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  1. Full details here. My advice? Wait a short while for the new editions, rather than paying over-the-odds for the newly-discontinued older versions. If you can find the older editions reduced, though, the content is exactly the same for all but the first two and final volumes. I already have some of the older trades, which is why I'd like to get the rest of the series in its older version, too - also, the older trades take considerably less space on the shelf as they're printed on thinner paper; this is an important factor as my comics shelf and my entire bookshelf are seriously 'overcrowded'... I'll have to keep an eye out for the older editions, I guess. Anyway, glad to hear that Transmetropolitan is going to stay available. I was mildly shocked when I read that it was about to go out of print.
  2. Sorry, don't have the time to read the entire thread, but I have an urgent question: Is Transmetropolitan going permanently out of print? I noticed that in some recent ebay auctions this claim was made, and a week later some of the used books on amazon, notably volume 2 which is currently (or permanently?) out of print went up in price tremendously - from around 6 euros to between 36 and 46 euros in just a few days. Of course, this *had* to happen before I managed to buy one of the cheap ones... *annoyed*
  3. Though I'm pretty sure gloating here is pointless as you all probably have much more complete HB collections than I do. *g* Anyway. I'm happy and just needed to tell someone. :-)
  4. Hmpf

    "What what?"

    ... in Ursula Vernon's incredibly awesome webcomic 'Digger' - currently available for free up to page 285 or so, but I'm not sure how long that's going to last, as it's usually a subscription-only comic. Do take this rare chance to read it if you have an evening or two to spare; this is not just one of the best webcomics, but one of the best *comics* I've ever read, period. Wonderful art, characters, worldbuilding - and it's recently been nominated for an Eisner award! Here's the Hellblazer moment: http://www.graphicsmash.com/series.php?vie...592&name=digger - lower left panel. Reminded me of John Constantine's first conversation with Cole. *g*
  5. Can I keep two if it's one story that just happens to come in two volumes? If so, I'd keep Finder: Sin-Eater, vols. 1 & 2. It's really one story, published for convenience's sake in two parts.
  6. Hmpf

    Wither Moebius?

    My vote would be for Arzach. (Does the English version also include that amazing, totally insane little black and white travel story at the beginning? That's the best bit of the book...)
  7. Well... Bermejo always was Master of the Wrinkles... which is one of the reasons I want him on the title. 'Cause age suits John well. (At least to a degree. ;-))
  8. Hence the 'most' in my original post. Yeah, there's some good stuff there. Enough to fuel a lot of great fanfic, anyway. ;-)
  9. Heh. Since there are people here who seem to care (honestly, I'm surprised about that!), here's a link for everything we know about the Movie of Infinite Badness so far: http://community.livejournal.com/hl_flash/20026.html A fairly detailed plot synopsis was leaked last week, and has since been mocked with great vigour in the fandom. Here's a fun 'remix' of the synopsis: http://lastrega.livejournal.com/271483.html I sort of agree with Mark - most of what's come out of the HL franchise has been varying degrees of bad... I still like the general idea, though, and - hey, why not admit it - I have a longtime crush on Methos. *g* Luckily it's a great fandom, even if the source product isn't so great. The fans are very intelligent and fun people, for the most part. And they write some of the best fic I've read in *any* fandom, and in great quantities. Easily better than 99.9% of the 'canon' material. (Sorry... this is not really comics-related...)
  10. He hit fifty a couple of years ago, GenGris. He's officially an old geezer now. ;-)
  11. Hmpf

    Hellblazer #217

    Actually, the 'man' in John's arms is the dead woman from the beginning of the issue. Look again closely.
  12. Nobody's mentioned Lee Bermejo yet? Okay, then I'll be the one to mention him. Though my absolute favourite would be Sean Phillips. Also among my favourites, in no particular order: Manco, Bradstreet, Jock, McKean, Lloyd. I'm sure I've forgotten a couple.
  13. Hmpf

    Is Constantine bi?

    Thanks. And, yeah, today I even had a Catalan text. (Small regional language spoken in northern Spain - similar to Spanish, but just different enough to be difficult for someone whose Spanish isn't too well developed in the first place. Arrgh.) Better and better...
  14. Hmpf

    Is Constantine bi?

    Yup. Which at the moment consists of reading Spanish archaeology texts (despite knowing very little Spanish), and being ill.
  15. Hmpf

    Hellblazer #217

    Okay... who's temporally dislocated here? Me, or you guys? Last time I checked it's not the last week of the month yet... or is it?
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