take the piss out of Batman. I cant be the only one that would get a kick out a well written one shot or mini series involving some of the mainstream superheroes in the DC universe?
  7. Well, John's in real trouble, then. Do you think he could walk through a congregation of hundreds of beautiful, desirable women and not think with his dick? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A Rake john may have been, but how long has it been since you've seen john kick up his boots? and he is over 50 now.... There's a certain point where a man who can think around his dick. that is if you were being literal or not. keep in mind that the sequences in HB200 were to present the idea that he's conceived these chilfren.. they are his children psychically, but they aren't his blood an she was not seduced into this situation via his dick...
  8. Even with Cheryl's soul restored, the family has to deal with the fact theat feeble Tony was fully prepared to murder his family. That dynamic , along with Renee enduring Chas in turbo beatdown mode, has all set the stages for nothing to easily reset....but then again, the situation with the whole of England at the whims of demonic posession and then just sweeping up and carrying on as if it was just heavy rainstrom was recent in a series of scenes on the Hellblazer train... :-?
  9. john's dad had both his arms, though
  10. hmmm i thought it was a bit fucked to kill cheryl and then we're off to follow chas... i suppose i'll get over it soon enough, but i was a packed and ready for a trip to hell with JC
  11. when i quit cigarettes, i had just moved in to a studio apartment. I only had a bed and my comic books that were in storage while i lived in another state. so no it was me and my JC HB collection. i read them in place of reading... now i'm addicted to comic books and i havent touched a smoke in over a year
  12. Map


    isn'f san diego supposed to be a comic book mecca?
  13. john cusack in a scene from a film called IDENTITY the cinematography was excellent and although the story was not as excellent, it was way fucking better than Constantine. I think John is a good actor.. bleach his hair and watch him go.
  14. one thing i think should be avoided is a johnny quest like thing where they are jet setting and ghostbusting
  15. yeah....that was crazy...i still dont really understand murnars motivation and how he got to be hanging around that wiggy dude.
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