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  1. chalst

    John's age

    Yeah, but they've established that as magicians age, they "look like magicians". Just look at the guy in the bar from haunted (the scene where Map confront's JC. Apperantly, you can use magick to teleport to someone's house and beat the shit out of them, make someone's hair strangle them, and make a bunch of convicts go crazy; to reduce wrinkles, use Oil of Olay. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Still, JC's had some, urrmmm, unconventional therapies (Demon blood transfusions, makeovers, etc.). His biological age might have a not-entirely-straightforward relationship to his chronological age...
  2. chalst

    John and the Ladies

    While we're on the subject, a question: does the Una character from the Morrison story "Early warning" occur in any other story arcs?
  3. chalst

    They buggered the book

    The adaptation that pissed me off most was of Rob Roy, and I don't even like the book (the Walter Scott version, that is). One scence in particular: in the film we see the diabolical english redcoats arriving in Rob Roy's home glen, steal up to his house, burn it and rape his wife. She, being the shy, retiring type she is, can't bear to tell Rob Roy of her shame, and this tragedy looms over the rest of the film like a cloud. This is a pretty free adaptation from the scene in the book, which has the same brigade of redcoats being caught by Rob Roy's wife and sons, who proceed to lynch said redcoats to death in a pretty brutal and grotesque manner.
  4. chalst

    They buggered the book

    Thanks for all the excellent responses to my comment on Kubrick's adaptation. Well, this is subjective. I can't say Alex is one of the literary characters I've most strongly identified with, though I get your point. But I felt some sympathy for Alex in the prison induction scene, one of the scenes I'd point to as one of the film's strongest, If there's another point to the book, it's how our free wills are constrined by our environments. The film gets across very well the atmosphere of dehumanisation, especially in the prison scenes. The sliminess of the probation agent comes across better in the film that the book, as well. As a general point in defence of the film, that Kubrick didn't capture faithfully everything Burgess was trying to do (and often, not convincingly succeeding) with in his book isn't to say the adpatation was a failure. A failure is an excercise in butchery. I'll leave Mark with the last quote, though, which I agree with:
  5. chalst

    They buggered the book

    And Clockwork Orange a buggered up adpatation? I think jaynova's idea of what consitutes a good adaptation is different from mine! Think about what theatre directors do with classic plays like Shakespeare. The most celebrated realisations of these try to put the play in a new light. Think of the Richard III film with Ian McKellen: wonderful, wasn't it? To say that an adaptation changed things about the original is not, by itself, a condemnation of the adaptation. What's important is how these changes are justified. The Constantine movie doesn't sound all that awful, certainly not in the Judge Dredd sort of leagues, but it doesn't seem to rise much above the level of a Hollywood action flick, and I'm not so interested in those, so I think I'll pass.
  6. chalst

    They buggered the book

    If we are after disastrous realisations of central comic book characters, the Judge Dredd movie stands out. Raised a bit of a stink, though not as much as I heard around the Alan Moore LoEG adptation...
  7. Tom wrote: which is how I first ran into HB, and this download was the first time I saw any of those earlyu stories in colour. Interesting, but I prefered the B&W. Why did VERTIGO not put out a complete story (ie. #1 & #2)? Do they think it would undermine demand for Original Sins too much? I'm guessing that's a miscalculation.
  8. chalst

    The only review that counts !

    Adrian linked to: Pah! They must have liked the movie! Check out what they said about Freddie vs. Jason
  9. chalst

    Favorite Hellblazer Quotes

    How about in the Ennis arc with the Kings of the Vampires, down-and-out John walks into a off-licence, shows some grubby change he has collected and says: "A Buckfast". The pompous ass running the plac, launches into a monologue (from recall): "Ah, a discerning drinker! How satisfying it is to supply a man of discriminating tastes. Perhaps, though, sir's means do not cover that? Has he considered lighter fluid? The thinking alcoholics tipple!". Well, I've well and truly mangled the lines...