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  1. Its being offered for an absurd amount, how many people are actually paying that? One was up on ebay last month for £30 but didn't sell. It's really not very good and has stuff in it that was printed in other trades (like the xmas story) it's not very good VFM at any price, I remember being very disappointed when I got my copy, which could explain why it's not in print, also you know they are re-numbering and reprinting all the trades so it could be absorbed somewhere else.
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    Will you give it to me so I can save the money on buying it? okay, it's 5 graphic novels for either Kerry Katona, Mark Twain or Muammar Gaddafi
  3. Kejoxen


    Think less that I've asked you all to solve my problem, think more that it's a problem of your own that you need to solve. Pick your own person and think about 5 books to give them, you can't have my person.
  4. I was just reading his obit at Bleeding Cool while sitting at work, it hadn't really occurred to me that we worked for the same company (Turner) until just now, so I open outlook put in McDuffie and up pops his email address, phone number and office details, weird and I always find it a little sad that someones digital life outlives their physical one. Of course now I realise I have access to the contact details of everyone at that works for Time Warner, anyone want to call Karen Berger just let me know.
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    Off the top of your head 5 Graphic Novels to give/lend to someone to interest them in comics.
  6. You are all wrong, it's a fun film, perfect popcorn fodder, myself and my girlfriend really enjoyed it.
  7. I believe the question was, who had written three creator owned comics that have gone over fifty issue. I love Terry Moore but he's only done one,The Hernadez brothers only did one and Chaykin only did one, and counting non C-O is cheating. My gut tells me that no one has completed this feat because of the dubious status of Hitman.
  8. That's battle damaged Spider-Boy, kung-fu grip Spider-Boy will be released later.
  9. I don't mean to be rude, I just need to make sure that you know what creator-owned means, because The Punisher is the antithesis of creator-owned and the pinnacle of work-for-hire.
  10. Have you seen his face? it's already melted. *harsh*
  11. What the hell happened to Warren Ellis? The last Planetary Trade just came out in TPB so I'm re-reading the books before I start on it (they smell old). I just got through the story where he morphs John Constantine into Spider Jerusalem (incredibly arrogant given everything that's come since). Then the following couple of issues and just being reminded how strong and promising a writer he was 11 YEARS AGO! What the fuck Warren, what the fuck, seriously, what the fuck. This is a list of his current output: http://freakangels.com/whitechapel/comments.php?DiscussionID=7158&page=1#Item_0 Supergod #5 comes out this week, that's it, 9 ongoing titles, all of which are on some form of delay/hiatus, only two of which I was ever interested in. What does he do now? what's going on? how big was that Red cheque that he can sit on his arse and do nothing, have no output and say nothing interesting. It's weird and just a little bit sad. Just like that Planetary story where Constantine is an 80's anachronism past his best, who's Warren Ellis going to morph into?
  12. Yes I'm seeing the qualifier "vastly better" in conjunction with a statement to do with James Herbet, perhaps he's become confused with James Herriot the author of All Creature Great and Small, they both write about bullshit.
  13. I'm not clear here, is James Herbert being rated above Stephen King by anyone?
  14. That's probably because you can't keep making a film until it becomes interesting and is 750 pages long.
  15. Just managed to watch this, I honestly don't remember seeing Constantine so I'm not sure on the difference between this edit and the original. It's a decent enough film, the effects are fantastic which is saying something in this age of ropey done-at-home-on-a-Mac special effects. The thing is the characterisation of John is completely wrong, Keanu has a limited range, he's just not capable of being John Constantine, or at least the Constantine I like which is the Blokey Geezer from Ennis' and Jenkins runs, the man who has a sense of humour. This stuck out the most towards the end where Chaz, in the taxi, is asking if it's going to be okay and Constantine says something like "it's not how it is in the books" (is there a deeper meaning in that line?). John would've fed him a competent line in bullshit, all sunshine and roses "Yeah Chas, of course everything going to be fine, I know what I'm fucking doing don't I mate, straight in straight out nothing to worry about, don't be a pillock" Constantine is just your typical brooding one dimensional action hero, "oh I've got issue with heaven and hell, boo hoo hoo" the same way John McClain has issues with thieves posing as terrorists or Martin Rigs has issues with South African Diplomats. So how late to the party is this review?
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    Big books of comics

    56 pages? £12.99? Hard Cover? So the publishers are not really interested in selling any copies then?
  17. Agreed, I have a massive geek boner for this but why cast Anthony LaPaglia when Clancy Brown is the definitive Lex Luthor, I love Lapaglia in Without a trace but he's just going to be as good a Luthor. He needs that stuck up tone to his voice that Brown did expertly in Justice League.
  18. That's strange I would've expected Warners to have picked it back up if it was available that recently, hence my conclusion that Columbia must have had it for a while. I don't see the point of making a movie out of it really, the ground has been covered by loads of other things since.
  19. Doubtful, Columbia probably optioned back in the 90's for peanuts. Might be one of those deals where they hold the option as long as it's in some form of development too, Ennis probably isn't getting anything.
  20. This might be fixable, in VLC you can choose the de-interlace method on the right click video sub-menu, this might smooth it out if it isn't just a cross conversion artefact in the video.
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