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  1. Yes, but fake or not it's still a good concept.
  2. The book does have that over-simplistic view and language use (it's a book for young readers after all), but the wacky characters did make up for it. The artwork is the best I've seen in such a book to date.
  3. I find it shocking that John does not have ebooks. :icon_wink:
  4. Ah, minor misunderstanding. Doesn't make me like them less.
  5. Has anyone seen the new posters? If I understood correctly, they are adapted from the comic book covers.
  6. I've read "All His Engines". I enjoyed it, but it doesn't change the fact that it's the worst value for money when it comes to story length.
  7. Potential sucky movie or not, no one can deny that most costumes look good. My favourites costumes are of Rorschach and Doctor Manhattan. Nite Owl doesn't look too bad.
  8. I should be doing that until the 25th. That's when it will arrive in Malta. Must. Resist. Spoilers.
  9. I don't suppose bullshitting can be called a 'power', can it?
  10. ivanxuereb


    It's called pump action. :P
  11. Gotta laugh the ass/crotch jumps though.
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