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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    He seems to be following the Hellboy model of separate connected minis. That Dr Frankenstein book should have just been the next issue of Black Hammer.

    I dont know how well the show follows the comic, as i have never actually read it. But the first episode of this show was great. Super trippy in a good way.
  3. Other comics we read recently

    Gudeon Falls was strong again this week, though I'm less interested in the story of the collector than that of the priest.
  4. DC Comics

    This sort of thing is what I was thinking of when I suggested a High School art teacher. I had a bunch of old Boys Lifes I unloaded that way.
  5. DC Comics

    Oh man, the recycle bin. Maybe give them to the library or a HS art teacher or something.
  6. The Hellblazer #16

    Well, these two issues were a huge step back. after Seeley's issues that almost felt like proper Hellblazer, we have returned to the middling stories of Famous Magician Nu52 John and a quest for a magic gun.
  7. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    But let's be honest, the hunt is the best part of collecting comics. So that shouldn't be a deterrent for someone.
  8. The Hellblazer # 15

    Well, this arc ended on a whimper. It's unfortunate, because i really enjoyed the first two issues. As as already been stated, the addition of a JLA featuring Swamp Thing was just silly. I also, am still not down with John having Magick Blasts or whatever was going on with that, but that bit was all a dream, i guess. I did like dropping thru a corpse into the land of Dwarves.
  9. The Hellblazer # 14

    Another good issue, I liked the idea of places having memories and how it was used in the issue. Looking forward to 15
  10. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    I read 13 last night and it was a marked improvement over 12. This felt like proper John. If not for the young face, I would have thought this was the older Vertigo John. It almost felt like his scars were drawn but not inked in a few panels, but that may have been my old eyes but going on me. I'll read 14 tonight probably.
  11. The Hellblazer #11 & 12

    Well, I finally got around to reading it last night and I've already forgotten what happened in it. I've got a big stack of these that have built up, so maybe I'll try to burn thru 1 a night.
  12. Not a hoax

    Yeah, the flat Supes logo isnt helping. Its like he is opening up his shirt and revealing a wall.
  13. Not a hoax

    It's the head, the head is too big, maybe?
  14. DC Comics

    Damned seems like an opportunity to bring back the proper Vertigo Constantine, at least.
  15. Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    Nice. I was thinking about sitting this one out, but you've talked me into it.
  16. DC Comics

    Ah dammit, that one was in my pull list but i put it back on the shelf
  17. Image Comics

    Not even that FF book he did a few years ago? The one where Reed and the gang are off somewhere so they leave Antman in charge of the kids? Maybe it was the art by Alred, but I loved that book.
  18. So it took until season 3 but it looks like it's happening this year. More live action John is a good thing.
  19. Hellboy/B.P.R.D. thread

    As much as I like them, I have always felt there was something off with the tone of the Hellboy movies.
  20. Declare a love for something

    That show was really good, it's a shame he "retired".
  21. DC Comics

    Just when I thought I was done with comics, they pull me back in. I'll read this Terrifics book.
  22. The Hellblazer #11 & 12

    I accidentally bought issue 12, I'll let you know how I feel about it in a Month or so when I get around to reading it.
  23. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    It's never going to make the Best Of lists, but I am reading Dan Simmons A Winter Haunting at the mo. I feel like it was over sold, or maybe it's just that I am tempid is about Simmons in the first place.
  24. What's going on with you?

    Lame! When/where can we find this alleged interview.