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  1. London becomes a veritable Hell on Earth for John Constantine when smoking is outlawed in pubs! I LOLed... at Conjob's expense. I'm looking forward to it, goofy one-shot or not.
  2. I don't know if Jack being the Butcher would hurt or help the Authority :lol:
  3. Wow. Well I admit I can't name all the first four either, but I can name a bunch out of order, and I also know that Nicholas Cage movie has an upcoming sequel that's bound to entertain and 'educate' the rest of the country. I have no shame in admitting I think I'm learning a little bit about London through Hellblazer and additions like this
  4. I'm looking forward to this as well ! My dad gained US citizenship when I was in high school and at some point I read his little exam manual with all sorts of US facts students in my history courses didn't care to remember :lol:
  5. The roulette scene in 232 I think characterizes John's magic, where he says it doesn't matter where the ball actually lands as long as they see what he wants them to see. It reminds me of a scene in Lucky Number Slevin, when Mr. Goodkat explains "A Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks right, and you go left."
  6. Same, and I really hope some of the Dreaming make a few cameo appearances... without it turning into The Dreaming.
  7. And here I, thinking Vertigo did Ennis a disservice when they misprinted his use of the word "snigger" :lol:
  8. Excellent to hear! I want to keep both.
  9. That film can't be any worse than Scrapbook, or can it? Sorry to hear about your experience with GCPW though. I wanted to apply for their cast once upon a time but they don't accept double characters which is common for a lot of cosplay groups. We care about our Black Canary too much to leave her out
  10. Finally got my copy.... And I... I... I gave it a 7. Honestly, I wanted to give this issue an 8. I like John's characterization here, and the scenes focusing on Haine and Wardlow got me really interested. On the other hand I felt this issue was an extended prologue. There were some parts I felt could have been shortened or eliminated, like Danny Draper and his friends' backgrounds. I interpreted that backstory as a way of saying "Danny Draper wasn't born bad." and to make the reader sympathize for him at the end. I felt the same with Greggs stepping up to the chavs; here's a man who just lost his daughter now watch him fight a futile battle and wind up in the hospital (or was that to set up a meeting between the Greggs and Wardlow?) So all that considered, I still would have given it an 8. Points for putting styling products back in John's hair and letting him keep the striped suit. I know this issue is going somewhere that will unfold in the next three. I gave it a 7 because of the art. I don't know how well artist and writer collaborate where the scripting and drawing process are concerned... but overall it did seem like Manco's artwork was lesser than usual. Maybe the delay was the reason for the rushed appearance, but I winced when I saw the (abstractly rendered) shattered windshield on page 5 then seeing it cracked but halfway intact on page 6. The overall detail I'd come to expect from his work wasn't in this issue. I also thought the corpses, while nice and gory, were unrealistic considering the actual crimes that took place but that's pretty nitpicky of me to rate. I still love the Diggle, Manco, and Bermejo team regardless.
  11. What? That's crap to hear... because the last I checked they were working on a Catwoman-centric fanfilm. She was doing whip training for it, this was maybe only last SDCC.
  12. The Fables crew went into detail about House of Mystery at the SDCC Fables panel too. It could be promising, but I get The Dreaming spinoff vibe from it. I guess if Bill is the primary writer for the whole thing it might have some sense of consistency. I just want to know if that's Cluracan on the sample page.
  13. Chris, have you heard of the group Gotham Public Works? I think they've recently been working on a fanfilm as well, though admittedly I'm mostly familiar with their costume department :lol:
  14. Considering the discussion on the last two or three pages, I think it's less a matter of canon now and more a matter of it being in character or not. Obviously I think an open sexuality is in character for John, and deserves a little exposure alongside the many women we always get to see riding him cowgirl on panel 8-)
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