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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of February 12th 2018

    It wasn't just the use of Satan that had Marvel all timid about offending the Christians, there was also Hippie Jesus running around as Johnny Blaze's personal guru during Tony Isabella's run. Shooter changing the end of Isabella's "GR saved by Jesus" finale is what led the latter over to DC, at least according to Isabella's accounts. Shooter, naturally, recalls it differently.
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of February 12th 2018

    It still changes from run to run; it was Lucifer during Daniel Way's run then back to being Mephisto when Rob Williams took over. Ghost Rider chronology has always been and will always be a convoluted clusterfuck.
  3. 16 Comic Book Series Nobody Admits to Owning

    Even worse, when the Punisher became a black guy, those issues are ones I always happily skip over when I'm doing re-reads of that series. I'm guilty of picking up the Austen X-Men issues, though even I gave up halfway through the run. That was what broke my Uncanny X-Men completist run, in fact, fuck it was awful. I'd have to disagree about Punisher Armory, though. I'm far from being a "gun guy", but the pages all had narrative captions written by Eliot Brown that captured the Punisher's voice perfectly. It wasn't just "hey, here's this gun, it kills people", each entry had a story behind it. I remember one that had a little snub-nose pistol that had belonged to Frank's wife, a purse gun, and the narration was all about how he wished she'd had it with them the day they were killed in the park. Another one had a little cowboy cap gun that was his son's, and how it was the one gun Frank would never part with. Surprisingly well-written stuff.
  4. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    While I loved Planetary, I always gave that Vertigo/Constantine issue the side-eye, as it fell right after Ellis left Hellblazer over "Shoot". It was like he wasn't just wanting to give his own little swan song to Constantine with that nice middle flashback bit (which I heard once was originally going to be part of his Hellblazer run, the issue that was to be drawn by David Lloyd), he also had to talk shit about the character and Vertigo as a whole. According to that story, Constantine and all of the old guard Vertigo characters needed to be put to pasture because they were silly taken out of context of the late 1980s and they should all just be the much cooler Spider Jerusalem instead. It came off as incredibly pissy to me, which I would have been okay with if Ellis hadn't been talking out his ass about a DC comic when he's still writing multiple other DC Comics. Always stuck me as childish.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of February 12th 2018

    Kaminski's Ghost Rider 2099 is a fucking delight, it's one of my all-time favorite comic series. It got slightly less-good near the end, mainly due to some dodgy artwork from Ashley Wood, but the series is a whole is still fantastic. We've been covering it on occasion on our Ghost Rider podcast, and getting to revisit that run has been a highlight of my comic reading recently. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it (though yeah, some of those later issues are hard to track down on the cheap). As for 2099 trade collections, I thought they DID collect Ellis' Doom 2099 run into one big volume a couple of years back? May be out of print now, though, I suppose.
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of February 12th 2018

    Just Punisher and Michael Cray for me this week.
  7. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    That's really interesting. I've not been digging Michael Cray as much as The Wildstorm, but this piques my curiosity quite a bit.
  8. DC Comics

    It makes me wonder if Ellis is going to be allowed to use Midnighter and Apollo in The Wildstorm, since they've been making DCU appearances as recently as last year. None of the other Wildstorm characters have made a peep in the DCU since Ellis' book began, other than those two, so will they be off-limits? I mean, surely not since Ellis fucking created those two characters, but who knows with DC?
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of January 29th 2018

    Swamp Thing Winter Special maybe? Punisher: Platoon # 5 Moon Knight # 191
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    Well, looks like that Ghost Rider/Punisher conversation from a week or so ago became weirdly relevant. I don't want to spoil anything, but this week's comics that does indeed tie those two characters together was fantastic and you should totally be reading Donny Cate's Thanos because it is pretty fucking awesome. Up there with Moon Knight for best Marvel title right now.
  11. Going in and out of style?

    Really great article. Who needs socially challenging dark fiction these days, though, when we have Djinn and the Huntress to read about?
  12. Other comics we read recently

    Age of Apocalypse is brilliant, it's like this sprawling apex of comic book crossovers, where things still fit together really damn well and each series is engaging on its own terms while still being part of a whole. Compared to detritus like Secret Invasion and Secret Empire, AoA is rad. It may be depressing as fuck, but it's still fun to read at the same time. That Generation Next tie-in remains one of my favorite superhero comic endings just due to how damn bleak it was.
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of January 15th 2018

    Yeah, I quite liked The Losers film, but didn't it get crushed at the box office by the very similar A-Team reboot that starred Liam Neeson? Losers was a better movie, I think, but Neeson was still riding that Taken crest at that point, and as such was unstoppable as an action flick draw.
  14. Marvel's One World Order

    No, they have retconned Frank as being a veteran of the Iraq war, back during Greg Rucka's run circa 2012 or so. It's only in the MAX comic that he's still a 60+ Vietnam veteran, and that's a totally separate continuity than the regular Marvel Universe Punisher (considering, y'know, MAX Frank is dead now).
  15. Comics Shipping the Week of January 8th 2018

    Honestly, the story's not the best either. According to the credits, they got Larry Hama of all people to do the art breakdowns for this newest issue. I know Hama did some art back in the day, but how many years has it been since he's done anything other than writing for GI Joe?