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  1. please accept my humble apologies, Oh master of the forum
  2. There seem to be two threads about this chat happening -- one with Maddi and spiderlegs and one with you
  3. I will be going Saturday -- maybe with a surprise guest -- we will see -- Wild horses wouldn't keep me away -- especially after seeing the MTV clips --
  4. Ooooo!! Red! You are my hero!! Sorta seriously though -- you all kind of amaze me -- if the only place you have read the KR is tagging along with an exorcist is in a tabloid why on earth would you think it true?? I'd at least wait til its reported in People :wink:
  5. jude


    Hob Gadling! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right!! Thanks Rogan!!
  6. jude


    I love the Shakespear stories -- and the ones about the immortal man who becomes Dreams friend (cannot remember the name ...sigh! Yes Keeyah She's cool and I really like the idea of Death as a woman. I understand there is a movie deal in the works about Death -- It will be interesting to see how Gaiman works this out without compromising the stories and the character --
  7. jude


    The Dolsl House for me. Loved the idea of a Serial Killer convention. Favourite member of the Endless would have to be Delirium followed by Destruction. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I love these books -- Rogan turned me on to them and I am grateful to him -- I really like Preludes and Nocturnes and obviously my favorite character other then Dream is Death
  8. HSX? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hollywood Stock Exchange -- a place to do virtual stock trades based on films and actors --
  9. Yep. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hope John is right although I think it will be a crap shoot -- I will say that Keanu's stock is rising on HSX and the Constantine stock is holding steady or going up slightly -- and the buzz seems to be positive for the most part -- I am with Shanice though -- I will see it -- but you will all be there nibbling at my ears as I watch -- ;)
  10. Dogstar dispersed -- KR and one other member of Dogstar are now part of Becky.
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