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  1. I dunno, I really enjoyed the latter parts of Marvel's Star Wars comics, but that's probably at least in part because I first read 'em when I was very young. I also enjoyed Dark Empire, which was the beginning of the renaisance of Star Wars in the mid 90s. But There is a lot of not very good stuff that came out in the wake of Phantom Menace franchise frenzy. Avoid stuff set hundreds of years before Star Wars, because it really does read like poor quality franchise servicing pap...
  2. Hang on a second... Cassidy, Catholic/Anglican? It's been I while since I read Preacher, but I figured I'd have remembered that...
  3. I thought the big denouement of the last issue of her run worked really well, probably because I was 2/3rds of the way to guessing when got to that point. You could argue that it was a one not joke but, it worked for me as more than that...
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