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  1. Well this season sucked.
  2. Well season two was pretty strong overall, big step up over season one. not a lot of wheelspinning. anyone else watch it?
  3. Not sure he will, he didn't create the characters and we're dealing with DC here.
  4. I thought Green Hornet was funny enough and watchable
  5. This show got so good later in the season. It's second to daredevil this year IMO, I'd put it above agent carter, well above arrow which has had a weak season, well above agents of shield.
  6. Anyone else been watching? It's just not that dramatic cause I know it won't be permanent.
  7. Grant Morrison writing some great individual stories in the middle of a series before an unsatisfying ending? No...
  8. How can spiderman appeal to millenials?
  9. I liked that mini where he was in Vietnam and made that deal with the tiger devil thing.
  10. Oh is that the one where the beyonder comes to new york and tries to act like a normal human and takes a dump or something? Or can't take a dump? I think I read that.
  11. yeah those fight scenes are intense emotionally. reminded me of the amazing spiderman movie with andrew garfield. except spiderman always wins his fights. daredevil winds up dying or in a dumpster a third of the time.
  12. Ok, that's cool, but what if they just fight Magneto instead, and Jim Lee draws it?
  13. Yeah, x-men ended up having a break between a more militant faction and a more conciliatory faction, too bad Rob Liefeld drew it and wrote it. In the Claremont era, the x-men became a lot more proactive post-mutant massacre, culminating with their invasion of Genosha.
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