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  1. same here, i thought the artworks were cool. even downloaded the wallpaper version while waiting for the release of the game. of course, the actual game turned out to be a total performance hog that i stopped playing two hours into the game.
  2. There's a small initial on the bottom right of the art, I don't think it's the IGN watermark logo. This art can also be viewed from the Vertigo site, look for the "Vertigo looks over the edge at Comic-Con International!" news header. It is of much lower resolution though. I'm off to check out your sketches then.
  3. I found this sweet lil artwork from the IGN Comics site. Could this be a possible cover art or just some random artwork? Edit by John Mc - art is by Greg Lauren who will be doing Hellblazer covers for at least a few issues after Tim finishes up. Disussion on Greg's art can be found here
  4. actually, the gum bit is still there...
  5. 1 - (extended scene) Chas sent John back to his apartment after the first exorcism, the conversation continues as they walked into the bowling alley. 2 - slight variation to the bug-demon (outside petrol station) sequence. 3 - a "come into the light, i command thee" sequence during Beeman's death that was shown in the movie trailer (was probably deleted so as not to lessen the impact of forcing Gabriel into view). 4 - John and Ellie's conversation right after sex. 5 - Ellie in the Holy Water sprinkler scene, she replaces the anonymous female in the theatrical version. the alternate ending is basically pushing the Angel Chas sequence from the end credit to replace the John/Angela rooftop sequence. there's more but i can't recall the rest of them as i'm typing this off based on my memory.
  6. Issue #41 "Dangerous Habits, Part One". But it is not included in the R3 edition.
  7. I agree with John on it being a bad choice, but Kinokuniya is a great store (well, the one in Singapore is anyway, I don't know if that is the one you mean or if it's a chain of stores). I've never seen that many Manga in any single store. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hahaha... guess I should've seen that coming. that copy of Tainted Love was the reprint edition (with the updated logo and spine design and all), i'll just have to get it at another time. yeah, the one I went to is the Malaysia branch, and yes, the number of Mangas AND TPBs there are insane! now THAT's one place I wouldn't mind being trapped in for the entire night :D
  8. I can't believe I haven't even opened mine yet...
  9. I was supposed to be getting the Tainted Love TPB from Kinokuniya, but ended up getting THIS after spotting the ad on a film mag. It seems that the R3 edition is out a whole month earlier than the US version. The special features on Disc 2 look identical to the one listed on the R1 DVD. The cover art for this 2-disc set edition is taken from the US single disc edition (no idea why). Also, there's no free comic book for this R3 edition as well (not that I mind).
  10. They are from issue 86, Eddie Campbell's the writer and the art is done by Sean Phillips. If only they would collect the issues from his (looooong...) run in TPB form... :glare:
  11. Finally got my replacement copy from the store. The fact that I'm in love with the cover art made the wait much more excruciating...
  12. I thought it was time to show myself after weeks of lurking in the forum for TPB and monthly titles info.
  13. Yeah, it's pretty distracting, plus it bends the issue a little. Guess I'll be returning it tomorrow. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. I just collected issue 206 from my local comic bookstore. While turning through the pages, I noticed that two pages starting from the Empire Earth II advert had overlapped to the other side of the issue by half an inch or so. Should I exchanged this "faulty" issue to a new one? Or keep it because it may be valuable someday ?
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