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  1. Constantine, New 52 to Present

    This is extremely helpful. THANK YOU!
  2. Constantine, New 52 to Present

    John! Hey, how's it going? I'm still kicking around. :)
  3. Constantine, New 52 to Present

    Thanks! I completely forgot about that site, which I used to find extremely useful. :)
  4. Constantine, New 52 to Present

    Hi, folks, Some of you might remember me from years back. I used to post here regularly and also used to run a website called Roots of the Swamp Thing. I took that site down long ago and stopped reading Swamp Thing and John Constantine comics, but I've decided to get back into them again. Does anyone here have a complete list they could share with me of all Constantine-related appearances since the start of the New 52? If so, I'd very much appreciate it, as my reading these stories will also double as research for a book I'm writing. Thanks in advance. :) --Rich Handley (info@hassleinbooks.com)
  5. Revisitations 5: The Brian Azzarello Affair (2000-2002)

    Azzarello's run started out so promising, with John in prison. I was immediately intrigued. However, as the storyline progressed, it quickly fell apart. After that opening story arc, it soon became apparent that Azzarello simply didn't understand the character or the series, as John was reduced to a grinning bastard who brought bad luck from town to town, and never seemed to give a crap about anyone. In every way, that was not John. The final several story arcs were very weak, and by the time John shagged a dog, I decided I wasn't even reading Hellblazer anymore. The series had nowhere to go but up after he left. I was so glad when Mike Carey arrived.
  6. Ellis' run did nothing for me, though he DID create some good characters that Carey used to much better effect. "Shoot" was his best story, in my opinion, but even that one was ill-conceived and had a message that, at best, made no sense and, at worst, was rather offensive. Each time I re-read Hellblazer, I find myself thinking "Meh" to his run. "Love Street," as well as the other Sandman/Constantine spinoff, "Marquee Moon," I quite enjoyed, but "Trenchcoat Brigade" was just AWFUL. Despite being a sequel to Gaiman's "Books of Magic" and Len Wein's "Swamp Thing" run, it was badly written, weakly drawn and boring--in every way inferior to both of its progenitors. Darko Macan's two-parter, on the other hand, was great, I thought--moody, thoughtful and not overplayed, which is just what the story needed.
  7. Revisitations 5: The Brian Azzarello Affair (2000-2002)

    A sloth with herpes would do a better job than Milligan.
  8. Constantine #1

    So apparently, sales on Constantine #1 tanked: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/03/28/comixology-all-over-the-world-hellblazing-a-trail/
  9. Hellblazer #51

    Ade, I am very glad you exist.
  10. William Marshall... Hellblaxer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_H._Marshall
  11. For only $250, you can get a digital collection of the entire Hellblazer run. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/03/22/dc-puts-all-three-hundred-copies-of-hellblazer-on-comixology-for-99-cents-each-first-issue-free/ The article incorrectly states that there were 300 issues of Hellblazer. As we all know, the series ended at #250.
  12. So long, John Constantine, we'll miss you

    LOL I miss Constantine, too... but since it's been five years since the last issue of Hellblazer (#250), I've had time to get past the pain of separation.
  13. So long, John Constantine, we'll miss you

    I completely get where you're coming from, Christian, and you're right, Star Trek never reached anything close to #300 in its numbering, as Hellblazer did. That said, in one form or another, new Star Trek comics have been continuously published during 41 of the past 46 years (the only exceptions, for those curious, being 1999 and 2002 to 2005, when no new issues appeared). * Gold Key: 61 issues * Peter Pan: 6 issues * DC TOS series #1: 63 issues * DC TOS series #2: 96 issues * DC ST:TNG series: 111 issues * Malibu DS9 series: 51 issues * Marvel 1980s series: 18 issues * Marvel 1990s series: 109 issues * Wildstorm: 27 issues * Tokypop: 4 manga digests * Wired Magazine: 1 issue * IDW: 170 issues to date * British strips in Joe90, TV21 and Valiant magazines: 257 issues TOTAL: 980 to date So anyway... HELLBLAZER!
  14. So long, John Constantine, we'll miss you

    I have all 300 issues of Hellblazer, plus every special and miniseries. But I also have every issue of Star Trek to date, which is around 900 issues, so that kicks HB's ass in my collection. :)