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  1. Venkman

    Big books of comics

    Was just loaned the first few books of DMZ - I thought it started really well but slipped down a notch with each book (and have heard the 4th one is balls). Also loaned first book of JMS' Rising Stars which I really enjoyed. Despite feeling like I'd read a lot of the big plot points before, I really liked the writing and how each issue had a proper beginning, middle and end and gave us backstory in an interesting way. The writing was the star much more than story but I am intrigued to read more. Really pleased to see Mark & Malin enjoying 100 Bullets to the end a few posts ago - felt like I was on my own in that respect in the single issue thread when it ended!
  2. Venkman

    Hellblazer 257

    And, while we're on the subject, I'm not sure that Keanu is the ideal choice to play Constantine if they make a movie of the comic.
  3. Venkman

    Hellblazer 257

    Finally read the issue and caught up with all the comments and read the issue after re-reading Milligan's run to date (anyone tell I've got the day off today?) I just feel that Phoebe's motivations as to what she wants and what she doesn't seem to change and I think this is because we got dropped into their relationship without seeing how John won her over. As such, this whole storyline feels like we've missed a couple of beats (the main ones being - why are the audience supposed to be invested in this story anyway?) The Julian strand is good. Creepy, horrible and - above all else - really entertaining. I agree with Ade that it feels like there's some misdirection afoot. But this just adds to my lament earlier in the thread. I don't want to have to wait for a conclusion to a storyline to find out why I should tolerate John being a dick, Phoebe being inconsistent or what the hell the actual plot of this story is! Feels like I'm reading not to find out what happens next but to find out why the stuff that's already happened has happened. But having said that, Milligan's actual scripting in terms of events, panels and the dialogue is still as solid as ever - it's the story that seems a little messy to me. A 6 from me.
  4. Venkman

    The Unwritten

    The Unwritten #4 This series continues to be the freshest read I've experienced in a long time. Mike Carey kept Tommy being pursued by genre conventions just the right side of clever-clever and kept it scary rather than funny. But (and it was close) this issue belongs to Peter Gross whose pacing and layouts are really had a sense of horror atmospherics about them. But in amid all the torture porn, they also set up some real tantalisers (a still warm coffee cup springs to mind!). Im with Balthy that this is my favourite ongoing of the moment and in a long time too. The most appealing thing is how each issue has its own beginning, middle and end but with enough hooks to keep you going. Brilliant.
  5. That's promising. Not just because I like Frank Daranbont's character work and his scary work, but I really like the notion that this could start a trend of comic book series being adapted as series rather than as films. Although there's a lot of potential there for drawn out story telling too. Still this 'un could be good!
  6. Venkman

    Hellblazer 257

    Spain has put things in persepective for me. I shall now buy all copies of all comics and then merrily swan dive into the pile
  7. Venkman

    Hellblazer 257

    See, maybe if I wasn't such a lazy arse and got myself to the comic shop, I wouldn't be so whiny anyway!
  8. Venkman

    Hellblazer 257

    I didn't comment on last issue and I haven't been to collect the new one yet, even though it's sitting in my order box. I am getting a bit bored with the title. It's not that I particularly dislike Milligan's run at all but it's not getting me excited and certainly doesn't seem to be motivating me across town to actually collect the thing. As I say, it's not that it's bad but I spend a fixed amount on comics in a month (no more, no less) and walking around comics shops with Ade this weekend just gone and seeing all the cool stuff you guys talk about in the comics threads, it makes me think I should stop just buying Hellblazer out of habit (I'd still get the tpbs I'm sure) as I'm sure there's something I could get really excited about out there. Preferably a title whose Bisley covers don't make my comic seller raise an eyebrow at me as he gets it out from under the counter. Hmmn. Don't mean to sound grouchy but just wondering if anyone's feeling the same - like Vertigo are just publishing Hellblazer out of habit the same way I'm just reading it out of habit.
  9. Story sounds interesting enough - just can't work out why Chucky from the Child's Play movies is on the cover!
  10. I do think he likes a bit of melodrama though so maybe that's the long coat then and there. He is making a bit of a statement. ? While I'm somewhat younger than John, I've been wearing coats that at least reach my knees for about 15 years so it is sort of to make a statement. But it's not really a specific one other than I like wearing a long coat (probably so I can go 'swoosh') Maybe it's how I interperet it but I do also see it as being a bit of a uniform for himself deliberately, in these later years he seems to be playing the con-man a lot more and to that extent the trenchcoat and the well-time lighting of a cigarette are all part of his act. I'm thinking of stories like 'All His Engines' where he really is clinging on not only to dear life but to, perhaps, a slightly younger, bolder, stronger version of himself back when he really was the dog's bollocks. Obviously, if he wears it while in doors - that's just stoopid.
  11. It's like Richard Matheson's 'Button, Button' though...it comes at a great cost :wink:
  12. Venkman

    Greek Street

    'fan-favourite' - you've heard of them 'acclaimed' - comic that did not win any awards and (if Vertigo) was probably cancelled
  13. I quite like it. More peaceful than some of the others.
  14. Finally got my hands on Unthinkable #1 (let it be known that Forbidden Planet in Sheffield is the worst comic shop in the world) http://newsarama.com/comics/050913-BSE-Unthinkable.html Pretty much agree with this review. A lot of fun, and really nice art and writing. My only slight grumble with this issue is that (being a first issue) all it does is establish the premise that I already knew and drew me to pick up a new comic to begin with. However, beyond the plot is some really nice characterisation (in particular, the oddballs who make up the worst-case scenario thinktank!), some good intriguing clues and just the simple fact that the style and writing of this first issue makes me feel that that pay-off will be just as entertaining as the set-up. Well worth a look. (oooh, look at me venturing outside of my usual pull-list )
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