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  1. DC Comics

    I do like Aquaman well enough, but I'm not sure about DeConnick on the character. She is a good writer, but Abnett failed to keep my interest in Aquman when I tried it at the start of the "Rebirth" stuff, so I doubt DeConnick will do a better job than Abnett. Aquaman doesn't seem like a character who would play particularly well to DeConnick's strengths. No one is ever going to come close to doing what Peter David did with the character. That's the problem I have with most of DC's books over Marvel's books. I've come to really care about the characters at Marvel. So, if a quality writer is writing a Marvel character, I'm going to buy the book. I want to see what that character is going to do, and as long as the writer is competent, it'll keep me reading. DC's characters, I care more about the writers than the character. The characters I usually find sort of dull. So, it takes a writer doing something really interesting with the characters to make me want to buy the book. Abnett is a good writer, but just a well-written Aquaman comic isn't enough to get me to buy the book, because while I have some fondness for Aquaman from stuff I've read in the past, the character isn't appealing enough that simply a quality writer is going to entice me to want to keep reading. I know Grant Morrison is going to do something highly creative with Green Lantern, so that book appeals to me. That's probably due to the fact that I started reading Marvel Comics when I was a kid, whereas I didn't read any DC books until I was older. Hearing about Vertigo, and then later hearing about the Crisis reboot of the characters, and all the top creative teams that had revamped those characters in the '80s, made me want to find out more about the DC Universe. However, the Marvel characters were the ones I grew up with, so I look at them differently. Plus, as fun as the DC Silver Age books were (I love my Showcase Presents collection), the characters were all so one-dimensional and flat. Stan Lee and Kirby and Ditko wrote more fully-fleshed out characters who weren't as "black and white" as the DC Silver Age characters. It's easier to go back and read a 1960s Spider Man comic and find out about Peter Parker's life, whereas a Silver Age Superman comic, it's all about the "larger than reality" plots, while Superman, himself, as a character was quite dull. I don't have that same feeling of continuity and history when I look at the DC pantheon versus how I feel about the Marvel Universe.
  2. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    Yeah, that was horrible. Hopkinson has done a lot of interesting things with the concept though, like in Brown Girl in the Ring. Huh. I wonder what a Nalo Hopkinson Brother Voodoo series would have been like, now that you bring up Marvel.
  3. DC Comics

    Yay! That should be one of the best comics of the 2000s right there. Morrison and Liam Sharp. I cannot wait.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    Carl Jung would be another you are familiar with. Well, if the comics were never to arrive, I would probably take a hint. The comic store will probably have those comics available by next Wednesday, where they will be pulled for me. I'd more likely take it that I was meant to buy one of those comics I bought as an alternate this week. Although, I can't say that any of those three jumped out at me as comics I should be buying (Proxima Centauri wasn't bad, the other two left me cold). Maybe there's a bigger reason inherent in it all, though, in that one of those books was about to be canceled, but by my buying it, it has allowed the comic book to continue. Author of said comic will go on to create the most amazing comic book series of all time. All thanks to my purchase! Although, those books are all mini-series, so I don't think cancelation was a concern. Perhaps the real lesson to be learned was that I was supposed to have bought a certain new comic which I did not buy. I missed my chance, and the universe goes on. I can't see the universe wanting me to stop reading comics by Jason Aaron or Al Ewing. I've been much more fond of Marvel since their "Brand New Start" relaunch. I've actually been enjoying reading the Marvel Comics I am currently buying.
  5. Vertigo - where's the ledge? Has anyone seen the ledge?

    I'm willing to give Nalo Hopkinson's book a chance, as well as the Spurrier, based on Hopkinson's work in prose genre fiction. Of course, it's become quite apparent that writing a compelling science fiction/fantasy novel will not equate to an author having any idea what they're doing writing comics. The Spurrier should be worth a read though.
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of July 16th 2018

