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  1. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    The Ship That Sank Twice was just fantastic...it's like if Grant Morrison rewrote Harry Potter.
  2. Y the Last Man already has an attached project, right? wouldn't be surprised if it was something more recent like DMZ...Lucifer you probably couldn't get done on TV. Northlanders would be so boss but that title didn't really have the sales...although now would be a great time for Northlanders as a show, it's in the zeitgeist..
  3. I liked Rogen in Observe and Report but I'm not sure if he has the acting chops to do anything but his Seth Rogen shtick
  4. yesssss, best movie fight scene I've seen in a while...malekith was kind of a generic villain but the visuals were amazing
  5. (is there an Arrow topic already?) Well I'm loving this show, binge watched the first season in like two days. it's a bit more batman than green arrow..think bob kane batman who kills the swarthy working class thugs and takes the crime boss to jail. the first few episodes of arrow they straight up write Oliver Queen as a serial killer. his big shtick is breaking into evil rich peoples' bases, shooting all the henchmen in the chest and or head, then scaring the rich people and taking them to jail. it's kind of hilarious in a messed up way. the show gets a lot better by the end of the first season. made me realize this marvel agents of shield crap is crap.
  6. I saw it yesterday, it was pretty good. the marvel franchise stuff is pretty consistent. visually it was fantastic, the asgard set was well done, it was cool to have a big fight in London , and the fight scene at the end is very trippy to watch, almost m.c. escher. the main downside is that thor has become more boring of a character. loki's on screen for maybe 20 minutes but it's a better film when he is. i'd give it a solid B. winter soldier looks really good in the trailer, i have high hopes for guardians of the galaxy.
  7. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    also, sure seems like thisll end with tom taylor heading to the source, exactly like #49 ended...so pretty much a 5 issue interlude
  8. Vagabond


    the ongoing All Star Western is pretty good, it's a jonah hex series set in 19th century gotham, it has good production values. Seven Soldiers by grant morrison is a classic, it's superhero stuff but kind of mind expanding. from hell by alan moore.
  9. http://us.macmillan....n=9781596435759 oh man this looks amazing Any new Conan titles from Dark Horse? som e of the miniseries have been pretty good
  10. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Yeah this was a real good issue. Does it help the comic more if i subscribe to it? I want to but it's mad expensive considering how much time I'll get out of it
  11. Haddo's spirit in Voldemort's body/head, I think
  12. Reminds me of the second season of breaking bad
  13. Looking for a bucket bro.
  14. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Hot damn the art in this issue story wasnt the best but that art...
  15. Disney's claiming they lost like 200 million dollars on this movie. This is an interesting article on what went wrong with the marketing. The director thought John Carter was a famous figure and didn't want to call the movie "John Carter OF MARS" or something less generic. outside nerds people do NOT know who John Carter is I'm kind of trying to see it tho I've heard good thigs
  16. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Yeah definitely, Carey knows his material. mike cCarey fan club right hurrr.
  17. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Also Cain and Abel are in the part of Genesis that's pre-Abrahamic which is textually closer to other middle eastern tradtions
  18. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Yeah you know what, I agree...I guess it just feels like a finale cause there's actually been mad plot and development and stuff here...at the same time, I feel like Carey's doing a hero-with-a-thousand-faces arc and that feels like it's winding up. Anyone else get the feeling that
  19. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    Defintely feels finale-ish right now to me. But I guess it's selling good so maybe not. I love how not-decompressed the storytelling is here
  20. Vagabond

    The Unwritten

    That was intense...this series must be ending in 3 or 4 issues at this rate, huh?
  21. Vagabond

    Big books of comics

    Its SPRING BREEAAAAK so I'm at my parents place reading comics. I do not especially recommend DMZ, it starts heavy recycling plotlines for about 30 issues. The one offs are a lot more engaging. Epilogue is bleh. Some good moments tho. The Unwritten is skraight fire, cosign that. Fables is not skraight fire. What's with comics dudes and recycling plotlines?
  22. Well I FUCKING NEVER GOT ISSUE 247 but I got this in the mail two days ago GODDAMMIT. Anyway I actually like it a lot, agree with Venkman.
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