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  1. Excalibur is a lot of fun under Claremont and Alan Davis, although the tone is very different from what you were enjoying with Moore and Delano. Since Claremont’s X-Men and New Mutants books were so depressing at the time, Claremont wanted to write a light-hearted mutant title using a lot more humour. That was his purpose with Excalibur. He took the more innocent X-Men, Kitty and Nightcrawler, from Uncanny over to Excalibur after the Mutant Massacre, because he felt they would fit better with the tone of Excalibur. He also decided to use Rachel Summers in Excalibur instead of Uncanny, as she wasn’t being used anywhere else. So, those characters from Uncanny X-Men will be main characters in Excalibur alongside the Capt. Britain characters. You’ll want to avoid any Excalibur issues not written by Claremont, Davis, or Ellis though. The book is absolutely terrible when not written by one of them. Do try to keep reading to the Alan Davis-penned issues though. Davis’ run is just plain crazy.
  2. Just Hellblazer. Wow, it looks like Marvel is cleaning out their junk drawer. I think that most publishers are going back to normal shipping of comics again starting the following week.
  3. Frankenstein Undone and Green Lantern. The Ontario government has allowed most businesses to reopen now, but a lot of stores don’t seem to have bothered to actually open. The local comic shop opened last week though, so they’ll be getting the new comics.
  4. At least the people concerned that John be bi will be pleased. Just keep John away from Rex the Wonder Dog.
  5. Nothing for me either. We wait for nearly two months for new comics, now there are new comics shipping again, and no one is interested in any of them. No, this was going to be a limited shipping week. Not all publishers (including Marvel) are going to start shipping until next week.
  6. Yeah, I wasn’t that much of a fan of Brubaker’s Secret Avengers. It should have been a lot better. I’d recommend the Ellis run, but it was the Ales Kot issues that are really worth your time. It was quite amazing how Kot made his entire run a meditation on a Jorge Luis Borges story. The Kot run is volumn 3 of Secret Avengers, part of a different series than the Brubaker and Ellis tenures. I’d probably skip the Brubaker run, if I were you, though.
  7. Yes, the April issue of HB should ship sometime between the end of May and the beginning of June. Unfortunately, DC has announced that the Black Label titles were chosen by DC to be put on hiatus for the time being, meaning that the April issue will be the only issue for the foreseeable future. DC hasn’t offered any updates on the future of their delayed books, so the future of Hellblazer is in question again.
  8. So, I’m sure most people have read the details, but for those relying on Straight to Hell for their new comics news, here are details. When new comics start shipping again, they will be releasing the delayed April issues at first. I guess they’ll just ship the June issues after all the April issues have finished shipping, and release months no longer matter. The June issues were originally solicited for May release, but all comics for the month of May were canceled. So, the June issues are the prior May issues. The April releases will run in to June though, so the issues for June will end up stretching in to July now. This may (not May) sound confusing, but it’s really not that confusing. The comic publishers have listed the release schedule for their unreleased April issues on their individual web-sites. It looks like most companies are starting off slow, without much shipping for the first couple of weeks. Marvel, for example, begins to release more important books starting the week of June 9th. Yes, DC will be shipping their April new releases through Diamond also, so fans won’t miss any of the new DC books which they already shipped to exclusive, elite comic book stores during the lockdown period.
  9. May 20th: The Comics Return
  10. Oh wow. This is beyond ridiculous. A loophole says that non-essential businesses cannot be stopped from giving away their products, they just cannot sell anything. A bookstore in Michigan is getting around the insanity by setting up a Go Fund Me page. A person can donate to the Go Fund Me page, then show up in the store parking lot to pick up a bag full of free books left at the curbside for them. OK, time to end most of this nonsense.
  11. Yeah, as I expected, most comic book stores are opting not to pursue DC’s solution. They are saying it is a haphazard plan. They are saying that they would rather just wait until Diamond reopens, which is what I thought DC should have done, as Diamond announced they are planning to reopen sometime in May. All publishers have canceled their May comics, and are skipping to planning to publish the books originally planned for May in June instead. So, basically, they are skipping one month in 2020. What the non-DC publishers are planning to do about the already completed issues from April...no idea. Plus, stores are saying since they are mostly all closed until at least May anyway, it’s too much hassle to worry about getting in a few of the April DC Comics. It won’t give them that much revenue to be worth the costs. I’m sure a few of the larger comic book retailers will probably agree to this plan, but most comic stores won’t be taking up DC’s plan. The local store on their FaceBook page says they were contacted about this on Friday, and DC wants a commitment by Monday, which he says is crazy. He says there are too many open questions about this plan to rush in to a commitment. He argues that most comic stores right now don’t have the money to commit to a plan that doesn’t even seem to be fully thought out. I assume that DC will still plan to release their April books in the normal manner once Diamond reopens (however everyone is going to deal with the unreleased April books), and that this won’t preclude most of the world from being able to purchase most of DC’s releases from April.