    UPS lost one of the comic book store's boxes, so they only got in so many of their new comics. Seems that it was mainly their Marvel Comics (Avengers, Immortal Hulk, and Thor are the ones I am going to buy) and Gideon Falls which failed to make it to the store. They did get in Witchfinder, X-Files Case Files: Hoot Goes There?, and Royal City which were the comics I was most interested in for this week, so that was good. Since they were missing a few of the comics I intended to buy, in order to have some comics to read, I decided to pick up a few odds and ends new (or newer) comics which I wasn't planning to buy (non-Marvel or DC, well, not that I really ever intend to buy DC Comics usually...). Let's see.....I picked up: Euthanauts #1, the new IDW "Black Crown" book. Proxima Centauri by Farel Dalrymple-It should look neat, if nothing else. Lost City Explorers #1, from AfterShock.
  7. Nope. Not going to do this anymore. Hellblazer just does not interest me anymore. Can't DC spare a few bucks to get some decent artists? I know there are plenty out there, so why do they insist on putting artists who draw like they're doing an animated series on this book? Hellblazer has obviously gone all multi-cultural, with each story-arc featuring a new culture's mythology as their "demon" of the month. Some people will probably get offended to see a Hindu/Buddhist deity lumped in with "demons" though. The issue read as if it were being written on auto-pilot. As if someone entered a general description of John and some of his lines in to a computer, and this is the story that the computer wrote. So, this officially marks my ending with John Constantine. It was fun once upon a time, now it's a chore. This was the last chance I was giving the book, with Kadrey taking a stab at Generic Johnny. The best part of the issue was the "DC Essential Graphic Novels of 2017" ad, where the superheroes all look really gloomy and sober while they're reading DC comics. I guess I can understand the sentiment. Not a bad cover though.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    You know that mega-event known as Secret Wars that Marvel has been promoting for months now? How it was the biggest event in Marvel's history? Well, it's two months away from being over. So, it's time for Marvel to go in to hype mode about the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe that comes after Secret Wars! Are you burnt out yet? I wonder why.... Starting in September, Marvel has announced the first batch of new releases for the new Marvel Universe post-Secret Wars. Iron Man by Brian Bendis.... All New, All Different Avengers by Mark Waid A-Force by G. Willow Wilson Uncanny Avengers by Gerry Duggan New Avengers by Al Ewing-I'll be checking this out. Dr. Strange by Jason Aaron-This is the big hit for the new launches! This should be amazing! Captain Marvel returns, but with a new creative team.... Captain America is still Sam Wilson, now written by Nick Spencer Totally Awesome Hulk....Seriously, that's the title...by Greg Pak Aaron's Thor is back. Scarlet Witch by James Robinson-Might be worth buying, or it might be awful. Illuminati...No. Vision Contest of Champions by Al Ewing-Not sure if this is an ongoing or what Slott is still writing Amazing Spider Man...Yawn! Carnage by Gerry Conway....Seriously. Spider Man-This is the Ultimate version of Spider Man. So, two Spider-Men in the Marvel Universe now. Spider Man 2099 is still around. Whoops! Three Spider-Men, I stand corrected. Oh, OK. Here's why. Web Warriors...a team made up of all the different Spider characters. Yawn. Charles Soule is the new writer on Daredevil. It doesn't look good. Back to dark 'n' gritty DD, it appears. Drax by C.M. Punk...I'm not making this up! Honest! Nova Venom:Spaceknight....Again. Seriously. I'm not lying! Howling Commandos....OK, this looks like fun. I'll check this out. SHIELD Uncanny Inhumans-Already announced. Karnak by Warren Ellis....Weird! This will definitely be worth a look. But...weird. Squadron Supreme by James Robinson-Definitely worth a look. X-Traordinary X-Men by Jeff Lemire-I'll have to buy this, because it's Lemire. But, I don't want to just based on the name alone. Old Man Logan, also by Lemire. Ugh. I don't think I can even do this for Lemire. Also, All-New Wolverine, which is X-23 as Wolverine. Ugh! There was also supposed to be a Red Wolf series, but I don't see it announced yet. I hope it has a good writer.. Basically, sounds like the same old shite, with a few good books thrown in.
  9. DC Comics

    Bendis is coming all over at the thought of Superman and Batman together at last! The wedding album awkward to sell? Hell, talk about awkward to make! There was Batman, crying in to his cape, saying that no one will ever love him and Selina is just like his mommy and daddy....and everyone was just standing there, looking really uncomfortable. There was no bride anywhere to be found for pictures. Batman's ex-wife Batwoman and estranged daughter Huntress were there for most of the pictures. Batman kept claiming he didn't invite Huntress and that she wasn't really his daughter, "something, something about a Crisis". Several people in attendance kept whispering, "Beard!" about Batwoman....It was a real mess.
  10. DC Comics

