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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 23rd

    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps # 33 Hellblazer # 15 Punisher: Platoon # 2 I'll absolutely be getting the Wildstorm: Celebration of 25 Years hardcover, but I might just hint strongly to the wife that it would make a fab x-mas present.
  2. Marvel's One World Order

    Here's an interview I did with DeMatteis many years ago about his Ghost Rider run. I'll say it again, guy was so genuine and appreciative to talk about work he did 20 years ago (at that time). My goal is to get him on the podcast at some point as well, I'll squee like a fangirl in heat if that happens. Vengeance Unbound - J.M. DeMatteis Interview
  3. Other comics we read recently

    I don't think Milligan WILL pare down his ideas into something coherent, mainly because he has an editor (Shelly Bond) who doesn't want to step in and filter out the nonsense. She was his editor on Hellblazer, after all, and I think had there been someone with a bit firmer hand to go "c'mon Pete, you can do better than this" that run would have turned out much better. Ditto for Kid Lobotomy, which managed to take that rather basic plot that you jotted down Christian and turned it into the most obtuse comic I've read recently. You are right about Morrison taking the same approach, fuck look at something like Nameless as an example, but I never get the sense that he loses his way in the narrative while throwing out all the random ass ideas. I don't have the same confidence in Milligan.
  4. Marvel's One World Order

    I can't argue with any of your points, in fact I agree with most of them. Ghost Rider IS a problematic character that Marvel doesn't know what to do with, and really never have, that has had just as many low creative points as high ones. I'm a fan of most of the Mackie run on the character, it is by FAR the best work he ever did, but you're dead-accurate about the rest. Fleisher did really well for his first year or so before degenerating into fill-in quality stories near the end, the earlier superhero style stuff by Tony Isabella and Jim Shooter was nothing to write home about either. The Felipe Smith/Tradd Moore series had such promise, with Robbie Reyes as a new Ghost Rider, but even that petered out after the first arc and never really recovered.
  5. Marvel's One World Order

    Ghost Rider's my boy, I run both a blog AND a podcast about the character. He's had LOTS of great creative teams in his history, but DeMatteis (and Roger Stern before him, I sort of lump them together since they both had Bob Budiansky as artist/co-plotter) was responsible for the character's highest quality run, bar none. Jason Aaron came the closest to matching him, I think.
  6. Other comics we read recently

    I tried Kid Lobotomy # 1, won't be back for Kid Lobotomy # 2. I enjoyed Milligan's Shade, hell I even dug a lot of his Hellblazer up to a point, but KL just read like nonsense to me. It was like he was just throwing every random thought he had against the page without cutting out the detritus. Detestable comic and not a good indicator of what Black Crown is going to be serving us. I wasn't much looking forward to Shelly Bond's imprint anyway, especially when you've got Karen Berger setting up a near-identical shop across the street at Dark Horse in the near future that looks so much more promising.
  7. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Wild Storm # 8 out this week, and I'm getting some mixed emotions about this series. While I love a lot of what he's doing with the Wildcats (though where the fuck have Voodoo and Zealot vanished to after the first couple of issues?), I'm not exactly digging how he's mixing and matching the Authority characters. We get three Authority revamps in this issue, sort of, and I don't think they work in comparison to how elegant and streamlined the original character concepts were. I'm dancing around spoiler territory, so I'll wait until others get to read it before I talk about it any more. I'm still sold on the series, will still be reading for the foreseeable future, but this was the first big crack in the series for me.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    I got to speak with him about his run on Ghost Rider several years ago, he did an interview for my blog, and he was so nice and agreeable to all of the questions I had for him about what was an important and defining set of comics for me in my youth. I have nothing but the highest regard for DeMatteis, the guy is a class act.
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 16th

    I remember Divine Right, it was pretty interesting until Jim Lee bailed on it 3/4s of the way through. I think Scott Lobdell and Carlos D'Anda finished it up?
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    Other than Seekers, what other Vertigo work did DeMatteis have? Moonshadow and Blood were republishing of his Epic work and his Doctor Fate series was pre-Vertigo, so what am I forgetting?
  11. Marvel's One World Order

    Yeah, you're right about Greenberg being published as a graphic novel, not through Epic. Out of the three original works that DeMatteis did for Marvel, I think Greenberg was my least favorite, though I admit that I barely remember Blood at all. One day I need to revisit all three.
  12. Marvel's One World Order

    I've not read Moonshadow in over a decade, but I remember it being really touching when I first read it. That was when Vertigo was re-releasing it in the 1990s, I was too young for most Epic stuff in the 80s. That said, though, didn't DeMatteis originally publish Blood: A Tale through Epic as well? Or was that one a later Vertigo thing like Seekers: Into the Mystery?
  13. Marvel's One World Order

    I'd add Moonshadow by DeMatteis and Muth near the top of that list as well.
  14. Marvel's One World Order

    I can't remember the issue number (# 26 maybe?), but the story "Hit It" was where Sienkiewicz REALLY took off on Moon Knight. The Neal Adams impressions had already started to fade into the background (whereas in the beginning of the series where he was deliberately swiping Adams Batman poses for MK) and his art style was evolving rapidly. His progression as an artist on those early 80s Marvel books like Moon Knight and New Mutants was fascinating to watch; funny, though. I was a kid when those books were coming out, and I loved his work on Moon Knight. When he came over to New Mutants, though, I HATED the art; now, I can see just how great his experimentation was, but Kid Chris definitely did not like square headed Cannonball, lol.
  15. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 16th

    Just Wild Storm # 8 for me this week.