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  1. True... but there always felt something slightly pagan about the whole Swamp Thing thing and it did have a bit of class :icon_wink: I'm being a bit unfair really - Robert Venditti does sound like a really good writer, I just can't see them being able to develop the character or stories enough (for me) within the restrictions that are inherent with the rebranding. I hope they succeed though, the politics of the situation are not Vendetti or Guede's fault and it's a brilliant opportunity for them.
  2. Disturbs me a bit that he slightly resembles Gareth Southgate but maybe that's just me. I think I'm going to skip - I don't think I can see past any story where he interacts with people who can fly or throw cars around... I suppose unless that revolves around some sort of paranormal/demonic power - which does sound a bit pathetic when I say it like that. Still I need a bit a gritty realism and at least one political attack on the Tories every arc. Mind you last time I skipped was when I was pissed off that Jamie Delano was being replaced by Garth Ennis, which shows how much I know.
  3. Late to the party again - just looking at Feb's solicitations and saw the bombshell, brought me back here to see the thoughts. Pretty much sums up the comics scene for me at the moment with a few exceptions. Bloody hell though no Hellblazer.... another peice of my world chipped away! Hope everyone is ok, sorry long time no see :) I'm up for celebratory pint in May if I can get down, if people don't mind me gate crashing after so long.
  4. Lost_Johnny

    Hellblazer #231

    That was a great opening two parter, I’ve given it 9 instead of 10 but only because I wanted room to move upwards as expectations have been well and truly raised! I even bothered to show Nik the young John reflection explaining the whole Swamp Thing/Alan Moore/ Sting thing… she even feigned interest at that point. Great story, great art and a really really good opening for Andy, hope it gets the recognition it deserves in the wider comics world.
  5. I tend to agree with some of the more positive posts, I quite liked it in fact - although I was actually expecting the joy to emanate from the rest of Scotland rather than the soldiers and I did wonder about whether the accents were audible to anyone before the reveal but felt that was just being too picky for what was a pretty good wrap up, it's just that it took way too long, with too many unnecessary supporting characters and diversions, to get to (as has been pointed out). Overall I liked the first half of Empathy and the last couple of Red Hand but agree that it got lost in the middle, I sort of hope Denise doesn't give up on the medium but maybe it's a lesson in writers trying some one shots before diving into an established series? Anyway I'm really looking forward to the one shot - Carey and Leon woohoo - and I'm quietly optimistic that Andy Diggle might inject some much needed (in my view) grittiness back into the general storyline, it's interesting to hear the views of some thinking the title needs a rest before returning with the odd mini series here and there, my head probably agrees but my heart still wants the monthly fix. 7 for this issue. edit - brilliant cover by the way but what the fuck is Suzie Quatro doing there?
  6. Interesting concept (definitely a pub conversation because you can ignore the details when you're pissed ). I don't see JC as an action hero but he's streetwise, I want him to rush in because that's the way we like to see our anti-heroes/heroes (all subjective anyway) but if the fire was too bad for your average Joe to be able to get inside, then he's not going to do anymore than make sure the professionals are on the way. (or maybe he'd get everyone to hold his trenchcoat out for the girl to jump into like in all the best cartoons). Throw in some other elements and it might change - a distraut father about to rush in might prick his conscience enough to go in as secondary support but if it was too far gone then he's more likely to say a few words to make the passing easier, then try not to let it bother him down at the pub (but it would). I think most agree he's a cynical bastard, and proper cynical bastards usually work on the concept that life is the short shite bit before death but added to that JC knows the after stuff, so unless there's an ulterior motive behind it all, which really pisses him off (occult, racist, bully boys etc.), he'll let most things go on without his interference, as that's just life - shit as it is.