    Dressed up like a bat and had daddy issues? I can understand. The X-Men one wasn't horrible either. It was just the whole nature of the bait and switch. It ended up as a preview for an upcoming comic series also. One that I probably won't be bothering to read.
  11. DC Comics

    Remember how good Hellblazer was when John Constantine was bisexual, before he got married to that chick? Marriages ruin everything! Good thing Batman got out of that tricky trap.
  12. DC Comics

    But....But....Where's the love, Lou? The love! You're right though, superheroes getting married is icky. I like it when you have a manly man doing his job with a bunch of other guys in tight outfits, and you have some simple-minded female outsider who is always trying to get with the guy, and the guy is like, "No way, sweetheart! I'm going to go hang out with a bunch of other sweaty, muscly men....and maybe even a few underage boys in tight outfits too!". Wait....is this sounding somehow homoerotic on my part?
  13. DC Comics

    No one has mentioned anything about the Big Two's "wedding of the century" events. I mean, I don't blame anyone for ignoring the hype. I can't really comment on the DC version, as I didn't read it, but I did read the spoilers. What stood out to me is that I know the issue sold really well. My local comic book store sold out of their copies within a few hours, and they ordered a good amount (I think the owner said 40). I'm guessing that a lot of people bought the book based on the idea that it was going to be a hot collector's item issue that they could resale on EBay soon. I'm guessing they're going to be disappointed, as nothing of note actually happened in the comic. It's hard to market a comic with "nothing actually happens in this issue". Marvel's version, on the other hand, I did read in the X-Men issue. It featured a bait and switch. That issue didn't sell anywhere near as well as the Batman issue. I just found it funny that both of the Big Two marketed a comic as the "wedding of the century" and both failed to deliver on the promise of said set-up for their story. Not that Colossus and Kitty getting married was ever going to be a "wedding of the century", mind.
  14. Marvel's One World Order

    Yeah, Busiek's Avengers was certainly in that mindset, and definitely one of the best runs ever on that title. It's easier to do with the Avengers though, because they're about being the "world's greatest superheroes", and back-to-basics for them is the strong core team made up of the iconic trio, plus larger than life threats to the very planet, if not the universe. Spider Man is a bit different though, considering that it seems like Peter Parker's life is always moving forward, but when it seems he's growing in to too much of an adult person with real-world responsibilities, the creators decide to step back and move him to a more comfortable place from his time-line. "Oh, Peter is a college graduate now, in his early-30s with a wife and job? Well, what if he decides to go back to college and ends up with lots of money trouble instead?". You know, it's a step backward. How many times can this genius guy end up as a "loveable loser"? Taking away everything that makes the character distinct (ala the end of Slott's run) though, makes taking steps backward not as hard to take. Bringing back more of Spider Man's old rogues gallery, I'm all for that. Marvel seemed to forget that classic supervillaisn are a core part of the Marvel Universe too. Fans come to care about those characters almost as much as the heroes. I can understand running old villains in to the ground (how many times can Spider Man fight Dr. Octopus?). I can understand getting tired of the same story being told over and over. However, Marvel has had a terrible time creating compelling and popular new villains for their superheroes. Most of the villains that fans want to see were created by Stan Lee, or at least before the 1980s. There haven't been that many villains created since the 1970s that anyone has cared about (X-Men under Claremont is probably the exception, but after the Claremont-era, what interesting X-villains have come along? Maybe none). So, without those supervillains, the books have turned in to "Let's make Steve Rogers a fascist!" or "Tony Stark should be George W. Bush!". It's just terrible ideas for any characters who aren't going to be allowed to really change. "Well, sure, Iron Man was a neocon authoritarian just a few months ago.....but, he got over that, and now he's a superhero again. So, read his book and cheer for him!". It's tarnished the characters. That's why "Brand New Start" has been so successful in my opinion, as there is a real feel of nostalgia to most of these books, so far. Like I said, I realize that some fans will complain about comics going backwards again (and it depends on the title for how much nostalgia there is versus an updated version of a classic concept), but after things like Secret Empire, can these fans really say that Marvel had any idea what it was doing anyway? Maybe playing safer, and playing in the sandbox that made most of us fall in love with these comics (1960s-1980s comic books), isn't so bad for a while, in order to rebuild, before Marvel attempts to their next shattering Civil War event.
  15. Marvel's One World Order

