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  1. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    DC solicits for August were released yesterday, no new issue of Hellblazer. Looks like its cancelled at the end of Seeley's current arc in July. Maybe it'll get another relaunch with all the other DC relaunches in the fall? They "cancelled" Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps as well, and that's rumored for a relaunch by Morrison of all people, so who knows what they'll do with Constantine.
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of May 21st 2018

    Hellblazer # 22 and Moon Knight # 195
  3. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    Regarding all the slang, is Tim Seely English or American? I always assumed he was from the States, no particular reason why though. If he IS American that could be the cause for the overabundance of slang, he's going too far to fake the authenticity. I'm still digging his work on the series, though, FAR better than Kadrey, Oliver, or Mina.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of May 14th 2018

    Punisher # 224, Avengers # 2, Wild Storm # 13
  5. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Well, for the first time since it started Wild Storm: Michael Cray has finally captured my interest with the newest issue, which introduces that world's version of Constantine. I actually cared about what happened to Cray and it was more than the usual "DC hero gets bent into a maniac" plot device of the first six issues. Slow burn, yeah, but interesting enough that I'm glad I didn't drop the series after that stupid Aquaman/Chthulu mash-up. Aren't there supposed to be two more spin-offs to The Wild Storm coming at some point? I remember hearing that in the initial press release, that it would be Michael Cray, Zealot (I think?), and ultimately Wildcats (again, I think?).
  6. Comics Shipping the Week of May 7th 2018

    Just Wild Storm: Michael Cray # 7 for me this week.
  7. Marvel's One World Order

    I highly enjoyed Avengers # 1, I think Aaron's "getting the band back together" motif is played out nicely, if a bit on-the-nose in the bar scene. I actively like all of the characters he's bringing into the team, with the exception of Captain Marvel I suppose. Here's hoping he can eliminate some of the stigma surrounding Carol after all the shit stories she's had in the last few years. The character I'm most excited about is, of course, Ghost Rider, and I happen to really like Robbie Reyes. He's no Blaze or Ketch, but I think maybe Aaron said all he had to say about those two in his Ghost Rider run years ago. His take on Robbie seems to fall in line with what Felipe Smith was doing, but skewing him more toward the traditional Ghost Rider status quo, which I appreciate. And yeah, the Celestials were all killed off by Archangel's children back in Remender's Uncanny Avengers run. I think Aaron even halfway nods his head toward that, when he has Thor wishing he had his ax, which of course is the weapon that was used to kill the Celestials in Remender's story. I blame it on Secret Wars resetting everything.
  8. Marvel's One World Order

    Just read the final issue of Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez's Rogue & Gambit mini-series, and I highly recommend picking it up when it's released as a trade. The whole mini-series was fantastic from start to finish; those two have always been my favorite of the X-Men, and this story is one of the best that's featured them and probably one of the best X-Men stories in a long, long time.
  9. Comics Shipping the Week of April 30th 2018

    I think Secret Invasion was the most offensive of the Marvel mega-crossovers from that era, it was just so bland and uninteresting - EVERYONE is a fucking Skrull, people, in every single Marvel comic tie-in for 7 fucking months! - and made Avengers Vs. X-Men look real damn good in comparison. Once you get past the Bendis events the following crossovers get much better. Both Original Sin and Infinity are very much worth reading, just stay far the hell away from Axis. That shit is terrible.
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    I had the opposite opinion of the Thanos Annual, I found it to be a colossal waste of time and money. I liked the last story, with Frazer Irving on art, but the rest were inconsequential filler at best and horribly annoying at worst. I adored Cates' Thanos arc and am eagerly awaiting Cosmic Ghost Rider, but this one was one I wish I had skipped completely.
  11. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Mister Miracle # 8 and Infidel # 2 for me.
  12. DC Comics

    Yeah, the Losers was a good read at the time, but it's not something I could see holding up for repeated read-throughs. I did really get a kick out of the movie, though, mainly due to the amazing cast.
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of April 9th 2018

    Nothing new for me this week. Man, I fucking love "Final Crisis", it just totally sings to me. I appreciated a crossover event that actually forced you to think and make connections on your own, especially with tie-ins that were actually important to the overall plot (i.e. essential in the case of the Morrison written ones) yet kept to a minimal number. If I had the extra cash I'd totally get that Final Crisis Omnibus that's coming this summer.
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    Just Punisher # 223 for me this week.
  15. Comics Shipping the Week of March 26th 2018

