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  1. Beyond Ebay, does anyone know where I could obtain the Hellblazer statue which came out a few years ago - not the movie one, obviously :-)
  2. CraigG

    Hellblazer Q&A

    Sorry, gave up on the Mina run in singles - did Chaz get killed off? Heven't seen the big guy much recently...
  3. Try www.asylum-booksandgames.com He's got all HB from 28 onward and also some Will Simpson HB origional art.
  4. CraigG

    Jeph Loeb

    Superman For All Season was great, as was Dark Victory - Both with Sale. The Witching Hour was great as well. DD Yellow was also very good. Loeb needs Sale.
  5. Guys! Just to let you know that pics will follow shortly - Al is still sketching today, and is very busy! He's done a few JC's and they are class. Think white on black paper - very cool and worth the charge (£10 for a finished painting isn't bad guys!)
  6. John! Pictures should not be a problem Sir! Even better, if you e-mail Mike at the store he may be able to set something up for you guys in terms of getting better pics than I could! The reason Mike Carrey has his order up here is that he is very good friends with the owner, and he gets 'mates rates'. Asylum has a few HB lumanaries over the years... Will Simpson, Mr Carrey, James Hodgkins, Jamie Delano, and I'm sure I'm missing others... Cheers, wil let you know how it is going! CG
  7. Hellblazer artist (and throughly good bloke) Al Davison will be sketching & signing in ASYLUM BOOKS & GAMES this Saturday (10th February) from 9am-5pm. If you have never been lucky enough to get a stetch from this fantastic artist, nows yer chance! His first Scottish booking in over a year, fans are advised to get in early as his Conatantine really has to be seen to be believed. Aberdeen only has two comic shops, ASYLUM & PLAN 9, and ASYLUM is located at 29 Adelphi, (01224) 574637 and ask for Mike, or e-mail mike@asylum-booksandgames.com. Mike will be happy to point fans in the right direction. ps Mike Carrey has his standing order there and is a personal friend of the owner as is upcoming scribe Andy Diggle, so for HB needs, this is the place to go. As Asylum are the only comic shop in Scotland to have comic professionals, rather than sci-fi related 'personalities' in attendance, you'd have to be from another planet to miss this! Cheers, CG
  8. Aberdeen now has it's very own official comic group, meeting weekly to discuss al lthings comics related. For the launch the GN to be discusssed is HB: Dangerous Habbits. If there are any HB fans from Aberdeen reading this, click on the link, or Telephone Mike at Asylum Books & Games on 01224 574637 for more details. It's free and rumour has it nibbles and refreshments also.... Aberdeen Comic Group Cheers, CraigG
  9. Will Simpson will be signing and sketching in Aberdeen at Asylum Books and Games this Saturday September 17th. Signing for the first time in six years the renowned artist of Dangerous Habbits will sketching and signing as well as selling origonal art from his run on the cult Vertigo series Event Details Store contact: Asylum Books & Games Just ask for Mike who will be only too happy to provide any directions needed to find the shop! (Plus he's a huge HB fan as well as a fucking good bloke!) Cheers, CG
  10. Hellblazer wrtier Jamie Delano will be signing tomorrow at Asylum Books and Games in Aberdeen, starting at 10am and continuing all day until the shop shuts. I've met him before and he's a perfect gent. Contact Mike on: 01224 574637 www.asylum-booksandgames.com
  11. When The Flash was 85p from FP. £1,80 now. Fucking DC.
  12. Would you prefer to see in the upcoming run more reality based stories, or the more fantastical bent that MC has been on the past couple of years? Myfeeling is that while MC's run has been very entertaining, and a good antidote to all that House of Infinite Crisis Ultimate shite crossover shite, the title needs to get back on the ground again, and give JC a chance to mingle in the 'real world' again. A la Ennis and Ellis. Lets look at this way, there's only so many demons I can take before I want to see JC talk smak to some idiot and then get pissed in the pub with Chas. Get some of the dirt and grit under JC's fingers agiain before he takes on the next mystical threat. What do you guys want to see? Dundgeons & Dragons or Ken Loach meets The Omen. Cgeers, CG
  13. CraigG

    Cover to #214

    Dammit, forgot to login.
  14. John - Will forward to my mate. Don't know about the promo pin. I can get you a 'film that can't be mentioned' BB cap) I was thinking more in the way of origional HB art. Will Simpson in particular. I know your are a huge fan (as is my mate) and he could probably help out.
  15. John, let me know what HB stuff your are looking for (rare stuff) and I know someone who might be able to help you out in that dept...
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