    Amazing Spider Man #1-I'm sure some people will say that this is going too far back for the character, but I don't care. I liked it. After the corporate CEO Peter Parker, a "back to basics" in the most strict sense of that term doesn't seem so horrible. I have fond memories of this period of Spider Man's life....sure, it's not really set during that period of his life, but for all intents and purposes, yeah, this is really just going back in time. I said it once before, but I felt that the Spider Man character hasn't worked since the "One More Day" fiasco. A forum member pointed out that the era of cyclical writing teams which followed had a lot of promise, and that's true, but regardless, it's been years since that point, and we've seen Dan Slott bungle the concept for years with bad idea after bad idea. There is a happy medium, in that Peter Parker growing up and getting a good paying job where he can use his brilliance as a scientist, and not be stuck in the "loveable loser", immature phase. However, I'm willing to give this a shot. Is it like watching a repeat? Sure, but repeats of stories which were fun to read. Also, Immortal Hulk #2 (from last week, but I was on vacation, so didn't review any of the comics I bought) has really hooked me. It feels a lot like the earliest Stan Lee Hulk comics, but in a fresh, up-dated fashion, where the series is much more rooted in outright horror. The fact that Ewing seems to be interested in doing done-in-one, strange stories is a strong positive. The Hulk hasn't been this interesting in a very long time....Maybe even during the Peter David run, but I might be forgetting a Hulk era. Anyway, it's been a long time. It really does feel like this "Brand New Start", for still having some faults (another relaunch, more big event cross-overs, some books falling by the way-side, for instance), is fixing most of the problems that have plagued Marvel since the Civil War period. Marvel is focusing on a core cast of characters (mainly from the original cast of Marvel books circa the early-1960s), plus a few other favourite characters (like Black Panther), with top name writers working on most of the books, telling stories about superheroes. So, really, only the Fantastic Four relaunch is left. So far, only Iron Man hasn't caught my attention.
  16. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    Yes, yes, you do, if it's Conway on FF. I love the Conway run on Fantastic Four. It doesn't get the love it deserves. There have been far too few truly classic runs on Fantastic Four after Lee and Kirby....but, I consider the Conway issues to be among my favourites. The Conway run was better during the period with Buscema on artwork though. Oh, the Perez artwork skips around a lot. There's more Thomas and Wein than Conway in those Visionaries editions.
  17. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    Yeah, Marvel's Epic line's prices, which replaced the Essential books, can be pretty high. It looks like the Simsonson FF editions are $40 a piece. There was a three-volumn Fantastic Four Visionaries by Walt Simonson set from 2007, and those books were only $20 a piece, but they're out-of-print now. Maybe you could find some used for cheap? I'm not sure how the back-issue market for those Trades is looking.
  18. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    You do. It's different than his Thor, but is nearly as good. His Thor was mythical and epic. His run on FF was all about crazy ideas, it was what Grant Morrison on FF should be like. The entire Simsonson run on FF is collected in two volumns as Fantastic Four, Epic Collection: Into the Time Stream and the New Fantastic Four. His run lasted from issue #334-354.
  19. Comics Shipping the Week of July 9th 2018

    He was on the book for the entire 25 issues, that's not too shabby a run for a book like Orion. I remember the book came out around at the same time as Byrne was working on the New Gods comic. The New Gods comic, itself, only lasted for 35 issues (first as New Gods, then as the Fourth World). Definitely picking up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest #1 this week! That's about all these is for this week. I'll get BPRD, and I'll give Amazing Spider Man #1 a chance too.
  20. DITKO

