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  1. I somehow got the feeling that Gaz wasn't going to hell in the show when Manny was sitting there with John waiting for the end. Like Manny was gonna take him.. I didn't give a damn about comic book Lester, but I felt genuinely sorry for tv Gaz. Frankly, I'd be kinda pissed if they let TV Gaz go to hell after that. BEST EPISODE YET! I actually teared up a little.
  2. Was surprised that Papa Midnite was missing. Still great episode. And the death of Gary Lester was way more emotional. Like John is thinking,"I know I'm a shit, forgive me Gaz." I had more sympathy for Lester this time around than in the comic. He knew he was a loser and a fuckup but he was gonna make up for through this one final act. It actually makes John less heroic and Lester more so. Also surprised that the ghost crew hasn't shown up to torment John for Newcastle.
  3. I always saw John as a Nick Cave fan. If nothing else he listened to the Birthday Party.
  4. Was the Mucous Membrane Poster ever available for sale? I would love to have that poster on my wall.
  5. What Hellblazer posters have been released thus far? (Not counting the Constantine move posters) And where would be the best place to find them? JKhristian
  6. I would have to go with Sean Bean or an unknown. I'd go with Sting if I though he would do it. The idea of Clive Owen as Chas is a really good one. I used to think Vinnie Jones but I dont think he could pull off the family man/loyal friend aspect of Chas. Who should play Kit or Brendan? Or the First of the Fallen?
  7. I think any movie can be done and done well. It just has to be made by people who really care about the source material. I was an Uber-Tolkien fan and I thought LOTR was going to suck, that it was unfilmable. And I thought they nailed it. Sure I had some quibbles, Frodo not fighting, Arwen instead of Glorfindel and the Army of the Dead at Pelennor. But it was still amazing. I was probably one of the toughest critics you could have for those films and I thought they nailed it. I think Sandman is much the same way. It just has to be made with love. Although some of these books may be better suited for something like an HBO miniseries than cinema.
  8. Ya know. Steve McQueen would have made a great American John Constantine. He was blonde and looked good in trenchcoats. But it never wouldve worked Mcqueen would have insisted on keeping the story British, and we all know Hollywood cant have that!
  9. 1. Hellblazer 2. 300 3. The Dark Knight Returns 4. Sandman: Master of Dreams 5. Lucifer 6. The Books of Magic (Tim Hunter can kick that Potter kids ass!) 7. Swamp Thing 8. Transmetropolitan 9. Death: The High Cost of Living and this might sound crazy but 10. Captain America (would have to take place entirely during World War II to work) any other ideas?
  10. The Things Rubber suit and Doom's plastic looking armor turned me off from the beginning. Why cant people understand you have to treat the story seriously for it to work! I would have gone for Galactus and had a whole end of the world/Revelations theme ala Alex Ross' Marvels.
  11. 300 needs to be made! But they can't make it cause I want to!
  12. Best Comic Movies In no particular order Superman: The Movie I love all the Superman movies because of Cristopher Reeve although 3 and 4 are pretty bad. I love the Smallville stuff in 3 though and the Clark Kent vs. Superman fight. I love 2 but I think Richard Lester really did the film an injustice. The scenes that Richard Donner shot for Supes 2 were brilliant and much more in keeping with the first film and much more loyal to the comics. Donner's Superman 1 was a masterpiece. Spiderman 1 and 2. You put Sam "Evil Dead" Raimi and Spidey together and you cant lose. The Crow. Once again. Like Chris Reeve you couldnt have found a better Eric Draven than Brandon Lee. Batman Tim Burtons Batman was excellent. The only reason I dont have Batman Begins in this list is I wish they had stuck a little closer to Batman: Year One. But it was excellent too. Road to Perdition. What can I say? Excellent. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Probably the best Batman Film ever made. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Really good too. Sin City It was like watching the comics come to life. Hellboy Very loyal to the books. Great but Flawed Comic Book Movies Daredevil Original cut was very poor but the Director's Cut improves the film immensely. Still not spot on but pretty good in its original uncut form. X-Men Really great but not perfect. I believe this is mostly because Fox did not let Bryan Singer have full control and cut his production time in half. His original vision would have been awesome with much more character development and a story with a little more room to breathe. It looks like he has complete freedom on Superman Returns and it sounds incredible. Piss Poor Adaptations of Great Comics that need to be remade right. Constantine They ignored almost everything important to they character. They made an okay movie. The movie just had nothing to do with the comic book. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Oh my God! Did they just look at the cover. This was awful despite a great cast. Why does Hollywood have to piss on all of Alan Moore's creations. Swamp Thing Horrible B movie. To be fair it tries to be loyal to the characters original origins but looks like it was made for $5 and turns our favorite elemental into a joke. I really love the comic though and this really needs to be given the justice it deserves.
  13. You know. They could have created a bit more goodwill with the comic fans. By making John blonde and British and just having him fly over to Los Angeles. Having Chas be the proper age and around just because John can't drive worth a shite. And cutting out the whole suicide/I see dead people BS. Then the movie may have at least been worthy of the title of "flawed adaptation" instead of "shite adaptation"
  14. Of course it could be done. Late Night HBO. Remember Spawn? Im not a Spawn fan but there are ways to do a dark adult animated show. And pay cable is probably the best route. Or hell make it a live action series.
  15. Teenagers from mars And we don’t care Teenagers from mars And we don’t care Teenagers from mars And we don’t care Sorry love the Misfits. Tell me more about this comic.
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