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  1. Other comics we read recently

    The Fantastic Four is just one of those concepts that has never managed to interest me, no matter how many times I've attempted to get into it. I was a kid when Byrne was doing the FF, and though I read it off and on it wasn't something like Claremont's X-Men or Stern's Avengers that I was always excited to read; I tried Simonson's run, and outside of the "New FF" arc with Art Adams it couldn't hold my interest either. I have the same feelings about the FF that I do about Superman and Wonder Woman: I get why people like them, sure, but they're just not for me.
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of Dec 11th

    Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps # 34 Mister Miracle # 5 Wild Storm: Michael Cray # 3 This issue has me on the fence for GLC, the book hasn't been impressing me much lately so I'm considering dropping it from my read list. It started out so strongly, too.
  3. Other comics we read recently

    Fair point about "hard sci-fi", I stand corrected. I was just using it as a blanket term for science fiction in general, but there definitely IS a difference as you pointed out, and I agree that Barbarella definitely fits into the "soft" category. I think my feelings regarding Carey's science fiction work is that I simply haven't read anything by him from that genre. Stuff like Lucifer, Hellblazer, and the Unwritten are my main points of exposure to his writing. I guess the closest he's come to sci-fi for me would be his X-Men work, but even that was twinged more in dark drama and horror than anything else. I knew he had a run on Ultimate Fantastic Four, but as I'm as likely to read a FF book as I am to light myself on fire for the fun of it, I've not read it.
  4. John Constantine, Legend Of Tomorrow ?

    I don't know if anyone bothered watching it, I sure didn't since LoT isn't a regular watch for me, but Constantine showed up at the end of last week's mid-season finale as the lead-in to his appearances when the show comes back in February. I'll probably go back and watch it on the CW app sometime over the holiday, just to catch up. I watched LoT as part of the Earth X crossover event, and I had no idea who half of the heroes are on that show anymore. I bailed on the show halfway through season 1, guess they dumped Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter since then and added Star Spangled Colossus, Vixen, and some other lady I couldn't place?
  5. Best comics of 2017

    There's Nothing There was probably the most memorable series for me this year, though I liked it quite a bit I wouldn't put it up as any kind of "BEST COMIC OF THE YEAR" list. I just didn't read a whole lot this year. The previously mentioned Wild Storm and Mister Miracle have both been amazing, though the former is starting to show some cracks for me. I'd like to give an honorable mention to Max Bemis' Moon Knight, which is only two issues in but fuck were they good reads.
  6. Other comics we read recently

    I have no vested interest in Barbarella, the movie is such a distant memory for me that Jane Fonda in a catsuit having orgasms is about the sum total of my take-away from it. I read the first issue for Carey's writing, and eh, it was certainly well-written but not really my cup of tea. I don't know how well Carey tackles hard Sci-Fi, even with the satire bent, maybe I'm just too used to him as a fantasy/horror writer.
  7. The Hellblazer #18 (2017)

    Sean was by FAR my favorite Hellblazer artist, with probably Manco as runner up. Remember when Constantine actually had good, quality artists drawing his title on a regular basis? If only we had that now.
  8. DC Comics

    That was a one-shot that came out during Robinson's JLA run. Starman and Congorilla had been absent from the ongoing series for a few issues, so that one-shot showed what they were up to while the rest of the League was fighting (I believe) the Crime Syndicate. But yeah, good story, marred only slightly by some really dodgy Brett Booth artwork.
  9. DC Comics

    Yeah, wow, Cry For Justice was nigh-unreadable and really made me wonder what happened to Robinson since the end of Starman. Maybe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fucked him up worse than people thought? I DID enjoy his run on Justice League of America proper, though, and I thought he had a groove going with a pretty unique cast when the New 52 pulled the series out from under him.
  10. DC Comics

    Even though I'm not much of a fan of the character, I broke down and read James Robinson's run-so-far on Wonder Woman. I'm a rather large Robinson fan, even his dodgy stuff is usually at least interesting on some level, but his Wonder Woman is just extremely...pedestrian? boring? unremarkable? I'm not sure what term fits it best, but there's nothing about it that yells "you should read this!", especially coming on the heels of the fantastic movie.
  11. Image Comics

