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  1. Marvel's One World Order

    Yeah, you're right about Greenberg being published as a graphic novel, not through Epic. Out of the three original works that DeMatteis did for Marvel, I think Greenberg was my least favorite, though I admit that I barely remember Blood at all. One day I need to revisit all three.
  2. Marvel's One World Order

    I've not read Moonshadow in over a decade, but I remember it being really touching when I first read it. That was when Vertigo was re-releasing it in the 1990s, I was too young for most Epic stuff in the 80s. That said, though, didn't DeMatteis originally publish Blood: A Tale through Epic as well? Or was that one a later Vertigo thing like Seekers: Into the Mystery?
  3. Marvel's One World Order

    I'd add Moonshadow by DeMatteis and Muth near the top of that list as well.
  4. Marvel's One World Order

    I can't remember the issue number (# 26 maybe?), but the story "Hit It" was where Sienkiewicz REALLY took off on Moon Knight. The Neal Adams impressions had already started to fade into the background (whereas in the beginning of the series where he was deliberately swiping Adams Batman poses for MK) and his art style was evolving rapidly. His progression as an artist on those early 80s Marvel books like Moon Knight and New Mutants was fascinating to watch; funny, though. I was a kid when those books were coming out, and I loved his work on Moon Knight. When he came over to New Mutants, though, I HATED the art; now, I can see just how great his experimentation was, but Kid Chris definitely did not like square headed Cannonball, lol.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 16th

    Just Wild Storm # 8 for me this week.
  6. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Oh my god, I had to stop reading it during the Juggernaut example, I'm laughing way too hard while at work and am starting to get funny looks.
  7. Marvel's One World Order

    Moon Knight's up there as one of my favorite Marvel characters, but the 1990s were not kind to him while Dixon and later Terry Kavanaugh was writing his book. Moench was indeed the best, especially with that sweet sweet Sienkiewicz artwork. I will agree, though, that title run of Ellis, Wood, and Lemire has all been fantastic. I even liked Cullen Bunn's short run, though it didn't hold up with the stuff surrounding it. Here's hoping Max Bemis is able to keep the title's momentum going some.
  8. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I wasn't as much a fan of Michael Cray as the regular Wild Storm series, and I think that's totally down to all of the DCU characters that appear and are referenced. Ellis DID do all that himself in Planetary ages ago, but just like most of the characters in that series they were approximations of Superman and Wonder Woman (outside of that JLA crossover special, of course). Michael Cray straight dropping Green fucking Arrow into my Wildstorm souffle leaves a sour taste in my mouth, not unlike green apple. Had it been some rough caricature of Oliver Queen, I would probably be more forgiving, because the take on the character has a nice twist. I'm just too much of a Wildstorm snob, I suppose.
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 10th

    Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps # 30 Wildstorm: Michael Cray # 1
  10. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Milligan's treatment of the women in the cast were my biggest problem with his run. I didn't have any issue with Epiphany, she had her interesting moments and I liked her as a counterpoint to John, but Milligan seemed unsure of her as a character. To shore up that she actually was super super I mean really super important guys, he trotted out Kit Ryan, Angie, and Gemma and did nothing but break them down to lift Epiphany up. John wasn't interested in Kit, who was this boring normal woman, because now he was marrying a smoking hot 22-year old alchemist. Angie was reduced to a walking fat joke who John wouldn't fuck no matter how hard she wanted or asked, and Gemma, holy christ was that character assassinated. Plot-wise, and even characterization of Constantine-wise, I liked a lot of Milligan's run. I thought "India" was an interesting exploration of another culture, even if heaped with stereotypes, and some of his one-offs like "The Cottage" and "Suicide Bridge" were excellent. I didn't mind Finn and I even thought the goofy trenchcoat arc had some charm to it. That final arc, and especially the final issue, though, was nigh-unreadable. Instead of doing something to celebrate the conclusion of a 300-issue run of a character, Milligan used it to focus completely on his own creations (Epiphany, Finn, Julian, Terry). When those characters get more screen time in a final issue of Hellblazer than Chas, something has gone very wrong. That last issue may very well be my least-favorite issue of the series, even more so than Mina's terrorist issue.
  11. Not to mention that the live-action show already did a rather loose adaptation of All His Engines, the one that slotted Felix Faust in as the villain of the story. Given that they're doing a straight comic story adaptation with this animated series, I'm really surprised they didn't go straight to "Dangerous Habits". Although, I suppose if you're wanting a story that's going to look good as an animated series, adapting one of Carey's more traditionally comic-booky stories would play better than a slow character piece. Not like they're going to pick "The Fear Machine" to animate, 20 minutes of John roughing it in the wilderness, lol. Still and all, I'm down for this animated series.
  12. John Constantine, Legend Of Tomorrow ?

