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  1. Will Chas continue to be somewhat set apart from Constantine (as he was in the closing parts of Carey’s run) or will he revert to amiable sidekick? ;) Gordon.
  2. Indeed. Any word on the artist? The Artist is Antonio Fuso. Here’s the content information from Mina’s website: <<This story came out of King Lear and rollicking house prices in Britain. Nothing divides families as completely as a legacy squabbled over. Good kind friends can become avaricious and spiteful when confronted with money to divide among themselves. For lots of families their inheritance comes from their parent’s houses, their tiny kingdoms and I thought how like Lear it all was, how avarice brings out an ugly, unfamiliar sides in all of us. The fact that property prices are rising so fast in parts of the UK ups the stakes, literally. Enormous, unthinkable amount of money can be involved and families can be ripped apart by the house they grew up in, the houses that their parents worked hard to buy so that they would have something to leave. It could have been called ‘Legacy’ but that doesn’t connote stabbing and decay and inexplicable fires just as well, does it?>>
  3. Fair point. His Hellblazer was very wordy. It was also very worthy. :) I'll take that over disposable entertainment, or franchise-fodder, any day. You know, entertaining and serious pieces of work needn’t be mutually exclusive propositions.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jamie Delano’s writing. (In point of fact I probably wouldn’t be reading comics today if it weren’t for Delano, as his Hellblazer was the first comic I found truly impressive.) I also think that the way he approaches the issues you mentioned is done in a fairly dated way and, frankly, even I struggle to get passed the purple prose that his captions have a tendency to be filled with. I also think that, on occasion, he has allowed his stories to become polemics.
  5. I'd be bloody furious, myself. As for bad miniseries: 2020 Visions was rather good, Cruel And Unusual was hilarious, Hell Eternal wasn't half bad and his work for 2000AD is vastly superior to any of Gaiman's. Why? Comics are a commercial enterprise. If something isn’t selling, it isn’t selling. And not only did he have an 18 month run, he knew about the cancellation as early as September 2001. (Which I know because I was interviewing him at the time.) Don’t get me wrong, I respect him greatly as a writer, but his concerns (as have been expressed elsewhere on this thread) are very locked into the 1980s and therefore don’t have the same ethos as 2006.
  6. Like many here, I suspect that ‘literary comics’ have been light on the ground over this particular twelve month block. However, the novelist Denise Mina is currently writing a particularly good 13 issue Hellblazer story, that your doubtless aware of. (And seriously, it may be the best comic book I’ve read by someone who is primarily a prose novelist.) Also of note would be Richard K Morgan’s black widow series available in the TPB’s ‘Homecoming’ and ‘The Thing’s They Say About Her’. Morgan’s a gifted science fiction writer who went into some amount of detail about the latter series http://www.comicon.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb....c;f=36;t=004507. The latter series, in particular, is an interesting look at the morality of both spies and superheroes. It may also be worth looking at what tools someone like Mike Carey, he of Hellblazer and Lucifer fame does on his x-men run. (I’ve read the first issue and it certainly seems to be a more cerebral take on a fairly adolescent concept.) And congratulations on the opportunity to study this for three years, by the way.
  7. Nope, not a joke. It’s only one of several strips and Moebius did his in collaboration with Brett Lewis, the writer of Wintermen. I doubt that he’s going to be involved with the just announced ongoing series.
  8. ..That no one's discussing this: From the Interview: It's about crime. It's about standing in the bank and thinking about how you'd rob it if you could. It's about growing up on the wrong side of the law and yet still having a moral code. It's basically about all the things that fascinate me and most of the reading and TV viewing public.
  9. I have to say, I dropped Hellblazer for awhile towards the end of Carey’s Run (well, not really dropped. More like missed an issue and didn’t go back to it) and although I’ll be catching up with the ever-more-frequent trades, I’m absolutely loving Denise Mina’s run, what some people seem to think of a slow burn, I find portentous.
  10. Gordon

    Brubakers run on DD.

    I cooled to Bendis’ Daredevil awhile back, deciding the the second half of his Run (following his becoming the Kingpin) sagged a little, just didn’t have the same momentum. But I’m currently re-reading the trades and having a whale of a time, you have to admire the internal consistency of the book, with things like the MGH subplot or The White Tiger trial constantly popping up in the narrative. The most impressive thing about the Bendis/Maleev exit, really, is that it’s happening at just the right time, another year of this would be too much. I look forward to the Brubaker/Lark run.
  11. Ade’s fairly unequivocal in his appreciation of DMZ, as was I, before I started writing a lengthy review of it. hopefully I’ll be back to enthusiastically appreciating it soon. Gordon.
  12. The fuck? Millar's whole run was one long action set-piece. Daniel Way is either Captain Disingenuous, utterly deluded, or taking the piss. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Exactly, I vividly recall an entire issue of Mark Millar’s Wolverine run that was Matt Murdock beating the fuck out of Logan and a Cadre of The Hand in a spectacularly one sided fashion. Back on topic, the first Loveless trade has been scheduled for April, which is fast even by Vertigo/Azzerello standards.
  13. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What? Whose idea was that? Unless it's Logan sitting around chatting with people, they're hardly playing to Dillon's strengths. Okay, so Until the End of the World-era Dillon did some solid fight scenes, but he's gone rapidly downhill since then. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Writer (Daniel Way) has been very forthcoming about the fact that Wolverine (or Wolverine: Origins, as the new book will be entitled) needs to be an action book, and that component has been neglected with the more philosophical approach that both Greg Rucka and Mark Millar (!) took with the book. His approach seems to be more in the ‘After regaining all his memories at once, James Logan takes issues with anybody who even looked at him wrong, whilst occasionally having flashbacks’ school of thought.
  14. It really depends on the creative team. For example, I loved both of Joe Casey’s permutations of Wildcats, but don’t enjoy Grant Morrison, so it’s unlikely that I’ll buy his Version of Wildcats. On the otherhand, I’ve always quite liked the concept behind Judd Winick’s revamp of ‘The Outsiders’ but, having read a handful of issues, the execution tends to leave me cold.
  15. Mike, Was the backdrop of the Castor novel’s (the dead having risen and what not) partly inspired by the event’s leading up to and portrayed in ‘Starring at The Wall’? Very much looking forward to the first Castor book, by the way. Gordon.
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