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  1. Now that Channel 5USA have finally shown the season 3 finale, I can actually come into this thread. For the two weeks until season 4 airs in the US, then I'll be out for a year or so. Aye, I actually quite liked that they didn't end the season with a big climactic devastating battle. It's a pleasant change of pace from the horrors of the season 2 climax and the resignation of season 1. Nice to end on a bit of an upbeat note, with the group rediscovering their humanity and taking in the helpless after leaving that guy to the walkers on the highway the other week. And like John said, we have a clean break from the comic so anything can happen now (although I do notice that in light of Merle's departure a vacancy has came up for a one-handed cast member - Rick should be worried). That said, I do wonder where they're going with this. Rick's group aren't exactly great in numbers, and now they've taken on board responsibility for all the folk from Woodbury who were too old, too young, or too weak to fight. And I'd have thought that the well defended Woodbury would make a better base than the prison. Maybe I'm worrying unecessarily, and these points will all be addressed in season 4. Sometime in 2015 for me, probably.
  2. Atticus

    Big books of comics

    Oh, while we're on the subject: much as I was happy to see a reappearance of Alastair Stewart, whatever happened to his lovely (certainly when Alan Davis was on art duties) twin sister, Brigadier Alysande Stewart?
  3. Atticus

    Big books of comics

    Just finished reading the first two tpbs of Captain Britain & MI13...... bloody great stuff. I do like Cornell's very British take on superheroes. Cap's response to a Skrull sneering about how these tiny people don't know about grandeur & pride is a sarcastic "I think you'll find we do. We just don't like to make a fuss". Brilliant. Have to say I don't know who Pete Wisdom is, or John the Scouse Skrull, but I'm happy enough to learn as I go. Or not, as the case might be, since there's only one other trade. What else was surprisingly good? Oh aye, the scene where the flags all over Britain magically fly together to take the form of a new hero. Very well put together. The rest of MI13 are interesting too. The Black Knight - who I know of, but not actually anything about him, is a good partner to new super-doctor Faiza. Its nice to see an Islamic presence in a story where it's just another facet of a character, rather than an 'issue' or a story in it's own right. Anyway, looking forward to vol 3.
  4. Batman Black Mirror and Batman Gates Of Gotham are both excellent IMO. Scott Snyder writing Dick Grayson as Bats - great stuff.
  5. Well then, either Newsarama or Bleeding Cool is wrong. BC have a different version as the new one, and lists that one as the 3rd reject http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/08/23/the-new-52-gets-a-new-lobo-and-its-not-what-you-think/lobo_d-_kr/
  6. Is that not one of the rejected ideas for Lobo? Bleeding Cool has some pics, and notes that one as a rejected design (I think - can't get the link here). That said, the one they list as final isn't much better and still the same distance from the Lobo we know But then again: I really couldn't give a toss about what they remake Lobo as.
  7. That's very much my view too. But Affleck wasn't a particularly good actor at that stage of his career. Still an ok movie though.
  8. My first reaction was one of disappointment, but now that I think about it he might do quite well. He's big, dark & broody. His acting's improved since Daredevil. And he's now got the maturity and presence to look down on the noticeably younger Clavell as Superman. Given the right script and direction he could do quite well. I'll reserve pre-judgement till we know a bit more.
  9. Atticus

    The Walking Dead

    Oh this is most defintely true, in general. But Rick had an opportunity to take out the leader handed to him on a plate. I know they had a plan, but plans have to be able to change with the circumstances. The only thing that let him down was a total wildcard, the dodgy ammo; the rest of the idea worked, and even though Negan had back-up nearby it wouldn't have stopped Rick putting a properly made bullet in his skull. The back-up would have been easier to handle without their boss. It was definitely a gamble but the odds were in Rick's favour and I still think he was right to take it in this situation. Even though he lost.
  10. Atticus

    The Walking Dead

    Oh come on! Rick had an opportunity to get Negan while his guard was down, I thought it was a good idea to take the chance. Obviously, he should have maybe tried out Eugene's home-made ammunition before such a crucial time. Having the gun blow up in his only hand isn't going to do him any favours. Still, I can't see how he's going to get out of this one unless Negan does the typical villain "no, I won't kill you yet. I want to keep you alive to suffer (and long enough to come up with another plan to defeat me)" thing. The Governor made the same mistake, and I'd hate to see Kirkman re-hashing that scenario. Maybe a combination of Andrea's sniper team and a horde of zombies attracted by the gunshots will save him, but I can't think of any credible reason Negan doesn't just put a bullet (or Lucille) through his head without further ado.
  11. Atticus

    The Walking Dead

    Let's just say I'm revelling in the UK getting #112 a week before the rest (after having to avoid TWD thread for 3 weeks for fear of spoilers because #111 was late). And, obviously, ripping the piss.
  12. Atticus

    The Walking Dead

    TWD #112 was a joy to behold after these long months of not very much happening. I can't believe Negan would do that to Andrea and Carl, and the off-panel "thud" as - apparently - Rick's severed head hit the floor leaves me counting the days till the next issue. Can't wait to find out how Eugene managed to resurrect and heal Lori - is it all a dream or is this the final days of the zombie plague? And the dragons, man! Where did they come from? Are they connected to the zombification or something else entirely? If this is what it takes to band the Saviours and survivors of Rick's group together it'll totally shift the book's dynamic. Shark-jumping in an awesome fashion.
  13. Atticus

    Image Comics

    I'm lucky - I have both.
  14. Atticus

    Marvel comics

    Aye, it might be seen as a gimmick, but Hawkeye #11 already one of my favourite comics of the year. Glad I jumped onto this title. Like the wordless Batman & Robin #18 (another high point) the artwork really tells the story, but this does it in a far more innovative way. The diagrammatic sequences showing Lucky's tale are an absolute joy in their attention to detail, and tell the story in a way I've never seen before in a comic. For that reason, it outstrips Gleason's work on B&R #18, but admittedly doesn't have quite as big an emotional punch (which is hardly suprising, given the subject matter of each). This method of getting all the little incidental details of the building's residents succeeds where a more conventional piece of artwork might fail. It enriches the story, and is easily understood by anyone who's ever put together an piece of Ikea furniture. Top marks.
  15. Atticus

    Marvel comics

    How more great could Hawkeye #11 be? None more great
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