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  1. Joseph Gilgun is probably the most down to earth, unpretentious "celebrity" you'll ever meet. His Cassidy is more action-man than the comic version but I think he'll wind up being the breakout star of the show. Although on a personal level as his celebrity grows he may want to be more careful about whom he buys his drugs from.
  2. It differs widely from the comic. Honestly I was never a huge Preacher fan and it's been at least a decade since I looked at a Preacher comic but I remember the first dozen issues pretty well. The script opens with a mysterious force flying through space and trying to inhabit a Preacer in Nairobi who then explodes. This force spends the whole episode trying to inhabit various religious figures (there's a joke about Tom Cruise exploding at a Scientology meeting) while being hunted by two characters named DeBlanc and Fiore. Jesse doesn't get inhabited until towards the end of the episode and his first use of "The Word Of God" is to tell one of his congregation to "tell the truth and open his heart" to his mother. Of course there's then a scene where the guy rips out his own heart in front of his mother. Both Cassidy and Tulip are introduced with people trying to kill them. Cassidy on a plane by Vampire hunters and Tulip by cartel gangsters in Kansas. There are scenes all over the world but most of the action is set in Annville, Texas.
  3. Hey I haven't posted here in a while but I recently came in possession of a script for the Preacher pilot. It's currently being filmed in Albuquerque, NM and through my job I come into contact with some of the actors. I don't want to get myself or anyone in trouble so I'll leave it there. Anyway I don't want this to become a big deal so I came here because: a) Only like 10 people actually come to this site. b) The people who do post here are actual comic book fans. c) The people here aren't afraid to get on their high horse and berate me if they think I'm doing something dodgy. I'll answer any questions about the script or I'll fuck off if that's the general consensus but I will say that based on the script alone fans who wanted a straight retelling of the comic will be disappointed. I'm not going to get into a flame war or PM a bunch of people so let me know what you want.
  4. Is this really surprising news...Hellblazer has been slowly dying for years and this is the perfect time to end it. I've been reading it since 1988, over half of my life but I'm actually relieved it's now over. Funny once I hit my mid/late 30s (the age John Constantine was when Hellblazer began) the character didn't feel as real to me and about midway through the Denise Mina era the title didn't excite me as much as it once did. I've still bought every issue even though I can barely remember a thing about Andy Diggle's insanely boring run and the Peter Milligan stuff is at least interesting although it's not the John Constantine of my youth. So as old timer I'm content to let the character move on with its life and I'll move on with mine. I won't hang around and talk about the good old days of Delano and Ennis. I won't be burning comics in an alley or making angry posts on-line about how DC owes me for over 20 years of me buying their comics. I realize that all fictional characters must evolve or die whether I like it or not. I could be like one of those Ian Fleming fans in 1964 who complained that the movies were ruining the James Bond novels or those old Doctor Who fans who complain that the new series is doesn't look cheap enough. So I'm perfectly happy to have John Constantine do his thing in the DC Universe. I like the idea of the Justice Leage Dark even if I may not always enjoy actual content but frankly at this point having a John Constantine who is flying the House of Mystery with Frankenstein and a magic troll or whatever is more interesting and a fresher take on the character than another run around with a demon serial killer in a London backstreet. So goodbye Hellblazer. You were my favorite thing for many years but eventually there's always going to be one last cigarette.
  5. Best single issue HB story since (but not quite as good as) Ellis' Telling Tales. It even got me to bother posting here again. More stuff like this please....
  6. I always liked the 'Laughing Magician' moniker but I can't remember it ever being used since the first issue. It bring back a potential Constantine trait which doesn't take eveything so seriously that seemed to be traded in for the ole misery-guts Constantine we now know and love.
  7. I haven't really been excited about Hellblazer recently but the last few solicts sound like Mr. Diggle is at last trying to bring something new to the 20-year-old title. However that cover by Glen Fabry is sooo 90s.
  8. HELLBLAZER #240 Written by Andy Diggle Art by Leonardo Manco Cover by Glenn Fabry Vertigo’s flagship title reaches its 20th anniversary issue with “The Laughing Magician,” Part 1 of 3! The streetwise, chain-smoking con-magician John Constantine finds himself in receipt of a most perplexing birthday gift: a memory wrapped up in a warning. As Constantine tries to figure out what it means, the brutal African war-mage known as Mako hits London — and he’s taking no prisoners... On sale January 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS
  9. Aleister Crowley from the Jenkins era. If you're going to use a historical character in a piece of fiction, at least try to make him resemble his real-life alter-ego.
  10. andy

    SDCC 07

    I heard this year's SDCC was the biggest yet which makes me kind of glad I skipped it this year. After a while it becomes more about fighting the crowds than anything else. Although apart from hearing about all the new Vertigo titles that nobody will read, I miss the seeing all the costumes and the revelery.
  11. I'm assumng that the supposed Ian Rankin Hellblazer OGN is another of the specials slated for 2008 although I would have thought we'd have heard more about this by now. Nice to see Jamie Delano back with Constantine although I'm not as excited by this as I think I should be. I'll wait and see if Delano can bring something new to Constantine as this point.
  12. I went down to my local bookshop with intentions on purchasing Crooked Little Vein but after seeing the slight size of the book and how large the print was I decided that 20+ dollars was too much for what looks to be a jumped up novella. I'll wait for the paperback or the library if I even care in a few months.
  13. He started off as a thirtysomething. :) Yeah that's the ironic bit...Being "thirty-five-years-old and shot to hell" in real life doesn't have the feel of living on the edge as much as it feels like being a bit pathetic. Since John Constantine ages in real-time somewhat I want him to grow as a human being but then as a character with his own monthly comic book I expect a certain amount of the same old violence and bad craziness. I suppose that's the tightrope each new writer has--how to keep Constantine relevant and fresh without alienating the old fans but still not just telling the same old story over and over agin with different window dressing.
  14. I've been reading Hellblazer regularly since I picked up a copy on a whim in a London comic shop in 1988 and immediatly loved it. Now frankly I purchase it out of habit and it's the only comic I'm curently buying. I used to look forward to the end of the month when a new issue would come out and now I can barely remember to pick it up on the day it's released. This is not about the quality of the current team (I re-read Andy Diggle's first three issues in one go yesterday and enjoyed them much more concurrently than in the usual monthly spurts). I think that I related to John Constantine much more as an alienated 18-year-old than I do as a thirtysomething with no family and a crappy job. Perhaps it's just that being angry at the world and wallowing in cynicism starts to get old after a while and I've been trying to view the world in a much more positive light which frankly is much harder than the easy route of being constanly miserable. But I will still be buying Hellblazer in the foreseeable future even though I do think that Constantine as a character is becoming a bit redundant. However I have enough trust in the Diggle/Manco team at the moment that they'll try to do something interesting with the book. It seems to be moving in the right direction.
  15. I found both books to be interesting enough but nothing spectacular. I give props to John Shirley for trying to place Constantine in different situations. The first novel is a supernatural action thriller and the second one more dark fantasy. I don't believe either one sold well enough to warrant and further novels though.
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