    That is EXACTLY what I don't like about Matt Fraction's writing, that hipster mentality that comics are only cool if they're quietly mocking the past material. His Uncanny X-Men was the worst for that, with his descriptive captions for each character every issue. "Cyclops: Only Wears Designer Raybans", shit like that, when the X-Men moved to San Francisco.
  12. DC Comics

    Doomsday Clock read to me like a really well-written Watchmen fanfic, like it's only there to show how the writer can reference the original material without adding anything new. It's Johns writing a Moore pastiche, which is kinda like seeing a monkey drive a car. Entertaining, but ultimately pointless.
  13. Hellblazer #16

    Yeah, I was a fan of Seeley's arc, but Kadrey's first issue left me totally cold. I'm not a fan of Fabbri's artwork at all, it's so pedestrian and uninteresting, which I guess fits with the stories he's been slotted to draw both for Oliver and now this. I'm glad Seeley's back in a few issues.
  14. The Hellblazer # 15

    I'm really surprised no one's talking about this series anymore, I guess Oliver's terrible Djinn storyline really drove everyone away. That's actually a shame, because Tim Seely's 3-issue arc was actually pretty great. I thought the final chapter kind of stumbled in the middle, with a completely unnecessary Justice League appearance that had me rolling my eyes, but then it finished with a really great last couple of pages. This has been the best story John's had since he was brought back into the DCU (except for maybe Fawkes' Earth 2 arc, that was really well done, too), and I recommend you guys trying it out.
  15. Image Comics

    I'm so not a fan of Matt Fraction, nothing he's ever done has impressed me in the slightest, but against my better judgment I read the first trade of Sex Criminals. It was okay, interesting concept and some witty moments, but nothing to write home about. I checked out the first issue of Coyotes, since it was getting such stellar reviews online, but just didn't care for it at all.
  16. Hellblazer Q&A

    Yeah, it was the Phantom Stranger.
  17. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    In a slightly more on-topic note, I've been re-reading my Hellblazer trades in the evenings after the kids go to bed and my wife's in the shower, and I'm currently up to "Tainted Love". My wife, who normally doesn't care anything for this funny book hobby of mine outside of her obsession with the Flash and Daredevil TV shows, saw the rather random page of John and Kit's break-up scene and asked what was happening in the story. So I went into the broad strokes of the John/Kit relationship, knowing she's a sucker for romantic drama, and she became very interested. She actually asked if she could read the series, so I pulled out "Dangerous Habits" and told her to start there. I don't think she's cracked it open yet, but she's got her bookmark placed in the middle of the volume where Ennis's run begins, so I have hopes that I may have finally converted her.
  18. Other comics we read recently

    They all have been traded, haven't they? I know Ellis' second arc, "Eidolon" (and boy does he love to re-use names like that) had a hardcover release like "Vargr", I just never picked it up.
  19. Other comics we read recently

    I'm a huge Bond fan, and that first Ellis arc was really excellent, but for some reason I didn't keep up with the series after that. Lots of great writers attached to it, though, so I'll have to rectify that sometime in the future.
  20. Marquee Moon

    The post in the comics section about Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing vs. Jesus issue made me wonder if anyone had a copy of Marquee Moon they could share. I remember it being online years ago, but never got around to reading it; from what I understand, it was Peter Hogan's sequel to Love Street, right, with punk rock Constantine as the star?
  21. Marquee Moon

    Read through the issue this morning, not too bad a yarn. Not as Constantine-centered as I was expecting, and I think Love Street was probably the better of the two, but it was a nice look at 70s punk rock through some interesting sets of characters. Wonder why it never got published?
  22. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 13th

    Isn't Wynona Earp a television show now? I'd say that's why there's renewed interest in it, lack of quality notwithstanding.
  23. Marquee Moon

  24. Comics Shipping the Week of Nov 13th

    Just Wild Storm # 9 for me.
  25. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Just to throw my two-cents in, I think Bendis was probably going back to the well with Riri Williams after he had such success with Miles Morales. It really seemed like one of those instances of "worked once, bet it will work again" creative decisions.