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    DC Comics

    Yeah, I'm of two minds about it. I mean, on the one hand, Morrison's grasp of realism seems to have completely escaped him. It's not as if he cannot write normal scenes (at least he did well with it in the past, at times), but in this book, it came across as very awkward. Maybe Morrison should avoid that going further with the Green Lantern book. It had a hint of being a rush job, in that Morrison needed to turn in a double-sized story in between two monthly issues of Green Lantern. He might have not put as much time in to this annual as normal. However, I do feel that the story was redeemed by the ending. At least Morrison was going somewhere with that story. If it weren't for the "surprise ending", I'd probably have to feel that this story was close to being akin to the level of a Howard Mackie plot. Yikes! However, unlike Mackie, Morrison was doing his own thing, making this story stand out in a way that Mackie's stories can only stand out as "an illiterate person trying to plot out a coherent story". So, who knew that Howard Mackie was just really fucking high his entire writing career? Still, I would say this was one of Morrison's weaker moments on Green Lantern. It still had some problems, even though the issue needs to be re-read after figuring out what was really going on with the ending. There's more going on than at first seems, and it isn't the mess that you might think it was if you missed where it was going with the "surprise ending".
  2. I know! I was shocked to see how much it was going for right now. I was thinking, "Gee, I should've bought one of the reprints for a buck, and then tried to make one hundred bucks on the original".
  3. Oh, I didn't realize that the Mind Bomb one-shot had ever been collected. Yeah, most Carnage stories aren't top quality comics, so they wouldn't be missing anything, and also saving a lot of money, choosing the True Believers reprint, rather than the over-priced book.
  4. I probably should have mentioned this before, but the True Believers: Carnage-Mind Bomb story is written by Warren Ellis. Ellis fans who missed that comic may have wanted to pick that up for just a buck. It was a pretty good story, based on what I remember about it. It was relatively hard to find back in the early-2000s, and I had to pay $10 for a copy. Now, I see that copies are going for the outrageous sum of $115! So, if you missed out on it when you could still afford it, you will definitely be interested in the reprint.
  5. He looks a bit like the Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.... It's nice artwork though. I just hope DC tones down the colour palette. I mean, if the writing isn't good, it won't matter. The prior DCU HB books weren't helped by always looking like such a bright, cartoonish world though.
  6. I mean, I guess there was some of that....especially in that he was willing to sacrifice his friends for the greater good. I just wasn't really grabbed by the plot. It involved John as more of this globe-trotting type character, more similar to how he was portrayed in Moore's Swamp Thing. I felt that Delano moved very far away from that sort of direction very quickly after his run took off. I don't know. I've always felt that if I picked up Hellblazer #1 and #2 as my first taste of JC, that I don't know if I would have been grabbed enough to continue reading the book.
  7. Lou-So far, it seems like this is a pretty clear break away from just about everything that has come before with the X-Men. So, I would say you could pick it up without needing to have any knowledge of what's been going on with the X-books. John-You aren't really meant to recognize any of the Orchis Protocol members, outside of the groups that they represent. Almost all of them seem to be new characters, at this point. I don't think the Orchis Protocol needs to be in spoilers, because I don't think anyone would recognize that as meaning anything. I'm hoping that Hickman is going in a different direction than he seems to be going based on the opening scene. The status quo of mutants needs to be shaken up in this sort of way, and not just be revealed as some super-villain plot. However, I also can't see this as being the new direction for the X-Men in the Marvel Universe either. We'll just have to wait and see. It was a very promising start for the Hickman run.
  8. I's go with the "Dead Boy's Heart" story from Delano, as a story that shows what defines John as a person. "Dangerous Habits" for that "Dark Phoenix Saga"/"Days of Future Past" story-arc that everyone who is a fan of said character(s) must read. Then, "Critical Mass", definitely. I'd say those are the three quintessential Hellblazer tales, if you are solely going to recommend three stories to spotlight what the Hellblazer comic is about. I'm not a fan of the "Hunger Demon" two-parter, to be honest, even though it is Delano. I've always thought it was one of Delano's weaker stories. I never found it a good introduction to the character, as a first issue is supposed to work. It's not bad, but Delano's run would just become so much better.
  9. I like Patsboy take on the Azzarello run. It really does seem completely plausible now....although, sort of sad that John wasn't a better horror/noir writer.
  10. I think you might end up changing your mind on Jenkins, especially being older when you read it. I remember being really bored by Jenkins' run when I initially read it too, while also thinking it was completely out of place in Hellblazer. Now, it's easily my second favourite run, after Delano, and really his and Delano's are the only Hellblazer writers I have any interest in re-reading at this point.
  11. House of X #1-Whoa! I did not expect that. This is definitely something different for the X-Men. Although, I will say that I got hints of Hickman's direction on the Ultimates book. I was hoping to see Hickman move more in the science fictional direction of Grant Morrison. Well, Hickman went completely in the direction of science fiction. There is not even a hint of a superhero comic within Hickman's direction for the X-Men.
  12. So, is it just this one-shot that deals with this Tim Hunter business? Because, that doesn't sound very intriguing. It also sounds more like a mini-series or a tie-in with the Books of Magic series. Yes, it does sound more like this is a revamp of that "Life During Wartime" book, rather than Hellblazer proper. It's funny that Si Spencer's name keeps coming up. Did DC editorial manage to confuse Si Spencer with Si Spurrier too? "Hey, Si? Remember that Tim Hunter alt-universe book you wrote about two decades back? How'd you like to write a new book based on that premise?". "Uh, this is Si Spurrier." "Right. Si. You wrote Life During Wartime. Right?". "Will there be a paycheck? Uh, yeah, I wrote War During Lifetime. I mean, Life During Wartime. Sure."
  13. Christian

