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  1. I've read most of the non-Wagner Grendels, and the only one I can enthusiastically recommend is Four Devils, One Hell, which was excellent. I can hardly believe I didn't stop to talk at Wagner at WWC this weekend. I didn't know he'd be attending, nor had I heard about the release of new Grendel. Argh!
  2. Nobody, from Ait-Planetlar. Although not scary horror comics, exactly, what about the Courtney Crumrin series from Oni Press? I love those! More as I think of them.
  3. I remember really liking the first issue, waiting for the TPB, and after reading the whole thing, feeling deeply disappointed about wasted potential. Wish I could recall details for you, but as the others have intimated, it wasn't memorably bad, merely "eh" bad.
  4. FYI for those interested: there's a new Hellboy cartoon airing this coming Saturday night on Cartoon Network.
  5. I prayed for Doom to kill the Fantastic Four so I wouldn't have to listen to their whining any more. Seriously. In other words, I hated the movie.
  6. Selkie

    The Toy Thread

    I need these toys - or better yet, need to customize some of my stacks of extra BtVS figures along this theme: B-Movie Victims
  7. Wouldn't it be easier to ask him instead of me ? Yes, Charlie has a copy.
  8. Do the K brothers spend so much time battling that they don't talk to each other? I don't think you're going to need to rent it, Lou.
  9. Selkie

    Big books of comics

    This isn't a review, since I assume we've all read and formed our own opinions of Sandman, but this thread seemed the most appropriate place to place a link to the best price I've found yet on Absolute Sandman vol. 1. Just an FYI for those who, like me, may have wanted this book but held off due to the price tag.
  10. FYI, at most - if not all - public libraries, librarians are not permitted to prevent anyone from checking out anything they wish. A five year old can rent Caligula and the librarians can'ts ay a word.
  11. hagren, I seem to recall we have similar taste in movies, so I'll just mention that I hated Cars. If I hadn't been seeing the film with other people, I would have walked out. I found the characters uninteresting at best, and the plot was so formulaic that I can't even excuse it on the basis of it being a kids' movie.
  12. Yes, yes, yes, and just for good measure, a resounding yes. When I saw this movie with the fanboys, everyone laughed. When I saw it with the civilians, no one did - and I took the same role of the the sick, sick person in the theater. In fact, the civvies acted like they were in( aside from the screaming babbling two-year who was incredibly lucky I did not feed it to a Pomeranian). The fanboy film experience was so much more enjoyable. They were celebrating their faith, not mourning it.
  13. Ouch. Actually, the more I thought about it, it was. (FTR, keeping this discussion spoiler free is killing me). I overlooked the importance of an early speech in favor of something explicitly stated later on. If the movie wanted me to believe that Luthor's opposition to Superman is primarily ideological, I wish that point had been hit a tad harder. I'm all in favor of subtlety, but with this movie I sometimes found it difficult to separate subtlety from fanwanking. Fanwank that Kryptonians doesn't age like the rest of us, and you'll do just fine. The off ages of some of the other actors are harder, at least for me, to accept. As long as you manage your expectations going in, I think you'll enjoy it. The film certainly isn't flawless - what movie is? - but it's quite enjoyable, even for someone like me who loathes Superman. I can easily nitpick small stuff, like Spacey's intermittent lapses into his Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil southern accent, but this is a film about broad strokes, and on that level, it succeeds.
  14. If it's any consolation, so did I. I even still have the Official Collector's movie magazine purchased when it was new. Just to add insult to injury, someone ma'am'd me in the theater. I AM NOT OLD! I'M NOT! Someone on another board I'm subbed to just posted a really great interpretation of Lex's motivations. Now I'm wondering whether I missed something, or if it's another case of fanwanking something that's not there. To those who've seen the film:
  15. I don't believe that's solely zealous fanboyism. I think Batman Begins is the better film. Batman's always been permitted shades of moral ambiguity denied to Superman, and that has to make writing easier. Even so, the pacing's a lot tighter on BB than SR, and overall I do think it's a better film. SR is arguably the prettier film, especially on a big screen, but it shies away from fully addressing some of the major points that it raises. I've got to agree about Jimmy Olsen. His age bothers me - exactly HOW old was he when Clark left? - but he definitely lightened the tone in ways that were appropriate.
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