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  1. Cocteau

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Just re-read it. You're right. John manage to lure Nergal with Ritchie's help into the edge of heaven by making nergal chase him within Ritchie's cyber world. Until Seraphim angels destroyed Nergal. Great stunt indeed.
  2. Cocteau

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Hmmm. I need clarification on this i guess. Last i read, those inquisitors (slave twins) are from hell, since they say something about the triumvirate of hades or the lords of hell (lucifer, beelzebub and belial) calls. Plus, they are sort of referees on who will win and loose (Nergal vs. John) basing it on hell's rules of engagement.
  3. $856 now :\ My! This issue is like gold. I know it's JC's first appearance... but $856!
  4. Haha! Very interesting. :-) By what i have read so far, Mina seems a good writer. Welcome Mina! :-)
  5. Cocteau

    John's Hair in Eden

    Seems what you read is issue #185 or Part 2 of the 3-part Third Worlds. John has a plan for that hair burried in Eden, he knows from that point that the enemy he's dealing with came from there and if he gets to bury a part of him in Eden - It will be possible for him to summon then fight the enemy (no spoilers). That end goal will be found in issue #190 or Part 2 of the 5-part arc Staring at the wall.
  6. Personal kick start recommendation: Dangerous Habbits Haunted Hellblazer #1-12 (Original Sins got only up to 9)
  7. I wish Long Beach isnt 1K mile away from my place else i'll make you sign all the recent Hellblazer issues i have. :)
  8. Frusin is a great artist, especially his arts during Good Intentions are awesome. I love the feel of his drawing in that arc, his dark style really fits Hellblazer. But i agree with James (in another thread) and Mark that he probably got bored after all those work in the same title, which in effect affecting his creativity. But in terms of Manco's peak (let's assume at this poing #205) against Frusin's peak of creativity - will pick Manco hands down. His style compliments Carey's direction. In fact, he's already my all-time favorite 'regurlar' artist, neck to neck with Sean Philips.
  9. What issues did Lloyd draw in the monthly? Quite excited to find and read it, i admire his style. :)
  10. LOL. I kinda really laughed how you put it. :D I agree to this. That's what i love about Carey though.
  11. Yayks! scary McMahon:( Anyway, I wish the movie was based on that book indeed (All His Engines). The film could have been acclaimed as topping both The Prophecy and The Ussual Suspects in one film - i mean, it's a question of who has the balls to risk of producing a film that could potentially be the best Con-Dogma-Horror flick ever. All His Engines has the ingredients and potential to be a movie adaptation, but they blew the chance. Speaking of sequels, in case it will happen. Hope they learned their lessons and listen to the 'real' critics. :)
  12. In my interpretation, Gabriel seems to be jealous and angry at how humans can easily be forgiven by God - in effect, he's convinced and decided to plot against both God and Satan that world of humans desrves a Hell in earth. He's on for Mammon be released to earth to protect his plot.
  13. You scored a bingo in terms of background qualities. :) In the spirit of being feasible and still grabbing a film of potential blockbuster. My vote goes to Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean.
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