    And Cybernary was written by Steve Gerber, am I remembering that correctly?
  16. The Hellblazer # 15

    I'm really surprised no one's talking about this series anymore, I guess Oliver's terrible Djinn storyline really drove everyone away. That's actually a shame, because Tim Seely's 3-issue arc was actually pretty great. I thought the final chapter kind of stumbled in the middle, with a completely unnecessary Justice League appearance that had me rolling my eyes, but then it finished with a really great last couple of pages. This has been the best story John's had since he was brought back into the DCU (except for maybe Fawkes' Earth 2 arc, that was really well done, too), and I recommend you guys trying it out.
  17. Comics Shipping the Week of March 26th 2018

    Moon Knight # 193 Hellblazer # 20 Damnation: Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider # 1
  18. The Hellblazer # 14

    Picked up issue # 14. While it didn't grab me as tightly as the previous issue, it was still really good. Having gone so long without a decent Hellblazer fix, this one just feels right on so many levels. If Seely can stick the landing next issue, I'll be really happy. Artwork was pretty ace, too, nice and gritty without sacrificing storytelling or clarity. Nice use of mythology, a plot that's engaging, and a really nice bit of magic in a pub. This story gets a thumbs up from me, here's hoping # 15 continues the trend. I will say, though, both covers for this issue were awful. I'm not a fan of Seely's art as much as his writing, and the Yasmine Putri cover wasn't much better. I don't know what it is with Putri, sometimes she has some really solid cover work for the series, other times John looks like a 12 year old playing dress up. Very strange.
  19. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    A lot of Alan Grant's run on Batman HAS been collected, only it's not really got his name on it. Check out the Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle collections, they're a really solid chunk of Grant and Breyfogle's run that spanned Detective, Batman, and Shadow of the Bat. Definitely some of the best Batman stories of the post-Miller era.
  20. Marvel's One World Order

    I've read everything BUT the Zeb Wells New Mutants and most of the Thor: Ragnarok collection. I really loved Oeming's "Disassembled" arc back in the day, but didn't read the follow up Blood Oath or Beta Ray Bill minis, so looking forward to delving into those! And yeah, you've hit the problems with Stine's Man-Thing exactly. The captions and thought-bubbles were a distraction, that I just started to skip over in the later issues. It read like Stine was trying like hell to write like Steve Gerber, complete with the issues running into one another with little resolutions, but it failed on just about every level.
  21. Comics Shipping the Week of March 19h 2018

    Doctor Strange: Damnation # 3 Thanos # 17
  22. Marvel's One World Order

    Anyone else take advantage of that $.99 Marvel trade paperback sale on Comixology last week? I grabbed quite a few, some classic stuff I haven't read in ages: Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Sereis vol. 1 Werewolf by Night: The Complete Series vol. 1 Excalibur Epic Collection vol. 2: Cross Time-Caper Infernal Man-Thing New Mutants by Zeb Wells Ultimate Collection Vision: The Complete Series Thor: Ragnaroks Daredevil Epic Collection: Hearts of Darkness Man-Thing by R.L. Stine I've been reading through that Stine Man-Thing series, though, and it's appallingly bad. I'll have to re-read that Gerber Man-Thing collection immediately after to wash the Stine series out of my brain.
  23. Fuckbiscuitshitangels (Warren Ellis)

    Yeah, as prescient as Transmet was on a whole lot of things, some of it still feels really dated to the late 90s/early 2000s. And god damn it, Michael Cray is really pissing me off, but I keep reading it like a tool. I really want to support anything Wildstorm related so the characters/concepts don't fade away, but Cray has absolutely nothing to do with that universe OR his previous incarnation. It's nothing but an excuse to pull a "Ruins" with DCU properties, it's terrible in the extreme. The other two Wild Storm spin-offs are supposed to be coming this year (Wildcats and another one, Stormwatch? I don't remember), here's hoping they're more than just a trademark name bolted onto something totally unrecognizable.
  24. Other comics we read recently

    Oops, Aaron Campbell it is! I've been reading a lot of post-Ennis Punisher MAX stuff lately and Lawrence Campbell was the artist on a lot of those, guess his name was stuck in my mind.
  25. Other comics we read recently

    Read the first issue of Image's INFIDEL series that came out this week. Not too bad, kinda slow but seems to have an interesting horror premise. Plus, the artwork by Lawrence Campbell is really great.