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  1. How did that one guy make the Statue of Liberty disappear?
  2. I can't believe they're going to let a WOMAN write Hellblazer. This is what happens when you give them the right to vote.
  3. Kris, Mark, I love this idea of guest stars in the next Constintine. Maybe they could have Justin Timberlake get captured by the Rob Schneider bird demon and Constintine could rescue him. Kinda like what they did with Dan Marino in Ace Venture. I hope someone from Hollywood is reading this forum and takes the ball and runs with it.
  4. Absolutely there should be another one. The 1st movie only scratched the surface of what's possible with Constantine. I wanna see the Holy Machine Gun, the Holy Rocket Propelled Granade, and the Holy Weapons of Mass Destruction. :icon_twosgun: I also think adding a cute chimp sidekick that gets John into all kinds of wacky situations is the way to go.
  5. Having sex with a crack whore while high on smack is probably as good a place to start as any.
  6. Here's a link to a description of the symbol on Constantine's arms in the movie.
  7. If you want to learn more about Demons and such, I would suggest you delve into the tradions of your religion. They all have them. They all have tips for dealing with them. A list of demons with tips for dealing with them is commonly called "Demonology". If you want to learn about the meanings various symbols I would again suggest you delve into the traditions of your religion. Each religions has a wide variety of symbols and the same symbols have different meanings to different religions. You can find a basic primer on this topic here.
  8. The Hells are alive with the sound of death screams With screams they have screamed for a thousand years The Hells fill the heart of John Constanteen His heart wants to scream every scream it hears
  9. Now, if you're blue And you don't know where to go to Why don't you go where Satan sits Puttin' on the Ritz Different types who practice different sins Female demons who are all bone and no skin She has no tits Puttin' on the Ritz
  10. I hope Constantine II has a few dance numbers in it.
  11. I understand James. I guess I've just accepted that anything Hollywood does is going to be light-hearted, middle of the road, bubblegum chewing entertainment. Even though it's not really John, I'm happy to see the movie doing well, hope they make a sequel, and hope the game does well too.
  12. That one where John said that smart-ass thing to that guy and it really pissed him off. I love that one.
  13. You can shoot the Holy Shotgun?!?!?! I am so there! :icon_twosgun: You guys can play coy all you want. You know it's cool to see Constantine branching out into the mainstream world.
  14. As we like to say here in the States.... KA-CHING!
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