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    Too many to name, especially at this time of night. They all got put on hold though, until my wee one (and any subsequent wee ones as well) gets old enough to drag along on adventures.
  1. Before I go digging...

    Thank you!! That was faster than I could have hoped! Now maybe I can find it before the wee one wakes and I have to go into parent mode!! :) Thank you again! :cool: Now I'm going to go digging, then I'm going to bed! :sleep: -Acrophile.
  2. Before I go digging...

    :unsure: Greetings from a forum newb, but a HB old-timer. Of course I haven't kept up, bad me. Just didn't have the dough. Now I have a little one who takes up **all** the money!! Comics? Hah - I can't even get the "good" hair goop! But anyway... In my box in the attic, somewhere, are all my dear old HB books. Before I go digging into this box, and possibly having to drag my tot into the dusty old attic, I wondered, can anyone save me a little time and tell me which issue holds the "Lord of the Dance" poem?? I remember reading it aloud (minus tune - I had never heard it back then) for a charity event (OMG I think it was 1991!! That's how old I am!! I was a fan with money back then!). The organizers of said event are doing another event **this weekend** and want me to dust it off and read it again. I found one version of it on someone's poetry website, but I wanted to compare it with the HB one. Any available help would be **greatly** appreciated. I'll chack back in about 12 hours after I've had a couple of naps. Thank you much!! -Acrophile.