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  1. I get the surgery being the cause of his appearance, I guess what I had issues with was the appearance itself. Like it crossed the line from "failed surgery subject" to "billy-goat-eating troll under the bridge." Which may very well be what they were aiming for. Still, you'd think that omnipotent family of his could have afforded better, although I suppose you could bring up Michael Jackson as a counter-argument. Eh, it's all good.
  2. Thanks for the theories. It makes a bit more sense now. And really, given the context, "a bit" is all the sense it needs to make. Do those two have to be mutually exclusive?
  3. Ok, I get the color and the smell, but did he really have to look like a refugee from Mordor? With the nose and the ears and stuff, I seriously expected him to speak with a cockney accent and menace hobbits with a rusty halberd*. That's the closest thing I have to a complaint about Sin City, by the way. *Which is kinda ironic, cause the ex-hobbit in this film would have kicked his smelly ass into next month.
  4. Well, Watchmen arrived, and I read it... wow. I've pretty much settled on being Rorschach for halloween. "You don't understand. I'm not locked in here with you. you're locked in here with me." Sure, he's kind of a creep, but it's halloween. And he is undeniably a badass creep. It'll take at least one more reading before I can discuss it in any meaningful way... but... how they gonna make this a movie? I'm baffled.
  5. Maybe I should have emphasized the "I" instead of the "could" at the end of my post. I enjoy nearly any movie, no matter how inept, often without noticing the ineptitude until someone points it out. Godzilla movies in particular hold a special place in my heart. I'm just not critical about most things. And as for Midnite not worth being argued over, you're probably right. I just had nothing better to do.
  6. A few things... geez, it's been forever since I saw this movie... One of the first few posters mentioned Midnite in the "all about redemption" diatribe (too correct and coherent to be called a rant.) Personally, I feel that Papa Midnite was the exception to that rule. He helped Constantine only because the bad guys were already cheating, so some cheating on the good guy side would also be allowable, or indeed required, for balance. (PS: is it possible that the Map character influenced the final film Midnite? I realize that this is mostly a thread about the movie without reference to the comic, and I also realize that I have no knowledge of Map except for what the synopses on this site have given me, but it seems reasonable, and I haven't had a good opportunity to ask until now.) Someone compared God's bet with Satan to a wager between "one of us" and a six year old. I dunno about you all, but if any six year old wanted to challenge me to a bet, I'd take it. Not for too much money, but I certainly wouldn't mind proving a six year old wrong. Overall, though, this thread does show the failings of the movie much more convincingly than most of the conversation I've seen around here. I wonder how many of the movies I like could stand up to this kind of in-depth examination...
  7. here it is I haven't read Watchmen yet (ordered it from Amazon yesterday) but by all accounts it's a good read. Those of you more emotionally invested in the comic might want to check the review out, it's quite positive, from someone who seems familiar with the original.
  8. Well, lent's over, so it's back to the cigarettes for me. I wasn't addicted, and don't think it's likely I ever will be, but I figured I'd better quit for a while just to make sure I could. As far as Constantines cigarettes go, I do have a friend in Ireland right now, I could probably convince her to get me a pack of silk cuts. Cigarettes for girls sounds more or less what I'm looking for... even after over a year of occasional smoking, I can still get sick from trying to finish a whole cigarette at once. I blame the altitude, 7000 or so feet above sea level here in Santa Fe. Half a cig does the same to me as two or three shots of vodka.
  9. Read the comics? At least some of that magic is based on "real" magic. Issue 11, portraying the Newcastle incident, shows an attempt at spell from the Grimoirium Verum. Do a google search for it, it'll be one of the first results as a pdf. Just don't try summoning Sagatana...
  10. Ooh, not bad. It'd be nice to get some vicarious payback for how that movie messed me up. Howsabout John Constantine meets... Me! Sure, I'd die horribly before very long at all, but in the meantime it'd be cool. Jareth, the Goblin King. Constantine vs Muppets!! Godzilla. Just because in my world, everyone meets Godzilla. Willy Wonka. Two very different kinds of clever, two very different kinds of darkness, two very different kinds of fashion. Jason Voorhees? Michael Myers? Freddie Krueger? Not interesting enough to warrant anything major, except maybe Krueger. Is that guy compatible with the whole sandman/vertigo paradigm?
  11. Thanks for the gun info, that cleared things up nicely. I'm afraid I won't be able to retroactively dislike the movie, but at least I understand your side of things a bit more.
  12. I like Gaiman's, but maybe that's just the classicist in me.
  13. I'll throw my vote in with the moderate "6/10" crowd here. As a movie, I've seen vastly worse. Even as an adaptation, I think it got off better than, say, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A couple questions... everyone seems down on the holy shotgun bit, but I've heard references to something called the Ace of Winchesters, and I wanna know the difference. I imagine it's a major differences, giving the amount of whin-... complaining ( :p ) I'm hearing. Also, those of you who declare that the movie was absolutely worthless, in no way redeemable, utterly trite, etc, etc... what kind of movies do you enjoy? Just trying to establish context for myself, I'm the first to admit I tend to be excessively forgiving of dodgy movies.
  14. http://www.scottmccloud.com/inventions/24hr/24hr.html First off, I was initially wondering whether to post this here or in the Show Your Wares section, but when I realized that, due to my lack of scanner I have no Wares to Show. iIt also could've gone in the general Comics section, but since it's just as likely to be a group hang-out activity as a strictly comicbook one, I put it here. Anyway... For those too lazy to follow the link, the deal is this: draw a 24 page comic, in 24 contiguous hours, with no direct prior preparation. It's fun, and can be done either in groups or alone... I've done one of each. I encourage everyone with even a smidgen of talent to try it, if you can get the time. If you have done it... thoughts? stories? specific recommendations for others?
  15. I'm pretty sure s/he was going to cut the girl open to release Mammon. And I assume you mean Satan when you say Balthasar, as Balthy seemed pretty much toast by then.
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