    DC Comics

    King has proven that he can mine PKD's themes before, although I'm not really expecting to see Adam Strange as a drug addict.heh I've always liked the Adam Strange character and concept. There have been some decent Adam Strange stories through the years, but I wouldn't say there's ever been a definitive take on the character, much the same way that the field was open for Mr. Miracle until King. I think this will be very much worth a read.
  14. It's a big Marvel week for me this week. History of the Marvel Universe #1 House of X #1 Marvels Epilogue Lou, you aren't going to check out Valkyrie: Jane Foster, even though it's written by Jason Aaron?
  15. I'm not sure if anyone else realizes it or not, I didn't see anyone mention anything about it on here, but Russell's Second Coming #1 was released (I think) two weeks back. I missed that it was finally going to be released, myself. I did find a copy. So, anyone else interested in that book, know that the first issue is currently available.
  16. I wouldn't say it is due to his interactions with the DCU which have been the major problem with JC after the character leaving Vertigo. John's interactions with the rest of the DCU have actually been kept relatively minimal within his own books. It's just been a very watered down version of John, with shallow plots, that have really been the problem with the "New 52", "Convergence", and "Rebirth" iterations of HB. It's like John is still doing the same things as he was doing, over and over again, except without any substance underneath any of it.
  17. Personally. I find it more depressing that Spider Man and Batman are going to continue long after I'm dead (well, unless I live to see the collapse of civilization). I'm sure still doing the exact same things as I was reading about them doing, over and over again. It doesn't seem right that these characters we grew up reading about will outlive us, and they'll never see an ending, while all of us will have an ending. It's not that our having an ending is a bad thing, but that all these things will outlast us. I guess that was part of Grant Morrison's point about escaping in to his own fiction during the end times, so that he can live forever too. Anyway, yeah. The idea that John Constantine would have an ending, and not be stuck in the same loop of "eternal return" of the corporate-owned superhero properties was some aspect of the appeal of his character. He was going to have an ending, just like all of us. Now, he'll forever be dredged up when the editors at DC decide that it's time for yet another relaunch. He'll still be doing the same shit over and over again after this Forum, and everyone on it, is dead and gone.
  18. -I would also recommend his X-Men: Legacy run, which was a solo series for the X-Men character Legion. It was quite different than any of the usual X-title fare. While I haven't watched the TV show, I'm pretty sure that a lot of the show's concept of the Legion character is based on Spurrier's reinterpretation of said character, because the show's character seems to have very little based in Chris Claremont's original characterization (besides the basics). It's really about trying to find your place, or purpose, in the world when you feel like (or are) an outsider. It tackles the fact that David Haller deals with both mental illness and being a mutant, and his attempts to move beyond such, by making his purpose to find a way (an actual way, and not just by fighting) for a minority like mutants to gain acceptance in the "normal world" of humanity. -Plus, Spurrier's run on X-Force was pretty good. Once again, don't let preconceptions about "X-Men" and "X-Force" make you prejudge the title. Spurrier did some quite good work with that series, using the original concept of X-Force back in the bad ol' Liefield days to create a commentary on violence. It shared a lot more in common with his Legion series than with the usual X-Men books. Also, there were some wild and crazy plots that Spurrier used. This one new mutant character (I won't spoil the plot), named Forget-Me-Not, was a very clever idea. -And, there was his Cry Havoc series from Image, which I highly recommend, and was a good showcase for Spurrier's use of his politics, mixed with elements of mythology and folklore.
  19. Well, it's got to be better than Ellis' attempt at writing Batman with that Legends of the Dark Knight two-parter. That was, frankly, dreadful.
  20. Christian

