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  1. I also like that it apparently became one of John's standard stories, as referenced later by Mike Carey.
  2. He even had a chance in the Neil Gaiman story.
  3. And here I thought I was Mr. Clever when I thought of this topic. I did a search, but if it was discussed in a section other than "Hellblazer" I guess I missed it.
  4. An in-continuity explanation as to why John stopped living on the same planet as all the superheros. I know, I'm the only one who actually cares...
  5. ...does Papa Midnite get to die, or whatever the deal in his mini-series was?
  6. Actually, a comic shop just opened not too far from me that had everything I was missing (except #51). But thanks!
  7. Sweet. I'll find my list and let you know which ones we need. Then we can haggle via email.
  8. So, coming to the conclusion that DC will never bother to collect them in trade, I started gathering all the Jenkins issues of Hellblazer. I've cleared out my local comic shops as well as Mile High Comics. I figure the Atlanta Comic Convention last weekend would be a good place to fill in the gaps. How wrong I was. It's almost as though those years don't exist. Maybe one or two dealers had a couple of issues (that I already had), but for the most part it's like the series jumps from Delano (somebody was selling #1 for a buck!) to Ennis to Ellis. Has anybody else noticed this same problem?
  9. I'd never read any of these stories 'til I got this book. Mourning of the Magician is awesome.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing once I saw the cover. Does this mean John's ditching his Swamp Thing-era look? That's comics for ya.
  11. I think they should introduce John Palomine: Horseblazer next time they do a Captain Carrot series.
  12. I know, Corben's been drawing comics for something like 40 years and he STILL can't figure out head/body proportion.
  13. I recently re-read all the trades, and I put it between "Stations of the Cross" and "Reasons To Be Cheerful". It worked OK-ish, but not perfectly by any means.
  14. Yes, the mostly-shaved head is definitely an improvement over her earlier skunk-do....
  15. Yeah, it doesn't seem very in character for John. It was kind of like: John: Standing stones have a lot of good magic in them. Zed: No! Standing stones are evil male energy! John: Well, I stand corrected. You females sure are super!
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