    Man, you know what? I could have sworn Ditko had been dead for years. His work on Dr. Strange was outstanding. Just amazing, amazing work. That was my favourite artwork from Ditko, no question.
  21. Lou K's 4th of July Vacation

    http://www.comiclist.com/index.php/newreleases/this-week TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS ("AR" means "ask your retailer for the price") 3D TOTAL PUBLISHING Creating Stylized Characters HC, $36.99 ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Ghoul Scouts I Was a Tweenage Werewolf TP, $14.99 AFTERSHOCK COMICS Animosity Volume 3 The Swarm TP, $14.99 Dark Ark #8, $3.99 Jimmy's Bastards #9, $3.99 ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS Hillbilly #11, $3.99 ALTERNA COMICS Trespasser GN, $9.95 AMIGO COMICS Cloe And The Cloud #1, $9.99 Ghost Wolf Horde Of Fangs #4, $3.99 Magpie World GN, $9.95 Tales Of Rogues #6 (Of 6), $3.99 Titan #2 (Of 4), $3.99 ARCANA STUDIO Starfish GN, $14.95 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #290, $6.99 Betty And Veronica Vixens Volume 1 TP, $14.99 ASPEN COMICS Portal Bound #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Alex Arizmendi), $3.99 Portal Bound #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Adam Archer), $3.99 ATRIA/SKYBOUND BOOKS Quotable Negan HC, $17.00 ATTA BOY Hi-Fructose Magazine Quarterly #48, $8.95 AVATAR PRESS Uber Invasion #14 (Cover A Daniel Gete), $3.99 Uber Invasion #14 (Cover B Daniel Gete Wraparound Variant), $3.99 Uber Invasion #14 (Cover C Daniel Gete Propaganda Poster Variant), $3.99 Uber Invasion #14 (Cover D Daniel Gete Blitzkreig Variant), $3.99 Uber Invasion #14 (Cover E Gabriel Andrade VIP Premium Variant), $9.99 Uber Invasion #14 (Cover F Daniel Gete War Crimes Variant), $3.99 BENITEZ PRODUCTIONS Lady Mechanika la Belle Dame Sans Merci #1 (Of 3)(Cover A Joe Benitez), $3.99 Lady Mechanika la Belle Dame Sans Merci #1 (Of 3)(Cover B Joe Benitez), $3.99 Lady Mechanika la Belle Dame Sans Merci #1 (Of 3)(Cover C Joe Benitez), AR BEYOND COMICS Gekido #1 (Cover A Graig Weich Masked Variant), $4.99 BIRDCAGE BOTTOM BOOKS In The Future We Are Dead TP, $15.00 BOOM! STUDIOS Adventure Time Comics Volume 5 TP, $14.99 Giant Days #40 (Cover A Max Sarin), $3.99 Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Benjamin Dewey), $3.99 Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Of 12)(Cover B David Peterson), $3.99 Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Of 12)(Cover C Ramon K. Perez), AR Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Of 12)(Cover D Dave McKean), AR Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #1 (Of 12)(Cover E Chris Samnee), AR Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal Adult Coloring Book SC, $16.99 Rocko's Modern Life #6 (Cover A Jorge Monlongo), $3.99 Rocko's Modern Life #6 (Cover B Cole Closser), $3.99 Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Cover A Dan Mora), $3.99 Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Cover B Miguel Mercado Power Ranger Variant), $3.99 Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Cover C Audrey Mok), $3.99 Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Cover D Natacha Bustos Movie Variant), AR BOUNDLESS COMICS Lookers Ember #9 (Christian Zanier Free Fall Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Christian Zanier Red Hot Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Christian Zanier Regular Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Christian Zanier Wraparound Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Matt Martin Luscious Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Raulo Caceres Sexy Spies Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Renato Camilo GGA Homage Cover), $5.99 Lookers Ember #9 (Renato Camilo Workout Cover), $5.99 BROADSWORD COMICS Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #104 (Studio Deluxe Edition), $19.99 CANDLEWICK PRESS Harry Potter Dragon Alley A Movie Scrapbook HC, $19.99 CHARMZ Scarlet Rose Volume 3 I Think I Love You GN, $9.99 Scarlet Rose Volume 3 I Think I Love You HC, $14.99 COMIC SHOP NEWS Comic Shop News #1620 (not verified by Diamond), AR COMIXTRIBE Sink Volume 1 Welcome To Glasgow TP, $19.99 DANGER ZONE Black Betty #5 (Cover A Zoe Stanley), $4.99 Black Betty #5 (Cover B Zoe Stanley Tattered & Torn Variant), $4.99 Black Betty #5 (Cover C Trevor Grace), $4.99 Black Betty #5 (Cover D Trevor Grace Tattered & Torn Variant), $4.99 Black Betty #5 (Cover E Winston Young), $4.99 Black Betty #5 (Cover F Winston Young Tattered & Torn Variant), $4.99 Ruin Of Thieves Brigands #3 (Cover A Sumit Kumar), $3.99 Ruin Of Thieves Brigands #3 (Cover B Anand Radhakrishnan), $3.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover A Marcello Costa), $4.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover B Marcello Costa Risque Variant), $4.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover C Winston Young), $4.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover D Winston Young Risque Variant), $4.