    DC Comics

    Yes, I am in agreement. I don't see how even Lemire could do anything of interest with the Joker, but I am definitely interested in Lemire on the Question.
  21. Spurrier is a better writer, overall, than Oliver. However, Oliver was coming off of the best work of his career, Last Gang in Town from Vertigo, when he took over HB. If he could have channeled even half of his rage over the current economic situation in our world in to his JC story, it would have been much more fondly remembered. Instead, writing Constantine seemed to sap all of the creative energy out of him. So, I'll believe it when I see it, I say.
  22. Yes, the Sandman Universe books are mature readers titles. Hellblazer, unfortunately, won't be though, because DC is hoping to start a Sandman Babies spin-off line to appeal to young-adult readers, and this Hellblazer book will be the first step in that direction. No, I'm kidding. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I would enjoy seeing the continuity be explained away as the post-Vertigo Hellblazer comics being John's version of Hell. He really did shoot himself, and he went to Hell, and that's what the New 52, Convergence, and Rebirth series were. No reason to go in to any big explanations or anything, just mentioning that he's spent the past few years in Hell, and it wasn't pretty, but it's all over now. I'd probably remain pessimistic until the book comes out though. We've been burned a number of times before. We've heard interviews with creators talking about bringing back the JC from the Delano days before....only to get issues of John sitting around musing about a flying shoe, and story-arcs about "mysterious Djinn" stretched out to twelve chapters. So, even though Spurrier is a good writer, I wouldn't get excited about anyone's words until I saw the book.
  23. Si Spurrier is a good choice. I can't see him being anything worse than what we saw on HB comics since the beginning of the Milligan run. That's not really a high bar though.
  24. Hickman's run on X-Men might be worth a look....we'll have to wait to see. It's certainly the best outlook for the X-titles since Grant Morrison. If his Fantastic Four and Avengers are anything to go by, it'll definitely be an improvement over any of the junk that has been published in X-Men for over a decade now.* *The Mike Carey run, while unspectacular as far as shaking up the status quo, was quite a fun read, especially for those who love seeing long-time continuity in their X-Men books, like me. He begins his relaunch of the X-line at the end of this month.
  25. I don't know if I want to be hipped by any comics.....Maybe? I can only assume that Lou is off on a search for Wolverine and the X-Men comics, and that's why he did not do his job for this week. It looks like just Wonder Twins and Giant Size X-Statix #1 for this week.
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