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  1. Other comics we read recently

    Based on your guys recommendations I've been burning my way through Black Hammer, and hell yes it's a great comic. At the back end of the first volume now, will definitely keep reading! Edit: Still reading through Black Hammer on Comixology instead of working and just finished Doctor Star. I'm such a huge fan of James Robinson's Starman, I can't believe I didn't know this comic existed until now. Lou, you're right, I had tears in my eyes reading that final issue.
  2. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    I see "Hold Me" as this quintessential Hellblazer story that everyone loves unconditionally, except for me. It's a solid, decent done-in-one story, so it meets my criteria for inclusion, it's just not my favorite story. However, your points about how it's a a list for a fictional collection is certainly valid, so why would I put in a story that I don't like so much? Switch out "Hold Me" for Delano's "In Another Part of Hell" from # 84, much better issue and one of my personal favorites.
  3. Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    Read the first two issues of A Walk Through Hell today, and while the second issue didn't maintain the momentum of the first, that first issue was goddamned amazing. That opening sequence literally took my breath my away.
  4. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    Yeah, I'm glad they're including # 120, that's one of my favorite issues. Here's my ideal issue line-up: Saga of the Swamp Thing # 37 (for posterity) Hellblazer # 4 (Waiting for the Man, Delano's entry) Hellblazer # 27 (Hold Me, Gaiman's entry, though not one of my favorite issues it's exclusion would be a huge omission) Hellblazer # 40 (Forty, Ennis' entry) Hellblazer # 120 (Desperately Seeking Something, Jenkins' entry) Hellblazer # 140 (Locked, Ellis' entry and a good basic horror story) Hellblazer # 213 (The Gift, Carey's entry) skipping Mina entirely Hellblazer # 238 (The Smoke, Diggle's entry) Hellblazer Annual # 1 (Suicide Bridge, Milligan's entry) I think that would give a pretty good overview of the series as a whole while sticking to the single-issue story motif.
  5. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    Maybe because we've been so starved for good Hellblazer stories, I've quite liked Seeley's run. When compared to the awful stories that Kadrey, Ming Doyle, and Simon Oliver shat out, Seeley is like Delano in comparison. Had he come on board after an actual GOOD writer, though, I'd say I wouldn't hold his stuff up so highly. Long story short, Good Old Days hasn't offended me and has me interested in the story in a way that hasn't happened since the Earth 2 story years back.
  6. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    That's been a problem of all the anniversary hardcovers DC has been putting out in recent years, they pick random chapters of stories that make no sense without context. For example, the Batman HC wanted an issue from Snyder and Capullo, fair enough given that team's popularity, so they choose...Batman # 2 from the New 52? I think had they gone with a series of oneshot stories for the Hellblazer HC it would have made for a much more satisfying read, but would also have more casual fans going "where's Dangerous Habits?"
  7. Comics Shipping the Week of June 18th 2018

    Wild Storm # 14 and Avengers # 3 for me this week.
  8. Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    I'd rank Punisher as # 1, more so the MAX run with Goran Parlov and Leandro Fernandez. Those are some incredible comics. Preacher would fall at # 2, then probably Hellblazer. Amazingly, I have never read Hitman.
  9. Garth Ennis Loves Superheroes and Soldiers and Lesbians

    I'm usually a pretty big Garth supporter, but I could only make it through the first trade of The Boys. It was certainly okay, just not enough to make me want to read more. He does tend to swing wildly between mediocre and great, his two Ghost Rider minis with Clayton Crain were perfect evidence of that. "Road to Damnation" was everything I don't like about his writing while "Trail of Tears" was fantastic.
  10. Comics Shipping the Week of June 11th 2018

    Just Mister Miracle and Punisher for me. I did like the first issue of Donny Cates' Venom, so I might check out issue # 2 as well.
  11. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    I do find it kind of funny that the 30 Year Celebration of Hellblazer omits the entirety of Milligan's run when he was writer with the longest tenure on the book. "Suicide Bridge" or "The Cottage" would both be welcome additions, I think. Still, I'm happy to see this collection, and in a related note it seems that Vol. 20 of the Hellblazer trades that comes out in January will be collecting both the first half of Diggle's run and "All His Engines", which is kind of a strange place to put that story instead of with Carey's run. Guess we'll be seeing "Pandemonium" collected in those volumes as well eventually.
  12. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Here I am, still waiting for more issues of FELL.
  13. Other comics we read recently

    Thanks! I'm definitely going to check this series out!
  14. Other comics we read recently

    I've been curious about Black Hammer, how many volumes have there been of that so far?
  15. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    DC solicits for August were released yesterday, no new issue of Hellblazer. Looks like its cancelled at the end of Seeley's current arc in July. Maybe it'll get another relaunch with all the other DC relaunches in the fall? They "cancelled" Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as well, and that's rumored for a relaunch by Morrison of all people, so who knows what they'll do with Constantine.