    Yeah, I tried Legends of Tomorrow when the first season was airing and just didn't dig it at all. My wife is a huge Flash fan, and she only begrudgingly watches LoT when its a crossover episode. All that said, I'll definitely watch the Constantine 2-parter, because even if the show sucks I still really enjoy watching Matt Ryan as John.
  13. Agreed, looks like it might be a pretty faithful adaptation of "All His Engines", and the animation looks quite nice.
  14. The Hellblazer # 14

    Picked up issue # 14. While it didn't grab me as tightly as the previous issue, it was still really good. Having gone so long without a decent Hellblazer fix, this one just feels right on so many levels. If Seely can stick the landing next issue, I'll be really happy. Artwork was pretty ace, too, nice and gritty without sacrificing storytelling or clarity. Nice use of mythology, a plot that's engaging, and a really nice bit of magic in a pub. This story gets a thumbs up from me, here's hoping # 15 continues the trend. I will say, though, both covers for this issue were awful. I'm not a fan of Seely's art as much as his writing, and the Yasmine Putri cover wasn't much better. I don't know what it is with Putri, sometimes she has some really solid cover work for the series, other times John looks like a 12 year old playing dress up. Very strange.
  15. Happy ?

    I've not read the comic, but that trailer looks absolutely batshit. I always dig Chris Meloni in stuff, nice to see him getting to let loose in this.
  16. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    I have a feeling that Jenny Sparks being a brunette is considered a "radical new change!" in his eyes, too. Other than Cray and King, have there been any other race/gender flips in the series that I'm forgetting about? I think I saw a cover solicit with a female Doctor (Authority not Who), that seems to stick out in my faulty memory lobe. And yeah, that Colt/Gamora/Spartan stuff was so damn confusing, especially the way Alan Moore dropped it into the middle of a line-wide crossover with no build-up for foreshadowing at all. "Fire From Heaven" was such a strange story.
  17. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    The gender flipped character didn't bother me as much as the changes he made to Spartan/John Colt, who is now just "Generic Ellis Protagonist" instead of a cool, alien android/CEO. Still on board for the ride, I'm enjoying it despite the glacial pace, but now I'm starting to wonder if that's just because I love the Wildstorm characters so much.
  18. Hellblazer pulp

    Jason, that post....that image... Well played.
  19. Hellblazer pulp

    Just not big on Chaykin, he's about the last creator I would want touching Constantine. Especially if he was on art as well, because John would suddenly have black hair and a cleft chin. Put him on a Nick Necro ongoing series, however, and I would indeed be achin' for some Chaykin.
  20. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Yeah, can't really argue with kid logic, lol.
  21. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    That pic came from Facebook, which was uploaded from my phone. I'll see if a straight download from my phone gets me a higher-res image when I've got some free time. Unfortunately, my library isn't much to look at these days, tight money times necessitated me selling most of my collection. He has gravitated toward Batman as his favorite, well, anything. He watches a steady stream of Batman: The Animated Series, which as good as it is is starting to wear thin for our family, lol. He also loves the Hulk and Ghost Rider, who he calls "Eyes" because he heard the character say "Look Into My Eyes" one time when he was a baby, lol.
  22. DC Comics

    Those are some really good points, Robinson does tend to mine the past of his characters, and that was one of the more damning aspects to Diggle's run. I'd counter, though, with the notion that Diggle's continuity dredging wasn't what made his run so forgettable, it was that he regurgitated past minutia while simultaneously sacrificing character moments for plot mechanics. I don't think Robinson would do that, because in his better works like Scarlet Witch and especially Starman, he grounded the series in heavy character pieces while also laying down all of the plots for his endgame. Robinson would bring the character's heart and humanity back, instead of just sending him on neverending quests. Or he'd write something like Justice League: Cry for Justice and make me look like a fucking idiot for suggesting him in the first place. It's a toss up.
  23. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Jason, you summed up my thoughts on the Diggle run almost to the letter. It wasn't so much the call backs and constant springboarding off of old continuity, it was that the humanity seemed to be leeched from the series. There was that podcast that was released for Hellblazer's 25th anniversary that had a round table interview with Delano, Lloyd, Milligan, and Diggle, and listening to that really informed where Diggle was coming from as a writer on the book. He was a Hellblazer fanboy, particularly of Delano, and he kept saying "Jamie, did you know I did this in my run? I brought back the Golden Boy? I had him drinking gin n' tonics again?" Delano kind of brushed it all off, but you could tell that Diggle was very proud to have brought back all of that past stuff. Unfortunately, I think all of those plot mechanics really sucked the life out of Constantine as a character. Like you said, Jason, that bit at the end with John and Chas was a real breath of fresh air for the series, and I hated that Diggle couldn't have done more of THAT during his run. Who knows, though, maybe Diggle had more in him than I'm giving him credit for, his run was chopped halway through and according to him had some really heavy editorial pushback.
  24. Hellblazer pulp

    Matt Wagner, yes please. Howard Chaykin, no, not so much. Speaking of John Smith, I was reading back through the Sean Phillips art book a few weeks ago, and it had a lot of talk about Smith and Hellblazer. Apparently, the Smith/Phillips team almost had the gig post-Delano, but the decision ultimately went to Ennis instead. Issue # 51 was taken from the series outline/proposal that Smith had submitted to Berger. I'd have really loved to see that run happen, personally.
  25. Comics Shipping the Week of Oct 2nd

    Punisher: The Platoon # 1 Spirits of Vengeance # 1 Iceman # 6