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  1. I went with 8, mostly due to the continued dovetailing of the past/present stories. I liked Anita's appearance, too, and the reveal at the end. I had high hopes for Mina, and so far she's delivered.
  2. Just read it in my insomniacal state, and I liked it. Some of the dialogue was a bit clunky, but not to the point of distraction. A good opening, with a promise of goodness to come.
  3. I stand corrected. What can I say? It's been a while. I said I was gonna go back and read it, get off my back!
  4. You lost me a little bit, but she wanted her Lucifer to be as she enjoyed it in his comic. I believe Lou is in Dangerous Habits. Isn't that who John visits at the club? Gotta go read it again. I have no idea if I answered your question, as I have no clue what you were asking me. Does any of this make sense?
  5. Man, I hope this comes to pass. I'm really loving the art that's been done so far. Good work, people!
  6. Yeah, I tried to tell her, but she would have none of that. What can I say? She's a fangirl now...
  7. If it is, I'm wrong too. This is scary because I just watched the movie for the first time with my girlfriend and her sister, and the GF complained more bitterly than I. When it was over, I just handed her the Dangerous Habits trade and got out of the way. She's a big Lucifer fan, and HATED his portrayal in the movie. She's been struggling with getting into HB since there's so much of it, but loves him from Swamp Thing, so the gears are in motion! Who knew a relatively crappy movie could unite my GF with Conjob?
  8. For some reason, I read this whole thread.... BASTARDS!!!!!!! Er, I mean.... BSTRDS!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm a sap, I gave it a 10. I seriously loved this issue, though. I had no problem with Manco's art, and the "Hellblazer's" quote brought a smile to my face. I'm sorry to see Carey go, but he got a lot out of John, and left Mina with a pretty blank slate. I like the ghosts. They're not terribly obtrusive, and, as someone said, they're a decent metaphor for John's guilt. If they popped up all the time it'd get old, but as it now stands I'm down.
  10. Well, I guess I liked it more than most. The thought of Cheryl's soul being in John seems downright perverse. And the cell phone bit didn't bug me too much. Hell, it's the 21st century. Let the kids do it their way. That being said, if they had used text messaging, I might have puked.
  11. sonichellboy

    Desolation Jones

    You got me with that one. Actually laughed out loud. I liked Jones well enough, and the art is great, so I'm in. I'm willing to give Ellis a chance on about anything....actually, scratch 'about'. And where I wrote 'a chance"? That means I'll buy the entire run. So, I bought it, liked it, and will be buying it until it is done. Likewise Jack Cross. K, I'm beat and have no business typing!
  12. The sentimental side of me says Kit, but the 'If I was forty-ish and a bit randy' side of me says "good God, Angie!". Rogan, you beat me to the Gemma, you tart!
  13. I really liked this one, I did. Lotsa things happening, and the big reveal at the end has me on pins and needles already. I've really enjoyed Carey's run, and it looks like he has some bang-up shit coming in the near future. And then he goes... Whoever said that it looks like he's tying up all the loose ends in time for Ms. Mina's arrival, I have to agree. A lot of the floating questions are being resolved, and the plate looks to be clear by the end of the run. I'll miss Carey, though. I got back in to HB in the middle of Azz's run (having missed most everything since Ennis left), and Carey was a breath of fresh air to me. Damn coffee makes it hard to type....
  14. I'm just picking this up out of habit now. I knew John would show up, but I can't see the point of it, or this mini for that matter. Updating Midnight isn't a bad idea per se, but all the fudging about with his origin has left me cold. Maybe if I see the movie it'll make more sense, but I doubt it.
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