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  2. Personally, I hated Corben's artwork in Hard Time. Everyone looked like midgets. The story was ok, though. I liked the story in Good Intentions, although I'm not sure why. The artwork was, as has been said, really good (as it was in Telling Tales, Frusin has the JC evil smile down pat). Freezes Over was different, but not a bad story, and John's manipulation of the other characters was, to me, quite in character. I recently got the Setting Sun TPB, and it seems like a collection of random stories. Is this typical of Ellis?
  3. Rather big guy to be the Lord of the Dance... but he looks like he could kick Micheal Flatley's ass, so I'll take him.
  4. I might have been talking about the wrong person. The person who vanishes at the end of the party is the really big guy who's wearing viking horns for some reason. You know, where it's just two guys and a bottle of whiskey (as JC put it).
  5. I would say JC meets the supers from Ennis's "The Pro," but I think it would end up in some similar fasion. How bout The Punisher? Or if anyone's read it, JC runs into the guy from Proposition Player?
  6. the one above was posted by me. forgot to log in.
  7. I'm sure this question has been asked many a time before, but could someone tell me who the people present at Constantine's 40th birthday party were? I recognized Swamp Thing (duh) and I have a vauge idea of who the Reverened is from reading further into the series, but as for the rest of them I'm in the dark. It could be that they are crossovers from other comics, or that I've just read them out of order by mistake, or that their identities simply haven't been revealed yet (such as, I have only a vauge idea of the Newcastle incident from what I've read), but if I can be told with no spoilers, I would appreiciate it. For reference, I've read from Original Sins up to whatever is the TPB before Rake In The Face Of God.
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