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  1. Have a Star Trek 2 date in central tonight for 6, but will be bloodhounding a drink afterwards?
  2. Well I'll be showing up like a bad penny.
  3. Loving the criminals responding to the Frank's perceived fallibility. Quite possibly my favourite book every month.
  4. That would probably require another DC Crisis storyline ending in that result.
  5. Can't say that I liked the mainstream work Robbie Morrison did, but he is a Hellblazer option I should have considered.
  6. Maybe I won't look out for them, then. I'm sure I remember Aaron writing or posting somewhere that he's never been to the UK. That can't help, surely... Well of course you should make up your own mind, just lower your Aaron expectations is all.
  7. To be fair if it wasn't you It would have been Jason. Jason would have been funnier, all due respect. that was kinda funny but Jason would have brought it home. with a pizza. I don't know I've met him, but there was no pizza...
  8. I'm game for the "024", the one that never, to my mind, graced a cover. And the "027/010", the Bingo Azzarello issue, now with a simple black background instead. Good luck with the fundraising, sorry I couldn't come in person.
  9. We should collaborate. We're probably more likely to get it made then any genuinely faithful adaptation.
  10. To be fair if it wasn't you It would have been Jason.
  11. Sounds to good to be true! Might have to wait for Mark-the-Batman-arbiter's review on this.
  12. Similarly, I've got an idea for a Punisher Radio Show. It'a about a struggling mother who drops it all to work as a singer on an ocean liner, only the people she left behind invariably meet her later on Holiday! Confined to the liner; when a big ship just can't be big enough!, they're forced to work out their differences. But will she get off at the dock with them?
  13. Couldn't we just get Delano again? Before Nergal and the trip into Hell, Pandemonium was exactly the Hellblazer comic I wanted. I suspect the demands of a monthly title might be far too gruelling.
  14. Cheers John, I will look out for them. I pick up most Aaron every month but even I wouldn't run off to pick those two up.
  15. Grant's not very keen on it at all. It would probably be Paul Cornell or Si Spencer I suppose.
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