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  1. What's going on with you?

    I went to this brewery bar in Tel Aviv which had different stuff besides lager, lager, lager, maybe guiness, and it was very disappointing---brown ale with date syrup mucking it up, vanilla stout with cherry flavoring mucking it up, just a lot of beers with weird fruit flavors, not many regular ales, stouts, porters (altho maybe the american style IPAs were better).

    That limerick about the barmaid from Sale
  3. What's going on with you?

    I'll get back to you in a month or two when it's published
  4. What's going on with you?

    Just interviewed this Chris Claremont guy, I think he writes comics or some shit
  5. What's going on with you?

    Well my girl got her one way ticket to Israel...6 weeks of no sex for me I guess but that's better than 20 something years...
  6. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    honestly it'll get more pageviews
  7. Doctor Strange

    I was decently smacked on weed which definitely enhanced the experience. Wonder if they'd have been able to make this movie if Inception had never come out.
  8. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    How is that not a recommendation? CAUSE I LIKE TITS AND ASS BRO
  9. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Aw, thanks! Yeah I think it's gonna work really well, we've been talking every day for I dunno, 7 or 8 months, we were video chatting for weeks before we met up (not the first time but you know, meeting at a bar in Israel one night is different from a week long trip) and the physical stuff was definitely very good. I would not hugely recommend Russia although if you're into skinny white girls and you have a western passport, why not. I mean, Moscow's cool, there's cool historical stuff, it's just not that cheap at all and the food/weather is not good.
  10. Doctor Strange

    Amazing visuals, some of the best CGI I've ever seen, very solid acting, mediocre villain and mediocre script. All in all a good Marvel movie.
  11. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Moscow was pretty great! She's quitting her job and coming to Israel in January :biggrin:. Don't worry, she's not after my green card, she's American too.
  12. What's going on with you?

    I'm going to Moscow at the end of October.
  13. What's going on with you?

    I'm in content marketing for a good sized startup. I had no real background in this stuff but I met someone at the company and I have a 4 year degree from an American school...started out as a freelancer for like two or three months, now I'm part time (which honestly is a great gig and in many ways better than a full time job). Basically in Israel, you want to work in tech and anything else is less than 10 dollars an hour...
  14. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    Hopefully they got the budget to go places next year. I for one am loving this season.
  15. What's going on with you?

    Sup nerds, here's a plot twist: things are going well and I'm pretty happy! I moved to Tel Aviv in september, found a good apartment by february (it takes a while here...), love my neighborhood, most likely getting a big promotion at work which I kind of don't want (it's going from part time for a great hourly rate to full time for a good Israeli rate but what would not be very good money in the states), depending on what happens at work finishing my MA next year, seeing an Israeli girl, learning some Hebrew...took Israeli citizenship in May and it feels like the best decision I ever made. Anyone who comes to Tel Aviv of course message me, I have a couch and so on.