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  1. it's directly from claremont
  2. The movies have definitely gone with the persecuted minority potential genocide one.
  3. Yeah, there's something very counter-revolutionary about the early x-men. In 1944, the Ben Gurion-commanded Haganah kidnapped and turned over to the British around a thousand revisionist-affiliated people, from active revolutionaries to people who were only members of a revisionist party. They got deported to North Africa, some were tortured, some died. There was a huge amount of tension between Mapai and the Irgun--in 1948, they fired on an Irgun ship bringing weapons for the war, after already coming to an understanding about splitting the shipment 20%-80%. The ship sank, 16 Irgun members died, 200 were captured. Begin ordered that the Irgun not retaliate for any of this. Years later, he said if he wanted to be remembered for anything, it was keeping the country out of civil war. I can't see Magneto doing that, altho that could be a good characterization for him--I guess the alternate DOFP timeline kind of was like that.
  4. Yup, it's too bad the last third of Claremont's run he just lost editorial control of the storylines.
  5. http://nymag.com/nym.../features/3522/ from an Israeli perspective Ben Gurion was no less hawkish than Begin, the parallels with Xavier would be more about internal stuff--Ben Gurion and his successors essentially ruled the country like a one party state, state controlled media, all the jobs going thru one big labor union that then voted as a bloc for the ruling party. When Begin won the elections in 1977, it was a huge deal for the lower classes of Israel, largely immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa, who had previously been shut out of the system. To this day, the Likud's base is in the 'development towns' on the periphery of the country, and the Labor party's base is in the wealthy coastal cities. Not sure what the Magneto parallel would be, but I can definitely see Xavier as the old elite of the country. Thinking of the Israeli labor party as "left" and the likud as "right" is not necessarily a good way to look at things, especially in the classic likud era of the late 70s, 80s. It really was the party of the poor and disenfranchised.
  6. which has interesting implications for his stance on Israeli politics when you consider that he saw Professor X and Magneto as Ben Gurion and Begin. Is Claremont a Likudnik? He doesn't look mizrachi...
  7. if b''h constantine comes back, they could borrow a lot from this show's look, IMO
  8. aw fuck, this has ruined all other comic book shows for me
  9. The Claremont X-Men drinking game
  10. and the body language, the hesitancy. he never really shed the scared fat kid thing. edit:
  11. interesting take on the kingpin, not sure how much I like it but it's different
  12. this show is greaaaat. that fight scene in episode 2...
  13. you are a man of discriminating taste
  14. didn't he shoot up dope in the warren ellis run or after kit left him?
  15. wasn't it like cyclops, jean grey, storm, wolverine, nightcrawler, colossus?
  16. Yeah but the roster of the movies is straight 90s
  17. mine too i mean if you like the way superhero comics are with wheel spinning crossover bullshit 90s x men is probably as good as it gets. if you're gonna divide claremont's run into two seems like the trial of magneto is the logical place. or maybe mutant massacre.
  18. this is why x men fans deserve what they get
  19. Interesting fact: this book came out right before the crash when they were still making tons off stock. I remember reading it as a kid, it would definitely make you think that things were going great.
  20. well the ownership at the time was pushing for that stupid direction
  21. because x men is cyclops and wolverine and storm and colossus and rogue and gambit and jean grey in costumes fighting magneto and that's what x men is this blogger did a readthru of the entire claremont run, good read more on the original mr sinister concept here
  22. Liefeld drew that right? Look at him avoid having to draw feet. Was tryna post this
  23. and then of course it goes right from claremont to I just realized Magneto turning into a villain at the end of Morrison's run is kind of a reference to this specifically
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