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  1. Because there's actually a long weekend where I have time off school in May, I absolutely vote for that one. I would be able to come with, and meet people from the forum, since I seem to always be the one who misses out when, on a rare occasion, someone visits Oslo.
  2. I want the outtake where they give in to their obvious attraction and just kiss already!
  3. It's an awful costume, and looks cheap, uncomfortable and impractical. It looks about a size too small for one thing, and like the seams might split if Diana actually fought someone. I'm not a big fan of the Photoshop one either, but it's a lot better.
  4. I discovered Sandman when I was 15 or 16, I don't actually remember exactly. What I do remember is what a revelation it was to me, and how completely different it was from anything else I'd read up until that point. I was absolutely one of those girls who had their lives changed by Neil Gaiman, and his work, and at the same time, I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer religiously, but also read a lot of other stuff - like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice and all sorts of other accepted "worthy" literature. I have now read all four Twilight books, and seen the three movies so far. I read a whole load of paranormal fantasy and love romance novels. I watch Gossip Girl occasionally. I do watch The Vampire Diaries and Nikita, both CW shows, every week. I also teach teenagers English and Norwegian. I also read Margaret Atwood, John Irving, Salman Rushdie, Michael Chabon and Tolkien. Teenage girls are complex creatures, most of the girls I teach who have read and like Twilight also possess critical faculties and can tell mindless entertainment from true quality. I would also like to point out that L.J. Smith started writing her Vampire Diaries series almost a decade before Stephenie Meyer wrote about sparkly fluffy vampires and the benefits of chastity in Twilight. Same with Charlaine Harris and her Sookie Stackhouse books. Only now have both series been turned into really popular TV shows, thanks to the Twilight craze. Both have very different vampires and supernatural worlds from Meyer's books, there just wasn't as big a market for it before. So to lump anyone who writes about vampires in with Stephenie Meyer, or her many, often scary, fans, is unfair.
  5. Malin


    You should definitely watch it, Avaunt, it's really very good, and has stood the test of time as a very successful modernization of a classical piece of literature. I'd also like to step in and ask that that the movie version of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief be kept completely separate from the books by Rick Riordan. The books, which I've read, actually do very clever things with the Greek myths, and I suspect may help to get a new generation of kids interested in the original stories the author has used in his books. The film, which I've not seen, is supposed to be a dreadful adaptation, which has very little to do with the source material.
  6. Mark kept nagging me to read Hitman for the longest time, and I kept being reluctant, because I really did not think it sounded very interesting, or even vaguely my thing. And if he hadn't kept telling me that it got better, I would probably have stopped after the first few issues, and I would have missed out on one of the best comics I've read. He was totally right about me loving it (apart from that SAS story - Garth Ennis clearly finds the armed forces more fascinating than I do - seriously, it was bobbins). It made me laugh, it made me cry (a LOT), it changed my life.
  7. Malin

    Hellblazer #253

    I haven't really been bothered with Hellblazer for ages until this arc, which I've found enjoyable. I really like the art, as well. If this keeps up, I may actually continue reading it on a monthly basis.
  8. Malin

    The webcomics thread

    For those who can't figure out the gist of the final panel:
  9. Dude, straight women can love Catwoman too. She's awesome. I'd really like to see Nolan's take on her if they make another sequel, but I really hope all the rumours about Angelina Jolie having been approached about it are very untrue.
  10. Mark and I have watched the film twice now, and I'm still having trouble formulating my thoughts about it properly. It's an excellent film, it really is. It's probably Nolan's best film yet (not that he's made that many). It's just that I'd waited for this film for so long, and my expectations were so ridiculously high. I really wanted to love it with all my heart. It's well scripted, most of the characters are complex and incredibly well rounded. The fight sequences are much better shot and choreographed than in Batman Begins. But when I came out of the cinema, having seen Batman Begins, I was happy and excited, and filled with a sort of euphoria. When I came out of the cinema having seen The Dark Knight I felt like someone had battered me over the head with something. It's an awesome film. But it's so unrelentingly grim, all the way through, there is no balance of darkness and light like there was in Batman Begins, there's just darkness - from beginning to end. It's too long, although I'd be hard pressed to say exactly what they should have cut, although having watched it twice, they definitely could have trimmed the Hong Kong sequence quite a bit. Generally the ensemble cast is superb, all the male characters are complex and the actors do their jobs brilliantly - Heath Ledger being an obvious stand-out, but the others are excellent too. Only the girl gets short shrift. Rachel Dawes did not have much to do in the previous movie. Here she was included for the men to fight over, . She's not actually given any complexity or depth, she's just there to allow the male characters to show more of their emotions, and further their character development. Looking through Nolan's filmography, he doesn't really seem bothered about writing about women. His films are very male-centric. I hope that if he does make a sequel to The Dark Knight, he brings in either Catwoman or Thalia al Ghul, who are both strong and independent women, and who can face Batman in their own right, not just to be the "girl".
  11. It doesn't open in Norway until the 25th of July. And I can't watch it until the 28th at the earliest, as one of my close friends is getting married that weekend, and would probably be a bit miffed if I chose to go to the cinema to see Batman rather than to her wedding. But on Monday the 28th, I will see it. Oh yes, I will.
  12. Malin


    All these panels are good, but you are all wrong. THIS is the GREATEST. PANEL. EVER.
  13. It was out here in Oslo on Wednesday. Mark and I went to see it. It wasn't bad. Robert Downey Jr. was a lot of fun, and unsurprisingly very good. I didn't want to punch Gwyneth Paltrow in every scene she was in (that's my way of saying her performance could have been a lot worse). It was a decent origin story, and I suspect the sequel will be even better.
  14. Thanks for adding me to your friends list.


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