  12. Hmm...Sounds confusing. Especially with stores closed. It seems like it’ll be very difficult to figure out what comics are shipping. Customers will need to know which comics to order from their stores.
  13. I really liked Baltimore at first, but I felt it went on too long, and I kind of lost interest in the plot, even though I kept reading until the end of the series. I loved that early short story, with the giant spider. That was the high point of the series for me.
  14. Todd McFarlane says he’d like to see Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image work together to help revitalize the comic industry’s recovery after the virus outbreak. He says that he’ll volunteer to do a Spawn/Spider Man cross-over book, if publishers feel it will help get monthly comics back on their feet. Uh, yeah, that sounds like a way to try to make Spawn relevant again, and get some quick cash in to Todd’s pockets. It doesn’t sound like anything to help the comic industry.
  15. Oh, I can’t believe I misremembered. I thought Ellis revamped Ghost, but it was solely Diggle. I did really enjoy the Ellis run though. It reminded me of Ostrander’s Suicide Squad. It was that Ghost was the best part of the Diggle run.
  16. DC has announced that all Black Label titles have been indefinitely postponed starting with the May issues, so that should be the end of Hellblazer for a while. Of course, there’s no information on how or when any new comics are going to be shipping. So, I’m not sure what it means when a company says it’s putting a comic on hiatus. I would guess that means those comics are probably on the chopping block, and DC will wait to see what the comic market looks like when (or if) comic sales resume if the book is going to get axed. I also don’t know when the April issue would see the light of day either.
  17. Well, more bad news. I’m not sure if I read the article correctly, but it now sounds like Marvel is canceling one-third of their line of titles. Not that Marvel hasn’t been publishing far too many comics. Did anyone really ask for more X-titles than have ever been published before in the year 2020? Plus, I knew that publishing an Iron Man 2020 comic in the year 2020 was just asking for trouble. No word yet as to when remaining new comics may end up being shipped either.
  18. I loved Ellis’ Thunderbolts mainly due to Ghost. What an awesome reinvention of a character. Ghost became my favourite Marvel character for the Ellis and Diggle Thunderbolts issues. Too bad no one else did anything interesting with the character after.
  19. I don’t remember seeing Elsa very much since NextWave, but yeah, I’m sure she’s still written as the psychopath rather than as Buffy. She has a brother now, named Cullen. He recently showed up in that horrible new Excalibur series. They kept the NextWave characterization of Boomer too.
  20. I guess that would work, that way customers could pay the store for comics they wanted to read, and then when the new comics start shipping again in physical format, it would just be a matter of stores filling in orders that were already purchased. If Marvel and DC ever decide to start shipping physical comics again.
  21. Oh, gotcha Lou. Yeah, I didn’t get to the comic shop for the last two weeks when comics were available. I think the local store was closed before last week’s shipment came out.
  22. I don’t understand. There aren’t any new comics being released though, right? So, what are you paying for?
  23. Man, that would be sad. The one comic book store I went to in Michigan has been around since 1981. I first went there when I was a kid, back in 1982. I have gone to that store for all these years. I knew the current owner’s father (who was the original owner). I’ve been friends with both. Comic book stores are niche sellers though. Most of them don’t make much in the way of profits. I can’t see many comic stores managing to make it through a month or more without any revenue. The same is true for used book stores. I’m very worried about the fate of most used book stores, which have already been hit hard for years competing with Amazon. The one used book store in Flint has been around since the ‘70s. I have many childhood memories of visiting that store too. It’ll be very sad if these stores are forced to go under due to a virus.
  24. I wonder if this will mark the end of new physical comic books. Marvel and DC have said they are considering releasing digital format comics in the next few weeks. You wonder what happens from there. Will Marvel and DC then release actual physical comics of the issues they have already released earlier? There are also questions as to how those comics would be released? Is Diamond going to ship multiple weeks worth of new comics at once? This has been looming for years now. Comic sales have been slipping for years, because they are simply too expensive. People have been talking about comics going exclusively digital for a while now. Has this crisis forced that to happen earlier than it might have? Still, it could be the impetus to force the comic companies to accept this happening. If so, that’s going to be it for me, as far as buying new comic books. I’m really not interested in reading comics online, even if $4-$5 for a comic is way too expensive.
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