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  1. Watched Iron Man last thursday and again yesterday, what a great movie, had a blast watching it on both occasions. Everything looks and feels right , the armors, the fights, the girls, the humor, everything. Downey Jr. is just perfect as Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson puts the icing on the cake as Fury in the bit after the credits. Best superhero movie done so far in my book.
  2. "Wolverine" and the X-Men? what a shitty title for a cartoon featuring the X-Men. And hell yes! Cyclops should always be the leader!
  3. Some of this recommendations have been mentioned already, but anyhow... Star Wars Episode I: Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 shot, what happened from Obi's point of view, great character insight) Underworld, the scoundrels at their best! Tag & Bink are dead Shadows of the Empire The Jabba tape (1 shot) Thrawn's trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The last Command) Star Wars Tales #11, It includes a 6 page story by Ennis, plus Boba Fett (Don't get that character either, for me he was the wanker who "captured" Han) vs. Darth Vader, teen Leia and a little surprise story in the end. Star Wars Tales #16, four hilarious tales:"Best birthday Ever","The long bad day", "Kessel Run" and "Lunch break" Dark Empire, although the take on Han, Luke and Leia's characters doesn't feel as true to the movies as (for example) in Thrawn's saga , I'ts a great story and to this day I still think it's the darkest one. Legacy: Broken, simply put: Blew my mind! (although i'ts a no-brainer if the main character is an amalgam of Han, Luke, Boba/Jango Fett, young Obi-wan and Anakin). The Jedi look great and seem to be more powerful, Shado is one cool, arogant Twi'lek!
  4. This is great! Didn't think Cal had so many fans. An update from Tim Bradstreet would be fantastic, It'd give me the chance to post something my favorite artist would actually read.
  5. Read CRIMINAL MACABRE: A Cal McDonald Mystery. Now this is a great mini-series with a magnificent character as protagonist. I bet most of you know about Cal, I sure didn't and have to say Mr. McDonald made a great impression on me. Cal is a cynical, alcoholic, drug addict, chain-smoker, hard-boiled private detective who happens to attract the bizarre. If you like Constantine is a safe bet you'll like this guy too, he's that kind of anti-hero but with different methods when it comes to dealing with the supernatural. Read the book in the blink of an eye, right now getting the published material I'm missing featuring McDonald is my top priority (regarding comics of course). If Cal McDonald has been the subject of a previous forum please let me know, I’d like to share my views on the character with other readers.
  6. Never had given The Authority a chance, but I came across "Magnificent Kevin" and have to say that's one of the greatest things I've read in years. Kevin, as written by Ennis, is a politicaly incorrect unlucky bastard with a personality far more complex than he let's show. Love that character, gonna buy the other trades in which he's featured.
  7. who0410

    CYCLOPS Clubhouse

    Wikipedia's profile of Cyclops has been updated, you can check it out at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclops_%28comics%29 I'd forgotten what a cool treatment he was given in the animated series X-Men: Evolution.
  8. who0410

    CYCLOPS Clubhouse

    I agree with you, to this day I haven't met a person who at one time or another wasn't a Wolverine fan, he is a great character indeed. A lot of people began reading X-Men thanks to him and that may be one of the reasons why now Marvel sees him more as a selling device than as an actual character, these days he seems to appear in almost every book you open. Marvel should give him a whole "Wolverineverse" (not kidding) or something like that, in that way Wolverine fans would have more than enough Weapon-X material to enjoy and the remaining Marvel characters (or at least the ones in the X-titles) could get a chance to be further developed and play a larger part in their respective books.
  9. who0410

    CYCLOPS Clubhouse

    WOW! I never expected comments like the ones you have posted, they are truly honest, written with maturity and criteria and I completely simpathise with tem. For the first time I feel that I've found people with whom I can openly talk about my Cyke-addiction. Trace, Venkman, Mark, you've made this Cyclops freak happy. I thought it more than twice before posting this topic because for me it's a big deal having a character you love being judged by the member of "Voices from Beyond". That said I must confess that I've never considered Cyclops a one dimensional character, that's an interesting point there Trace. After reading the first 20 issues of X-Men (Lee/Kirby) I felt that while Scott wasn't quite the "action man", he had his fair share of spotlight. Grant Morrison was brilliant in his treatment of the team and did an outstanding job with Cyclops, but there have been other great moments before New X-Men and a few after. There is of course, and as already mentioned, the Claremont/Byrne era which was great, and I really enjoyed the way he was portrayed during the Age Of Apocalypse crossover. Then, during Seagles' run, specifically issues #356-357 while recovering from injuries in Alaska, Cyclops gathers the original team and talks about a new kind of dream, his vision of the dream, that was an interesting concept but with the change of writers it ended in oblivion. We saw a different kind of Cyclops, an edgier one, after merging with apocalypse and returning from dead. Uncanny X-Men #391 had him reunited with his father and featured very touching moments, this was followed by the "Eve of Destruction" arc where he shows his cocky side (Wolverine even thinks he's showing-off), my favorite issue of that story was X-Men #112. The aforementioned issues where all deliciously written by Lobdell. And finally there's "Ultimate X-Men", the only X-title I read on a monthly basis and where, in my opinion, Cyke is given the best treatment in ages, I highly recommend the "Return of the King" arc. I'm waiting until the 4 story arcs written by Whedon are out in paperback format to buy them but so far all I've heard are positive comments, especially regarding Cyclops. Can't wait until Ellis takes the reins, I have huge expectations about what he's going to do with Cyke.
  10. who0410

    CYCLOPS Clubhouse

    When asked about who's my favorite comic book character I always respond: "it's a tie, Cyclops and Constantine" and more often than not someone says "that's impossible, you must like one better than the other" or "how's that possible? they have nothing in common". Well, the truth is, I can't decide. I love both characters with the same fanboy passion regardless of the fact that they are complete opposites. The first member of the X-Men. The perfect leader. The embodiment of a dream, that of a peaceful coexistence between human and mutant. Cyclops may not be the most powerful or popular Marvel character but in my opinion he's the best one. I know a lot of people have grown tired of most (if not all) of the X-titles and I can't blame them, I stopped reading most of them too. It's a fact that the best days of the mutant team are far gone but, if one or more of the aforementioned titles feature good old one-eye, I'm more than willing to spend my hard earned money on them. Cyclops is a very complex character, a stoic hero, the man that carries the future of mutantkind on his shoulders because he knows that if he stops fighting for his beliefs then all hope for his kind is lost. I wanted to share my feelings towards Cyclops with the member of Voices from beyond not only to make a statement about how fond of him I am and the reasons why or to find out if there are other Cyclops fans in here but to get some honest comments about the character from an intelligent and objective crowd.
  11. "Devils and deaths" is not only my favourite chapter in the Grendel saga but, in my humble opinion, one of the most brilliant comic book stories ever written. Goran is a great character, one hell of a Grendel, as interesting and complex as Hunter Rose and Grendel Prime.
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