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  1. Yeah Ennis is not a writer who has any reason to write in 616 or ultimate continuity, he's not going to work off it and the things he wants to do don't really fit with marvel anyway. He's also gotten much better at writing in an American cadence without the characters sounding Irish which I think has always been a weakness of his.
  2. Fury: My War Gone By by Garth Ennis is also top tier
  3. Went through Alan Moore's Providence, really quite something....can't remember the last thing from him I enjoyed this much.
  4. The animated Titans show from the early 2000s was a huge hit so maybe they're hoping it'll help specifically with a TV audience
  5. That limerick about the barmaid from Sale
  6. I was decently smacked on weed which definitely enhanced the experience. Wonder if they'd have been able to make this movie if Inception had never come out.
  7. Amazing visuals, some of the best CGI I've ever seen, very solid acting, mediocre villain and mediocre script. All in all a good Marvel movie.
  8. Hopefully they got the budget to go places next year. I for one am loving this season.
  9. Sounds promising! http://io9.gizmodo.com/weve-seen-the-first-four-episodes-of-preacher-and-theyr-1775313714
  10. Hey! Did you watch past the first episode? I thought the show really found its feet around episode 4 or 5.
  11. Heavy Metal is getting a punk rock facelift under new editor Grant Morrison
  12. more like a sexy crimeinvestigating carebear with horns shitty wings
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