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  1. Ixnay by Night

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 15th 2018

    Black Hammer: Age of Doom # 6 (still need to pick up Quantum Age # 3, come to think of it, though I've not been digging that one as much as the other BH stuff) What If: Ghost Rider # 1
  2. Ixnay by Night

    Marvel's One World Order

    Brian Bendis made Typhoid Mary a soap opera actress during his run on Daredevil, it's where she was when the Kingpin "reactivated" her Typhoid personality. Why he went with "soap actress" as a natural professional progression for Mary, who was so shy and passive it bordered on catatonia, I have no idea.
  3. Ixnay by Night

    DC Comics

    Seems to me that the Dini/Animated Series Harley Quinn was replaced by the Suicide Squad/Margo Robbie version a while back. The Injustice games and comics play into that a lot as well, since she's one of the main characters there. I don't get her appeal at all, she grates on my nerves whenever she appears (much like Deadpool, in fact). I flipped through Heroes in Crisis and wasn't too impressed, it was a bloodbath with the barest attempts of resonance other than "look at all these characters we can kill off, guess who's next!". Easily the least engaging comic I've read from Tom King by a mile. Nice artwork, though.
  4. Ixnay by Night

    Comics Shipping the Week of October 1st 2018

    Just Cosmic Ghost Rider # 4 for me this week.
  5. Ixnay by Night

    Other comics we read recently

    No idea, I have neither read nor watched the show of Handmaid's Tale, couldn't even tell you what it's about.
  6. Ixnay by Night

    Other comics we read recently

    Checked out the first issue of Maneaters by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemcyzk, and it was fairly interesting. I was a big fan of their Mockingbird series and this is done in a very similar style, with lots of big cutaway panel pages and diagrams for stuff interspersed with the story. I'm curious to see where it's going, so I'll definitely check out the next issue.
  7. Ixnay by Night

    John Constantine, Legend Of Tomorrow ?

    I finally got around to watching the two Constantine episodes of Legends via Netflix, and that show is still goofy as fuck. I don't know who half of the characters are anymore after they ditched Hawkman and Firestorm, so adding John to the mix did seem to liven things up a bit. I quite liked the exorcism episode but the second one, the Event Horizon ripoff homage, wasn't as entertaining. I'll be checking back in with the next season that starts in October, maybe having Matt Ryan back on a weekly basis will make the show consistently watchable.
  8. Ixnay by Night

    Constantine and Batman in Batman: Damned - Starting This September

    Agreed with all comments above, the artwork is gorgeous but Azzarello's narration for John is shit awful. I read it digitally, so I missed out on the Bat Cock until I saw it in some news article, they're really swinging for the fences with the mature readers label now aren't they? As with most things by Azzarello, I feel like he's trying way too hard to be edgy and "deep", which makes it all come out as insufferably hard to read through. Plus, he's got all of his favorite wordplay puns out in force, which is probably the thing I dislike about his writing the most. I'll stay reading just for the artwork, but the story had done absolutely nothing for me.
  9. Ixnay by Night

    Other comics we read recently

    Black Hammer had one of those spit-take "wait, what the fuck just happened" cliffhangers that gets my blood pumping. Glad to see the mysteries getting some sort of resolution, even if all they do is lead into even MORE mysteries.
  10. Ixnay by Night

    A Hellblazer miscellany

    I was kinda surprised that Andy Diggle didn't use anything he set up in that Lady Constantine mini-series when he did his later run on Hellblazer, considering he brought over stuff from that Swamp Thing arc he wrote (the psychic guy whose name I can't remember).
  11. Ixnay by Night

    The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    Honestly, the first Seeley arc with Jesus Merino was the only bit of the newest series I'd recommend at all. The Oliver and Kadrey stuff was awful, and Seeley's last arc was stretched out way too long.
  12. Ixnay by Night

    Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    Ghost Rider's my favorite character, I do a podcast on the guy, and RTD is probably one of my least favorite GR stories. Clayton Crain's artwork is beautiful but can't make up for the shit awful writing. Ennis said in interviews at the time that he didn't know much about Ghost Rider and didn't care anything about Johnny Blaze as a character, he was obviously just doing it for the paycheck and it showed bad. He and Crain got it right with "Trail of Tears", but RTD is aggressively bad.
  13. Ixnay by Night

    Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    A Walk Through Hell released its third issue this past week, and it's starting to lose me. After that gloriously horrifying first issue, it's like the book's just spinning its wheels now. I don't know, weirdly disappointing how each issue has had major diminishing returns for me.
  14. Ixnay by Night

    Other comics we read recently

    I think you'd be shocked by the difference in Savage Dragon comics from the early 1990s, like the one you posted the cover for, and the ones from today. Larsen went in this seriously bizarre direction not long ago where he essentially turned it into a porn comic for pages at a time in each issue. Liberal amounts of bodily fluids were being thrown around during the copious amount of oral sex scenes between Dragon and his wife. I guess that's the true gift of self-publishing, you can porn the shit out of it whenever you want!
  15. Ixnay by Night

    The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    I think I'll pass on JLD, didn't like the last incarnation of it at all. I agree that DC's attempts to force every iteration of a character into one timeline is a bit excessive, I think it tells more about how they perceive their readership (dumb as fuck) than it does about the readers themselves, who are more than capable of keeping multiple versions of characters straight in their minds.