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  1. I'm still not entirely sold on Having read the final issue a few more times, there are some things I like about it. , but stuff like the above just feels very incomplete to me.
  2. I'm sort of with slinker here. It felt like a very rushed ending. Overall, though I was quite disappointed with this final issue, I'm still glad I read this series and it is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite comic experiences.
  3. The rest was quite rightfully slaughtered by Trace. Pretty much it was just myself and Abhi agreeing, and my positives of the film were basically Trace's, plus an enjoyment of the intro montage and the ending (which Trace also sort-of supported). All of these are relatively minor points that are definitely outweighed by the negatives in my review. Plus, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, the longer my mind lingers on the film, the more I dislike it in my mind. I think Trace adequately summed up almost all of what I thought went wrong.
  4. *claps* Excellent review, Trace. I agree with everything.
  5. Without speaking for Rohne or anyone else, I think I went to see it because while the book as a whole follows Moore's description of something anti-cinematic, I think there are some very cinematic scenes in it, and I wanted to see how they'd translate from book to film (for instance, the brief glimpse I saw in the first trailer of the clockwork on Mars got me very excited). I was hoping somewhere that, even if a poor adaptation of the book's themes and points, it would be a very visually pleasing experience. Ironically, for a film that so slavishly mimics the source material's panels, the visual aspect fell completely flat. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, since this is a Zack "Green Screen" Snyder film, but I was hoping the visual style of the book would bleed through. To add tangentially, the more I think about the film the less I like it, and its more aggravating quirks are really coming to the forefront of my mind. You definitely made a good call not seeing this one, Mark.
  6. Just got back, and pretty much echo what Abhi said. In the vein of Sethos, here's my good and bad: The Good: The Bad: Overall, the best Alan Moore adaptation to date (for however little that's worth) and a deeply flawed film with some good moments to it.
  7. Agreed with Dogpoet on "Brief Lives". Easily the best thing about that series. I'd also like to add on "Inferno" from Lucifer (although the strength of that series was always in its one-shots and shorter arcs (see "Triptych", "The Winnowing", "The Yahweh Dance", etc.), and "Entropy in the U.K." from The Invisibles, which I think was about five issues or so. Loved that storyline (particularly for introducing Mr. Six, and, if you count the epilogue, Division X as well).
  8. Guys, I'm coming out of retirement to side fully with Abhi on this one. Saw it last night, and it was absolutely perfect. Heath's Joker is one of the most monstrous, yet mesmerizing screen presences I've ever seen. Without getting into too much detail, at many points in the movie, the audience was laughing at what the Joker was doing. I'd assumed it was because they were idiots, but my friend pointed out to me that the Joker is actually so grotesque and evil that people aren't sure how to react to it. If that's the case, Nolan truly is a visionary. Also, Balth, don't worry, Eckhart is a great Dent. In fact, all the characters were extremely well-done. Seriously, at the end of the film, my friends and I didn't even talk about it that much (which is odd). We all knew how amazingly good it was, and we were content in revelling in it in silence. Everyone should see this movie, post-haste.
  9. Indeed. It's definitely my favourite Shymalan movie, and probably one of my favourite superhero movies in general.
  10. A friend of mine showed me the trailer for this awhile ago. Looks incredible. Can't wait to check it out.
  11. Grinning Fellow


    His covers on The Question were pretty superb.
  12. I found a comic shop that sells at American cover prices (probably since the Canadian dollar has just become equivalent with the American), and so, to celebrate, I picked up: 100 Bullets: Once Upon A Crime Lucifer: Mansions of the Silence Lucifer: Exodus All three were excellent, and I particularly loved the one issue of Lucifer where he gives jobs to Elaine and Mona. In fact, while I love the more serious tone of the series, the recent developments in Lucifer's cosmos involving Elaine and Mona have been ridiculously enjoyable. This comic is only inches behind The Sandman for me, and not infrequently matches/surpasses it. I truly love it.
  13. I'm going to roll with Brief Lives, which I've read almost non-stop. However, The Kindly Ones would be a close second.
  14. I voted poor. If you'll allow me an indulgence, I'll create my map of Ennis stories: Excellent: - Guys and Dolls (#59 - 61) - End of the Line (#62) - Confessions of an Irish Rebel (#76) - ...And the Crowd Goes Wild (#77) - Heartland (special) Pretty Decent: - Dangerous Habits (#41 - 46) - This is the Diary of Danny Drake (#56) - Forty (#63) - Damnation's Flame (#72 - 75) Mediocre: - Lord of the Dance (#49) - Royal Blood (#52 - 55) - Mortal Clay (#57) - Fear and Loathing (#64 - 66) - Dear John (#67) - Heartland (#70) - Finest Hour (#71) - Rake at the Gates of Hell (#78 - 83) - Son of Man (#129 - 133) - Tainted Love (special) Terrible: - The Pub Where I was Born/Love Kills (#47 - 48) - Down All the Days/Rough Trade (#68 - 69) - Act of Union (#74) So overall, Garth's work isn't terrible, and he has some stories that I genuinely enjoy (hell, some that I would consider to be among my favourites on the entire title). It's just the majority of his work is pretty poor. If you'll note, in my collection of "Excellent", only one of the stories involves John going around, fucking demons up. The rest are all more low-key, character driven pieces focusing on John or his supporting cast. I really do think that Ennis has a great grip on character development. It's just that he shelves it in favour of more superficial means constantly. And, though I've stated it before, I still like Azzarello's run (all the ups and downs of it) better than Ennis's.
  15. Daredevil: Born Again - (w) Frank Miller (a) David Mazzuchelli
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