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  1. So far I'd call it a note-perfect rendition of Hellblazer as it should be. Nothing strikingly new, but not horribly derivative either, possibly paving the way for something quite special, but I won't bet too much on that yet.
  2. That whole aspect of the thing was a massive pile of wank, to use the technical terminology.
  3. Yeah, I liked the way that Milligan started out, sort of low-key and rather nasty, but, given that we are dealing with a character with one foot in reality and one in quite bizarre fantasy, it all seemed to get very, very silly. I thought The Devil's Trenchcoat was a low point, although like a lot of Milligan's stories, it seemed to start off with a decent idea that just went quickly down the toilet. (I mean that I liked the idea that his coat could have picked up something on its way through Hell, mine does going through Woolwich! - which is almost, but not quite the same thing...) I didn't like what he did to either Angie or to Gemma, it seemed out of character in both cases, although one could understand them both suffering a degree of PTSD, you know, demons wrecking your life can do that.
  4. This is proper, isn't it? First time in an age I have felt like writing here because the last few years have been horribly barren. Loved the artwork, sort of like some Manco cross-bred with Jock, trying to get an attitude you see in Sean Phillips' version. (Something about that cocky look, especially when out of his depth.) Good story, that made me think a bit of Andy Diggle's first few issues, before the work pressures made them look slightly perfunctory. And it seems Boris Johnson is using dark magic to fuck the open wounds of the proletariat. You saw that here first...
  5. I own about 5 trench coats, plus a rather nice duster, seeing as you asked...
  6. Ermmm.... Has somebody not showered?
  7. I think you will find this is actually the case...
  8. Just read the thing. In my view not as bad as some people obviously think, but nothing very great or satisfactory either. Too many rushed resolutions of story lines and too many left hanging, Sort of not a cold Big Mac, but definitely not a filet mignon either. A tad depressing, slightly intriguing, not quite good enough. I ahve decided that I WILL try the first issue of Constantine and see if it is every bit as bad as the preview. Just so I can moan, you understand...
  9. I'm all for it. As long as I can make it I will get my trench coat cleaned special-like...
  10. Cigarettes are made illegal. He can't even get contraband ones and dies in agony.
  11. While the characterisation in his run to date has been so shoddy that I find it hard to reconcile with the fact that it's being written by that Peter Milligan, this is so increasingly, glaringly clear that I'm beginning to hope it might actually be deliberate, and building to something. I'm not holding my breath, though. I've got nothing to say about this issue beyond what's already been said, really - this arc is light-years ahead of most of what we've been given over the past year or two, but still pretty underwhelming. In a better run, this would be an unremarkable filler story - here, it's like a diamond shining in the dirt. His use of the hungry grass in this issue reminded me of a one-shot story from his brief, largely (and unfairly) forgotten early-'90s run on Detective Comics, in which he used the same myth. No more to add, that just seemed worth mentioning. Oh, and the cover is fucking hideous. But that's nothing new. Most of Bisley's covers are hideous as utterly crass. I'm always surprised when I like one. I also tend to like his inside art for HB.
  12. Probably, but it reads ambiguously at best. Glad to hear it is a bit better, probably won't get it until next week.
  13. Just a bit worrying that this blurb has been written by somebody who has not read the comic. Dead mum?
  14. Hmmm... I see where everybody is coming from with their almost universally negative remarks and to some extent agree with them. It WAS a shoddy bit of story-telling and what's more I didn't care for Bisley's artwork here, dreadful werewolf, just laughable really I thought. Now, I have generally felt a bit more positive about much of Milligan's run than many here and am less negative than many on this occasion. I'd also say that I've rarely been as positive as some when the comments have been in that direction, it has too often seemed like some really good ideas, not quite realised to my tastes and of late Milligan has seemed to be losing the plot somewhat. On the subject of Bisley's art, well, I started by hating his covers and liking the inside art a lot. However, it doesn't quite work here, looks a bit rushed, as I said, I didn't like his idea of a werewolf, except, oddly enough, on the cover, where it seemed humourous. I'd love to see somebody else have a go at the title. I wouldn't mind seeing Camuncoli staying on for the artwork, but preferably with somebody very different on the covers. I'm probably not as jaundiced as some of you about Hellblazer as I probably read a lot less comics than most of you and some apparently stale ideas seem relatively fresh to me, but it really does feel as if Milligan's tenure should be over soon, and maybe the sooner the better. On the other hand, Suicide Bridge tells me that I'd be happy to see him do a one-off or an OGN.
  15. I'd have her, she was hot. And I've known women with less promising characters and more difficult family backgrounds...
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