  7. I really enjoyed the first part of Mina's run but now the pacing has even gotten to me, empathy has turned to apathy and the continually unimaginative colouring is not helping. Like others I've enjoyed the some of the characterisation but now I'm even finding that I don't feel any depth to the characters, some insightful comments and one or two good one liners but mainly this issue it felt like a seventies sitcom (which could be quite good as a one or two part idea but after the whole run it just feels like it's running out of steam). Had the same confusion over Trace as to the garment but overall still digging the art but for me I think it just needs a bit more help from the colourist. 5 still hopeful things will pick up though By the way with regards to the setup for the forum, can we have a separate section for buffet and related nibbles enquiries, as there was a load of gastronomic waffle to chew through in this thread
  8. (warning: boring anecdotal background) This felt more like a story from someone who doesn't go to football matches to me. The era described in the story is more reminiscent of the eighties than the nineties, I think by 96 the combined effect of police and ecstacy was starting to reduce the number of instances of all out fighting within the grounds to a few pretty well documented cases each season. Most violence then (and now) happens outside the grounds, often pre-arranged but like Ade says, the thought that the bovver boys would make alliances based on who the target was, is totally believable. However it is very unlikely they would have been wearing colours (scarves, shirts etc.), in fact nowadays if I'm looking for a pub to drink in away from home, I would choose a pub that was full of fans wearing colours as they are much less likely to cause trouble and usually turn out to be proper football fans, who you can have a good banter with, whereas the trouble makers often have a strict dress code (certain designer wear, certain baseball caps etc.). I did once experience a similar situation to the end of the story back in the early eighties when Worcester City played Kidderminster (non-league). I went with a friend who was into the whole hooligan scene from the naive perspective of a thirteen year old. Some Kiddy fans made it through the police into our stand and were immediately surrounded by Worcester fans, everything kicked off and I can remember three things very vividly: 1 - a bloke fell down near me and was stamped on, I can remember looking down and seeing the perfect imprint of a Doctor Marten boot welling up on the side of his face. 2 - The police let the dogs off and one of them attacked a girl of about 15 who was doing nothing and 3 - I was scared shitless but there was a definite buzz - I didn't want to join in and I certainly didn't enjoy the violence but there was a weird attraction to the danger of it all. (hooray he finally gets to the point) This issue reminds me of those feelings, so for me it goes someway to correctly portraying the tribal instinct amongst football fans but not how it felt in the mid nineties - if anything the mid nineties were soome of the most exciting times I can remember for the footballing side rather than the subculture of violence. The idea of embodying the worst of human nature in a physical demon is nothing new but I don't feel it really takes to task the poisoned outlook of a large minority of society, the evil in men (and women) is a great source for a character like 'Conj' to tackle and it works best where demons feed off it and encourage it but as a microcosm of human society (or even the world of football as a whole) this does not work because of the context it is portrayed in. Yes there are quite a few so called football fans who are wankers and enjoy violence but they are still a small minority of those who go each week, so show the tossers at action but put it in the context of a situation which doesn't portray the whole ground. John can deal with the dregs of society and demons pulling the strings/feeding off the hate but he's never going to save humanity from itself (is he?). I thought the art was pretty shite as well, summed up by that preposterous panel at the bottom of page 8 shwoing a ref in drag holding up a white card while a player performs ballet behind... oh dear. I guess my biggest problem with this issue is that it doesn't ring true, some bits, like where he says about being better to watch it at home and where he faces the demon down, feel like Constantine but large parts of the characterisation feel wooden and forced. 5/10 and sorry about rambling on. Who is that player in the poster? Unless it is meant to be Socrates (the Brazilian footballer not the philosopher!), I can't think who it is.
  9. erm me... still wouldn't give it more than a six though.
  10. Stop moaning, you're not reading it anymore!
  11. No, but I'm really happy for you...... ...... you lucky lucky bastard!
  12. Anyone excited about the new six part series Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman? I stumbled across some talk about it a couple of days ago, sounds and looks fantastic in this interview on Comic Book Resources Apparently Hickman has written, drawn and coloured it himself and it has roots in the fantastic 1976 satirical film Network which is enough of a recommendation for me! Check the preview out above, to me it looks great but obviously that's a snap judgement and like everything I guess it'll live or die on the strength of the story.
  13. Brilliant... is there a bigger reason behind this or has he just had enough? (now he just has to go and pick up the blue suit from the dry cleaners...) Sorry reading back through you explained this at the time by saying he wanted to exert some control over his life. I guess what I'm trying to ask is what's the underlying reason though, or do we just have to wait to find out. I love the idea, it's where his character came from all those years ago but why push and interfere now, is it just purely that he's just had enough shit, enough feeling guilty or is there a more thought out moral basis? Why not just curl into a ball as he seems to be on the edge of doing so often recently? Unrelated just wondering what series or mini series have impressed you most in the last couple of years? I notice you said that Mike Carey and John Paul Leon night be doing a one off special which is great as I love Mike's work and Winter Men with Leon's art has turned out to be one of my all time favourite mini series.
  14. Well it's a bit of a filler isn't it, which isn't good as the second part of an arc, but I'm guessing it will read better in a trade and I personally found parts of the interaction between the characters quite good. Chas doesn't feel right though and I wish at least someone would be a little freaked out by all the dead bodies (how's the sanitation getting on there?). I'll have to read the last two issues together and see if it feels a bit more together but I can't help thinking that it's possible to write something like the last issue of Winter Men where you can get loads of fantastic characterisation, full of anecdotes and humour, while loads of plot things still actually happen all in one issue, and we need a bit more of that. As you know I love Manco's art and am really happy that he's staying for Andy's run but I did feel this one was a bit rushed, for me Leo often uses precise illustration with blocked out areas to brilliant effect but it felt a little too flat this time but maybe that was just the colouring. I'm only critical because of what I feel is normally such a great monthly output is still good, just not as awesome as sometimes. Did I dream it or did Andy Diggle say that John Paul Leon was doing a guest appearance? If so, wow, after his stuff in Winter Men that is something to look forward to. 6
  15. Brilliant... is there a bigger reason behind this or has he just had enough? (now he just has to go and pick up the blue suit from the dry cleaners...)
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