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  1. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 19th 2018

    Splendid! We shall retire for a spot of tea and repast on the verandah.
  2. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 19th 2018

    It was a secret message meant solely for you, Lou. Mignola is doing the same work on Crimson Lotus as he does with all the other Lobster Johnson books. He's listed as co-writer, alongside John Arcudi. The series sounds interesting. It takes place during the Russo-Japanese War. I'll definitely be picking it up. I buy all of the Mignola-verse titles anyway.
  3. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 19th 2018

    Crimson Lotus is a new Mike Mignola mini-series. It's a spin-off from Lobster Johnson, telling the origin story of the major villain from that series. Just throwing that out there, in case anyone else is interested, and unaware.
  4. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 12th 2018

    Yeah, but how much is an American $8 comic going to cost in Australia? Enough to take out a loan? Yeah, I did pick up William Gibson's Aliens 3 #1. Not a great deal happened in the first issue, and it ended at a very weird cut-off. It's too soon to really comment on the story.
  5. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 12th 2018

    I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that the exorbitant fee Marvel has put on Uncanny X-Men #1 was to guarantee a first place in the sales chart for that comic this month. Even if the comic doesn't sell very well, at that price, it should still be able to easily cheat its way to the top selling comic by the chart's criteria. I can't believe that anyone would be willing to pay eight freaking dollars for a X-Men comic book in 2018.
  6. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 5th 2018

    Darn. Sounds like I should have gotten that too. I'm a fan of Bunn. His Magneto series was really better than I could have ever expected, and Harrow County was one of the best horror comics published in recent memory. I really like Bunn's use of southern folklore in Harrow County though, and wasn't sure if it would be worth picking up a new series by Bunn without those folklore elements, since that was the big draw to Harrow County for me. Anyway, yeah, Bunn is a very good writer.
  7. Probably not a surprise to anyone, but issue #2 has been delayed for a month, at this time. Issue #2 is currently scheduled for December, while #3 is scheduled for March. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see more delays with the book. Hopefully, Azzarello is using this extra time to do extra research for the rest of the story. I would hate to see "The Joker stabbed me in my knee. I was concerned he had hit a lung."
  8. Christian

    Rest in Peace, Stan Lee

  9. Christian

    Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Can you point out the one glaring thing that is socially unacceptable about this above post? That's right. No one is going to admit to Antony Johnston being one of their favourite writers.
  10. Christian

    DC Comics

    Green Lantern #1-OK, that was actually really, really good. It turns out that DC really was stupid enough to pick the worst couple of pages out of the entire comic to publish as a preview. That seems....defeating. It makes me wonder if DC editorial requested that Morrison write a really stupid sequence in the middle of the comic, just so people would think the comic was going to be bad. The rest of the issue read fine, then suddenly, right in the middle, it's like Morrison turned the writing over to, oh, I don't know, let's say Dan DiDio, while he took a lunch break. Then, he came back and finished writing the issue. I'm looking forward to seeing where this series goes. It makes me want to dig out my Showcase Presents: Green Lantern volumns.
  11. Christian

    DC Comics

    Sideways Annual #1-Morrison wasn't writing the back-up strip in this comic, after all. It's hard to tell how much of the writing is Morrison's versus how much is Dan DiDio, as not a lot of Morrison's voice comes forth in the comic. On the plus side, the story uses the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the New 52 version of Superman. On the negative side, while Morrison's story does incorporate red-ant head Superman, it's the Dark Multiverse counterpart of these really fun Silver Age characters, meaning they are not fun at all. They are very early-90s and angsty. There's probably nothing worse than seeing porcupine lad Jimmy Olsen bemoaning his transformation as a curse. Or, a stupider name for said character than...."Spiner"....Ugh. Why, oh why, couldn't they allow Morrison just to have fun with these ideas (also big brain Lois Lane), without making them all dark and twisted? That just makes me sad.
  12. Christian

    Image Comics

    Ah, but have you read Brubaker's "An Accidental Death" serialized as three-parts in Dark Horse Presents? It was one of Brubaker's earliest forays in to comic books, but it was very good.
  13. Christian

    Image Comics

    I really want to get this comic, written by Joe Casey, called Jesus Freak. I just wish it wasn't being published as a hardcover. https://imagecomics.com/content/view/image-comics-to-publish-jesusfreakan-original-graphic-novel-by-joe-casey-be
  14. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of November 5th 2018

    Green Lantern #1 The Sideways Annual is going to have a back-up story written by Grant Morrison, tying in to his Dark Nights Metal comic. I'll probably buy the comic based on that. I do so wish that Grant Morrison would have written a story using red-ant head Superman. That would've just been too amazing. For those unfamiliar with the genius of the red-ant head Superman, this will explain everything:
  15. Christian

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 29th 2018

    True Believers What If Legion Killed Magneto #1, $1.00 Maybe I should have pointed this out, if anyone was interested. This is a rare Warren Ellis mid-'90s Marvel issue. However, it may be the worst thing Ellis ever wrote too. I'm surprised to see it reprinted. I guess just based on the Ellis name. Ellis stated that the editors mangled his story so badly that he requested that his name be removed from the story, but Marvel refused to do so. I bought the comic when it was released, and the plot made no sense. I have no idea what the editors were even doing, but whatever it was, it was incompetent. So, if there were any Ellis completest who wanted to read a really horrible Warren Ellis comic that has never been reprinted, they might have wanted to pick this up for a buck.