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  1. You people have converted me. I saw the movie, thought it was cool, even though I knew it was way different than the comic, and was going to buy the DVD. Then I read the comic, and realized I was wrong. Now I'm not sure if I really want to buy the DVD. However, it might be worth it if they have the audio in different languages.
  2. You mean this one? It seems to still be in the works. http://www.groundedinunreality.com/hellblazer.html There were also some guys doing fan scenes from Final Fantasy: http://www.finalfantasyreal.com
  3. Er...why would you answer your own post?
  4. I pronounce it Con-stan-teen because my dad had a co-worker with that name, and that's how he pronounced it. Unfortunatly, now when ever I think of Constantine the mental image is of my dad's co-worker. I didn't know it was different until that issue of Hellblazer when Zed sings that song about Constantine and rhymes his name with a -tyne sound.
  5. I remember freaking out a group of friends by doing the levitation thing. I then proceeded to do the arm turning around thing, but they made me stop because they thought it was gross. The way he levitates a foot above the ground is the cheapest thing I've ever seen. He usually does it in an alleyway or something, with wires attached to him. The camera gets reaction shots of the crowd ah-ing at his levitation trick, then looks over the shoulder of someone wearing the same clothes as a member of the original crowd, then they paste the crowd ah-ing with Blaine being lifted by the wires, so it looks like he did it in front of a random crowd.
  6. I hate the fact that people decide to just keep their head down and do as their told, even if they object. If I don't like something, I'm going to say something about it and get it fixed. Constantine in the film keeps screwing up despite all the good he does. He does everything in order to get into heaven, but not because it's for God. That's the attitude most people take. Instead of wanting to be rewarded for all their good deeds and love towards God and mankind, they do things just so they won't burn forever in the afterlife. People are selfish. It makes me wonder about my overwhelming faith in humanity. Constantine, at the end, when he gives up his life for Isabel, was supposed to be because he realized that if he was to continue to live, he'd keep screwing up. So, he did the right thing, because he knew that it wasn't a screwup to let Isabel go to heaven. He got rewarded for it, and got to go to heaven. It's obvious that Constantine knew what was going to happen, so it just looked like he conned God into letting him into heaven. Which is impossible, if God knows everything. But, God would know of Constantine's good deeds, and he'd go to heaven anyway. All in all, God must've just been messing with Constantine. Then again, if God and the Devil had a bet about humanity, then God was breaking the rules. God would've judged Constantine after his death, not before he died. If that were the case, then Constantine would've gone to heaven anyway. I think the only thing really keeping him out of heaven was himself. He really didn't believe he was worthy enough, because he felt bad about killing himself when he was younger. People nowadays are so afraid of losing things: people, objects, jobs, etc., that they live in constant fear of it. They have weak wills because they think that if they do as their told, good things will happen to them. Good things happen to me all the time, and I don't always do what I'm told. And sure, I might not have any free will, but I think I do. I think I'm in control of my life, and that's what makes me happy. Constantine doesn't believe. The whole God/Devil thing has lost it's magic to him, so he has to understand everything, and see everything, instead of just believing that it's there. He's lost his faith by seeing that everything is real.
  7. Gah! His levitation a foot off the ground makes me so angry! It's so cheap!I can do the levitating a few inches, but it's hard to pull off because I just don't have the balance. I still think David Blaine is awesome, but his levitation trick I learned off of Lamb Chops Play Along.
  8. But the way people butcher Wicca is like someone taking Christianity, saying Jesus was there instead of Adam, and the snake wasn't really the devil trying to trick Adam and Eve, it was Amen-Ra trying to save Jesus and Eve from the shackles of Christianity. The "k" just annoys me, like when people use "womyn" or "kewl" or say stuff like "it is the gretest of mah art kewlies". Or how "Ashley" isn't enough, it has to be "Ashlayghi".
  9. Wicca is not a religion. The only reason people believe it's a religion is because they see it as a replacement for Christianity. Wicca was invented in the 60's by Gardner, regardless of how much people claim it's older than Christianity, it goes back to ancient times, whatever. The only thing in Wicca that could possibly go back to times older than Christianity are old wives' tales. Like rubbing a penny on a wart to make it go away. Wicca also has a really strict rule set that almost all "Wiccans" don't follow. It's not just the law of three stuff. There's about a hundred and sixty rules. However, most people who practice Wicca today don't even know about the history of it, save for the "it's older than Christianity" stuff. People seem to not want to say "I don't have a religion and I practice magic." They'd rather say "Oh, no, I'm not a Christian, I'm Wiccan." And as for Crowley. It's his fault we've got "magick." In the words of my sister "Just because you add a 'k' doesn't make it any more real." I read through Crowley's Book of Lies, and my conclusion was that he thinks he can make his spells sound ancient by adding a "th" to everything. In my opinion, his books are crap and rambling. Alot of people, though, say that Crowley is an idiot, then turn around and use "magick" and Crowley's ideas. Magic isn't limited by your knowledge and tools. You should never become dependant on your tools. Because then you're not really expanding your magic or your skill, you're just screwing yourself over. I don't know how I do half the stuff I can, but that doesn't mean I can't do it.
  10. No one who leaves the Beatles for Yoko Ono is sane.
  11. Well, yeah, although I think deluding yourself isn't the point. You can delude yourself into thinking you're a walrus, but that doesn't mean you're a walrus. And usually, if you think you're a walrus, you're nuts. It's more of an intent thing. If you want something to happen, and you intend for it to happen, then it's more likely to happen. Magic is intent shifting probabilities. I don't think I've actually spent any money on any magic books, or candles, or anything like that. I think I got some matches once to see if I could light them with my mind.
  12. Well, it's not magic itself that's dangerous, it's the person who starts blurring the line between what's real and what's not in a way that drives them crazy. Also, alot of people get into magic because they have some problem with Christianity, and since witchcraft is condemned in the Bible, they think that's the way to get back at their parents and Christianity.
  13. The problem I've found with Chaos Magic is that most people who do it are just in it for power. Because there are no rules in Chaos Magic. So stupid kids think "I'm mad at my girlfriend/boyfriend/parents/teacher/sibling, I'm going to curse them, muahahaha!" Although, usually at that point in time, they're intent isn't clear enough, or focused enough, so nothing happens, or it backfires, or it does exactly what you intended it to do, but not how. The other thing about magic in general is that it amplifies everything. Everything. So those that aren't stable who get into magic become even more unstable. The demons in you start knawing, making things alot worse. Oh, and don't forget about the drama. So all of those Wiccans and Chaos Magicians who start doing magic make all the high school drama get even worse, which drives them insane. So, before you start any magic, or psychic, or other stuff like that, you better tame you inner demons. Everyone I know who's gotten into magic learned this the hard way. Also, learning how to properly meditate's good. And learning how to focus your intent. Magic doesn't work without intent. And, if you're interested in magic because you think it's cool, or are curious, fine. But don't do it expecting power, or revenge, or immortality, or anything like that. You don't get power by seeking it for yourself.
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