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover E Dan Mendoza), $4.99 Vampblade Season 3 #4 (Cover F Dan Mendoza Risque Variant), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover A Celor), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover B Celor Risque Variant), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover C R B White), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover D R B White Risque Variant), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover E Dan Mendoza), $4.99 Zombie Tramp #49 (Cover F Dan Mendoza Risque Variant), $4.99 DARK HORSE COMICS Conan Omnibus Volume 5 Piracy And Passion TP, $24.99 Empowered And Sistah Spooky's High School Hell #5 (Of 6), $3.99 Halo Collateral Damage #2 (Of 3), $3.99 Incognegro Renaissance #5 (Of 5), $3.99 Lone Wolf And Cub Gallery Edition HC, $99.99 Quantum Age #1 (Cover A Wilfredo Torres & Dave Stewart), $3.99 Quantum Age #1 (Cover B Christian Ward), $3.99 Sword Daughter #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Greg Smallwood), $4.99 Sword Daughter #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Mack Chater), $4.99 Xerxes The Fall Of The House Of Darius And The Rise Of Alexander #4 (Of 5), $4.99 DC COMICS Aquaman Volume 5 The Crown Comes Down TP, $14.99 Batman #50 (Cover A Mikel Janin), $4.99 Batman #50 (Cover B Arthur Adams), AR Batman #50 (Cover C Jim Lee & Scott Williams), AR Batman #50 (Cover D Blank Variant), AR Batman #50 (Cover E Jim Lee Pencils Only Variant), AR Batman By Grant Morrison Omnibus Volume 1 HC, $75.00 Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Edition HC, $39.99 Batman Thrillkiller TP (New Edition), $16.99 Catwoman #1 (Cover A Joelle Jones), $3.99 Catwoman #1 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR Catwoman #1 (Cover C Blank Variant), AR Curse Of Brimstone #4, $2.99 DC Nation #2, AR Deathstroke #33 (Cover A Robson Rocha & Daniel Henriques), $3.99 Deathstroke #33 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), AR Green Arrow #42 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $3.99 Green Arrow #42 (Cover B Mike Grell), AR Green Lanterns #50 (Cover A Mike Perkins), $3.99 Green Lanterns #50 (Cover B Chris Stevens), AR Harley Quinn #45 (Cover A Guillem March), $2.99 Harley Quinn #45 (Cover B Frank Cho), AR Harley Quinn The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Volume 2 HC, $34.99 Hellblazer Volume 19 The Red Right Hand TP, $24.99 Injustice 2 #29, $2.99 Jetsons TP, $16.99 Justice League #3 (Cover A Jorge Jimenez), $3.99 Justice League #3 (Cover B Jim Lee & Scott Williams), AR Justice League #3 (Cover C Jim Lee Pencils Only Variant), AR Justice League Of America Volume 4 Surgical Strike TP, $14.99 Man Of Steel #6 (Of 6), $3.99 Nightwing #46 (Cover A Mike Perkins), $3.99 Nightwing #46 (Cover B Ben Oliver), AR Shade The Changing Woman #5 (Of 6), $3.99 Supergirl By Peter David Volume 4 TP, $29.99 Unexpected #2, $2.99 Wonder Woman By John Byrne Volume 2 HC, $39.99 DEVILS DUE/1FIRST COMICS Lark's Killer #8, $3.99 Malefic Volume 1 The Doctor Will See You Now TP, $27.99 DISNEY PRESS Walt's Imagination The Life Of Walt Disney HC, $18.99 DYNAMIC FORCES Action Comics #1000 (Curt Swan Variant Cover), AR Action Comics #1000 (Dan Jurgens Black & White Variant Cover), AR Action Comics #1000 (Dan Jurgens Signed Edition), AR Action Comics #1000 (Plus 2 Limited Edition Comics), AR All-Star Batman #1 (Jae Lee Variant Cover), AR Batman #1 (Jae Lee Variant Cover), AR Daredevil #600 (Adi Granov Sketch Variant Cover)(Adi Granov Signed Edition), AR Daredevil #600 (Adi Granov Sketch Variant Cover)(Charles Soule Signed Edition), AR Dark Nights Metal #5 (Of 6)(Planet ComicCon Sketch Variant Cover)(Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Signed Edition), AR New Mutants Dead Souls #1 (Of 6)(Hellfire Convention Sketch Variant Cover), AR Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #300 (Adam Hughes Virgin Variant Cover)(Adam Hughes Signed Edition), AR Suicide Squad #1 (Terry Dodson Variant Cover), AR DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #1 (Cover A Joseph Michael Linsner), $3.99 Elvira Mistress Of The Dark #1 (Cover B J. 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G. 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1 GN, $12.99 Spirit Circle Volume 4 GN, $12.99 SOURCE POINT PRESS Sioux Falls Volume 1 TP, $7.99 TITAN BOOKS Book Of Hidden Things MMPB, $14.95 TITAN COMICS Brother Nash #2 (Cover A Afua Richardson), $5.99 Brother Nash #2 (Cover B Bridgit Connell & Luis Guerrero), $5.99 Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor #2 (of 4)(Cover A Christopher Jones), $3.99 Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor #2 (of 4)(Cover B Photo), $3.99 Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Time Trials Volume 3 A Confusion Of Angels HC, $22.99 Solo A Star Wars Story The Official Collector's Edition Magazine (Newsstand Edition), $10.99 Solo A Star Wars Story The Official Collector's Edition Magazine (Previews Exclusive Edition), $10.99 TOONHOUND STUDIOS 100 Demon Dialogues TP, $14.99 UNIVERSITY PRESS OF MISSISSIPPI Comics And Adaptation HC, $70.00 Gary Larson And The Far Side SC, $25.00 Jim Shooter Conversations SC, $25.00 VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT Quantum And Woody Volume 1 Kiss Kiss Klang Klang TP, $9.99 Valiant High #3 (Of 4)(Cover A David 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  22. Lou K's 4th of July Vacation

