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  1. Map, for certain, though I'd rather it stick to a couple of issues rather than the standard five or six (I don't much care of excessive decompression for the sake of trade bundling). Actually, something that might be better would be a quarterly or bi-annual special, featuring a different character of Hellblazer mythos for a stand-alone tale. I'd buy something like Hellblazer: The Snob. Or even one about whatever happened to Richie Simpson could be good.
  2. Never read Exterminators, but I'm willing to give Oliver a chance. If he's good, that's fantastic. If he's awful, well ... I'm sure I've suffered through at least one run on the book that is worse. I don't know if it's just silly nostalgia, but I would like to see a run more in the vein of Paul Jenkins, a John Constantine who actually lives somewhere and knows people who don't just want him dead. I liked that about Paul's stint: his take on the character seemed to be the logical transition from his roots. But good luck to Simon Oliver, whatever direction he may take the book.
  3. Donnie Van


    Cerebus definitely had some weak points during the final third of the series. Well, "weak" probably isn't the right word. "Off-putting" might work better. But yeah, I was also glad I took the time and energy to get through the entire series. Even at the points where people said Sim was just off his rocker, I found a lot of worthwhile things still there. And at parts where he maybe got a bit too preachy or pushy with his views, I took them just as that - one man's viewpoint, which I may not agree with, but still find interesting in their own right. It is too bad the entire series couldn't have progressed in the vein of High Society and Church & State, but it's probably an unreal expectation to want that across the span of 6,000 pages and twenty-seven years. But hey, if nothing else, at least the artwork only continued to get better as the years went on. Nobody really gives Dave Sim his dues as a fantastic artist and letterer. And Gerhard's backgrounds also deserve as much praise as possible. I wish they were still doing art duties together on something.
  4. Donnie Van


    I actually liked most of the Latter Days trade :(
  5. Hahaha! I fucking love it! Thanks for the laugh, Christian. I needed that :D
  6. I think I'd rather see a bit of a revolving door creative staff for a bit before the title settles down with another full-time writer. The prospect of being able to tell a one-, two-, or three-issue Hellblazer story without a regular commitment to the title might bring in some writers who would otherwise not bother with it. See if Paul Jenkins and Grant Morrison have any sort of Hellblazer stories left untold they'd like to get out of their system. Maybe try to find someone like China Mieville for a story (someone said something about 'proper' authors, right?). But then yes, after that, Spencer would be my top pick as well.
  7. Donnie Van

    A New Writer

    Miller's style definitely isn't something that fits Hellblazer. Though I wouldn't mind seeing his take on the character, in maybe a short story as part of an anthology or something. Actually, I think my (most realistic) would be Si Spencer, for reasons already mentioned. (Is that a male or female name, btw? I've never heard it before.)
  8. A friend of mine e-mailed me the link a bit ago. The more I read about Morrison, the more he really does fascinate me.
  9. Donnie Van

    Swamp Thing

    Actually, I would have to agree with everything Christian said, particularly the Collins hate.
  10. Right, right. Nukeface happened and THEN John showed his manipulative face 'round Swampy's parts. It's been too long since I read Swamp Thing :(
  11. "Ultraviolent rays" ... hehe ... Sorry. Cheap shot, I know :p
  12. Be careful where you swim? :p The Nukeface seemed to be a commentary on pollution and environmental destruction.
  13. I didn't mind it. DeMatteis expanded on some things I'd always wondered about (like if alien cultures had their own "Spectre"). Though I think the last issue I got was #16 or so.
  14. And on top of that, the story was pretty awful as well (aside from a few cool "character moments"). Though if you've really got your heart set on it, your best bet would be eBay.
  15. Doesn't burning down a forest to plant a few trees seem a bit extreme? Like Dave implied, it's not so much the Death of Ted Kord that bothers me (even though it does) .... it's what his death represents.
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