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  1. I really enjoyed that. Nothing revolutionary but very refreshing coming off the back of Diggle's last storyline. I haven't read as much Milligan as I'd like (some Shade and some superhero stuff and it was certainly far superior to the latter) but he does a fine job on this. It's well-written and well-paced, and the horror elements towards the end were nicely handled. I'm not sure about Phoebe yet, she seems a bit too perfect. Julian is very cool. I really think Landini adds a lot to Camuncoli's art, but so does the new colourist who I hope sticks around for a while. I don't usually notice these things but the change is really quite striking. A definite thumbs up in that department - it helps give the comic a significantly different and more modern feel which should be enhanced even more when Sean Murphy comes onboard again. An 8/10, I think. Very optimistic about what's to come (but then I'm easy to please with Hellblazer).
  2. If he is then I certainly don't have any objections. His art was the best thing about the Jason Aaron two-parter and as much as I love Leo Manco's stuff (not so much recently, though), a change like this is always a good thing for a comic that's lasted this long. It'd bring a fresh new feel to the book and perhaps pull in some new readers, who knows? I'm not entirely sold by his John's pointy nose, but it's not the end of the world.
  3. I really enjoyed that. Helped make up for Diggle's rushed, midly disappointing final story at any rate. Happy New Fucking Year - Your typical Hellblazer fare, but no less fun for that. There's something appealing about John being the action man occasionally (just as long as it's occasionally). Some nice humour in there. Phillips' art is great as always. Christmas Cards - David Lloyd's art makes this. Apart from that it's a good, heart-warming story, although Delano waffles on a bit like he tends to do. All I Goat For Christmas - Er... right. I liked the faintly grotesque art, but it did little else for me otherwise. I'm sure I wasn't the only one expecting a Good Intentions replay with that goat. The Curse of Christmas - Excellent. The way the death curse was used was fucking genius. I hope to see more of this kind of thing when Milligan's run kicks off, which I'm now looking forward to even more. Snow Had Fallen - Mieville's one of my favourite writers, and his stab at my favourite comic didn't disappoint. Lots of great ideas and a nice twist in the tale. Overall, an 8/10. Merry Christmas!
  4. I fucking love Mieville, so I'm incredibly excited to see him write Constantine. That aside, this looks brilliant. A really terrific line-up - I'll be getting it for sure.
  5. Definitely! Delano's best by quite some way as far as I'm concerned - dark, brutal and completely gripping, it's like a psychological thriller. I absolutely can't wait for the trade.
  6. I just couldn't give a toss about pages and pages of John talking to that yuppie acquaintance of his and then going into Backwords World for no real reason - I'd have preferred the story was just about that, really. And I usually love it when Hellblazer goes all slice of life.
  7. I read my trade of this today. Better than when I first read it last year, but I still think it's undeveloped, messy and has a shit ending. Delano's purple prose is at its most irritating here, particularly in the aforementioned drug trip sequence. The art... well... the colouring lets it down but it's no great shakes, especially Buckingham's - Ridgway would've been ace here with the more imaginitive visuals. Oh well. All that said, I think the first issue is actually one of my favourite issues of Delano's run, with the lack of any real supernatural threat working really nicely and Rayner's art capturing Britain superbly with some nice attention to detail. I actually prefer the meat story to this. Mainly because I like Pugh's art, and mainly because it's much shorter. Sundays Are Different gets my vote for Delano's worst, mainly for its off-putting mixture of the incredibly boring and the annoyingly nonsensical.
  8. Mmm, I really enjoyed that. Good, solid Hellblazer, and I liked Camuncoli's art much more than on his previous efforts on the book. Nice to see Ellie back, too.
  9. I'd assume #31 at the very least would be collected as that's something of an epilogue to The Family Man. God knows what else'll be included - maybe #33?
  10. Brief story outline from here: Sounds quite interesting - I had a feeling it'd deal with politics in some way or another! Your art looks bloody amazing as always, Jock!
  11. Oh bloody fantastic! Delano's best work on Hellblazer for my money, so I'll be chuffed to have it in collected. I'm assuming #23 will be included as it's 200-ish pages. Fingers crossed for Jenkins' run getting trades next year. Looking forward to The Laughing Magician TPB as well, of course.
  12. Bellis

    Big books of comics

    Oh I dunno, I thought Joe Kelly's run had a lot to recommend it and I preferred it to Waid's, Tower of Babel aside. Two Minute Warning I'd count as one of the best JLA stories I've ever read, Golden Perfect was a terrific examination of Wonder Woman, and while The Obsidian Age had a mildly disappointing ending it was pretty excellent, ideas-heavy, epic stuff. Great treatment of Plastic Man and J'onn too. I'm not sure Kelly adding his own characters quite clicked and it felt like it ended earlier than it was intended, but overall I think it's pretty great, underrated stuff. And Doug Mahnke's art was fantastic. After that though it definitely went downhill and it still hasn't recovered - DC are really mishandling the book at the moment, I think.
  13. Bellis

    Show us your comics

    Aah, go on then...
  14. I know it's a ridiculously trite sort of topic idea, but it's something I haven't seen since I started lurking here early last year and I really do want to know what you chaps consider to be the cream of the crop Hellblazer-wise. Be it big story-arcs, small two-parters or just a really well-crafted one shot, what do you find yourself returning to time and time again? I've tried to narrow my picks down to five. Not in any order mind, because that'd just be far too much to ask! #25-26: How I Learned to Love the Bomb I'm a bit biased because I adore Grant Morrison, but this Wicker Man-esque tale hits all the right buttons for me. David Lloyd's artwork really enhances the sickly, grim atmosphere. And I found it genuinely creepy too, which Hellblazer isn't often. #41-47: Dangerous Habits I know, I know...it's an obvious choice. But for me it really is the quintessential Hellblazer story, full of iconic moments and a sense of fun that was mostly lacking from Delano's otherwise excellent run. #99: Punkin' Up the Great Outdoors I really wasn't sure about what to choose from the Jenkins era, but this ultimately won out thanks to its inclusion of the British mythology aspect of his run, a 70's Constantine flashback and a really sad, poignant story. There are other Jenkins' stories I'd say I like even more (Critical Mass, Sins of the Father, Difficult Beginnings), but this one has really stuck with me and refuses to let go. #177-180: Red Sepulchre I love The Game of Cat and Mouse, Black Flowers and The Gift almost as much, but this is my pick for best Carey story. It's action-packed, it brings back Warren Ellis's characters to great effect (almost as if Azzarello hadn't happened) and it's just bloody exciting. #230-231: In at the Deep End I probably rate this as high as I do because it was such a refreshing change after Denise Mina's mostly useless run, but it's a classic kind of Hellblazer story done in a way that doesn't make it feel stale. It's a terrific opening mission statement to Andy Diggle's run, and he's built on its promise beautifully. And as I'm a sucker for honourable mentions: Aside from the other stories I referenced... Staring at the Wall, This is the Diary of Danny Drake, Counting to Ten, Extreme Prejudice, The Family Man, Football - It's a Funny Old Game, Son of Man, Freezes Over, All His Engines and Happy Families.
  15. Bellis

    Hellblazer #245

    Oh, excellent stuff - love the cover (really nice to have Bermejo back!). Along with the excellent Scalped, Jason Aaron's managed to get me reading both Wolverine and Ghost Rider, which is something I never thought I'd do in a million years, so I'm quite excited to see what he'll do in his Hellblazer story.
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