    Man, Marvel decided to release a ton of books this week. I guess they were worried that not many people in the US would care to stop by the comic store on the holiday. Unnatural #1 from Image looks worth a chance. Hopefully, Lou won't miss out on the Quantum Age #1, spin-off from Black Hammer. I know I won't miss out on it.
  23. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Yes, it going to be called Cemetery Beach. The premise doesn't sound all that appealing to me. It is scheduled to start in September. I wouldn't give Ellis too hard a time about Trees. He's done a better job of staying on time and keeping a comic going than half of the creators who have series at Image. Forgetting about a series after finishing a story-arc is almost mandatory at Image Comics. It's almost as if the company was geared towards publishing Warren Ellis comics. Here is an article about Ellis' new book: https://soundbooks.org/2018/06/12/warren-ellis-and-jason-howard-launch-new-comic-cemetery-beach-at-image-in-september/
  24. Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    I was always a fan of the BPRD series. It's not quite as strong as Hellboy, but I felt helped add to the Hellboy Universe and make Mignola's books stand out as one of the strongest comic universes ever created. BPRD certainly starts off slowly (first two TPBs worth of material), with it being more an excuse for Mignola to allow other creators to play in his sandbox, sure. However, once it got to the "Plague of Frogs" story-arc, and straight through to "King of Fear", I felt the series was always very strong. I don't feel that just artwork is needed as an excuse to read and enjoy BPRD.
  25. Marvel's One World Order

    Sentry #1 (by Jeff Lemire) was surprisingly good. I didn't think anyone could do anything interesting with the Sentry character after the original Paul Jenkins' book, but Lemire had an idea, that made the character the most interesting he has been since Jenkins (although, even slightly interesting would fulfill that criteria....). Seriously though, the story reminded me quite a bit of Miracleman. Lemire was a good choice for writing this book, as he was able to channel some of what makes Black Hammer so compelling to find an angle to use the Sentry that actually works (unlike every other post-Jenkins Sentry story). I'll keep reading this, which isn't something I expected to say. Lemire is a great writer, no doubt, but he has been very hit or miss with company owned properties in the past, saving his creativity for his own projects.