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  1. Dancing with demons of the more mundane sort. Caught myself a bit of the cancer and had to have some parts removed the old fashioned way, no deals with the devil for me. The drugs were *awesome* though. I'm doing a lot better, though, so no worries, just have to keep an eye on things for the next while. I've missed my regular online routine, but will be back soon enough. Girls, get your pap smears. Guys, get your girls to get their pap smears.
  2. Gah. I fell for this post TWICE, Tears. Nicely done, especially vexing us Keanufiles with the recast bit.
  3. Hilarious picture. Highly unflattering, but oh, so hilarious.
  4. I was there, Thanks JohnMc. It was actually pretty typical of a hosted chat. I was surprised at how many questions that weren't about the film got through. I asked versions of the controversy question and something fangirly that I can't even remember now. Neither got through.
  5. a friend ordered them by fax. there's info at the egyptian theater site in the first post.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm going to this, I'm looking for good (non-snarky)questions for Lawrence.
  7. You inspired me to getting around to what I'd been putting off...the blog/Edge Trends page is now redesigned. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah! And they thought I was just being bitchy. Thanks much, sir. And looks spiffy in Firefox, too! Oh, and welcome. I'm very excited to hear about the first book as well.
  8. I've entered. I'm hoping for one of those t-shirts to add to my collection. *pouts that WB is completely ignoring the keanu fan sites...or at least mine*
  9. krix


    I smell lovely, but my offer of sexual favors for premiere passes expired when I got a steady boyfriend. So, I'll just be going to opening day here in Vegas. At least I won't have to buy new shoes.
  10. /me spanks James for hotlinking. The image of Keanu holding a kitty cat probably (hopefully) won't show up for those who don't have it cached. The entry link is here.
  11. In his (atrociously laid-out) "blog" John Shirley talks/rants about the Constantine novelization, the movie vs. comic JC and two more upcoming novels and some other stuff that I couldn't get to because reading it in an UNSEPERATED CENTER COLUMN makes my eyes hurt too much.
  12. Ha! You guys are so fucking mean. I'm totally blogging this.
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