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  1. Mercury727

    Marvel's One World Order

    After Hickman's Avengers, the current title feels very so-so. Does seem that way with a lot of their titles since Secret Wars, a lot of things occurring but no real weight to any of it.
  2. Enjoyed it, it had problems but no greater or worse than any other standard summer blockbuster. It feels like DC are still taking baby steps with the quality of their cinematic output but it's (very slowly) getting better.
  3. Mercury727

    Wacky Raceland

    Well well. Two issues in and I think it's a pretty fun mash-up. Probably will collapse in on itself by the end mind.
  4. Mercury727

    Man of Steel vs Daredevil

    He's got the look and the acting chops for it, but looking at the online reaction I still wonder how Daredevil still has its rep.
  5. Mercury727

    SHAZAM! It's Young Constantine (#5)

    Phew, for a second there I thought they'd gone and done something stupid
  6. Mercury727

    The Man of Steel

    Enjoyed that myself for all its flaws and yeah there were many including the oft-mentioned scale of gratuitous destruction towards the end. But after those trailers I was kinda expecting some almighty destruction to occur. Although it is still an awkward jarring fit for the character seeing him standing in the middle of ground zero, in the context of a character still coming to terms with his responsibilities facing bad guys who can more than meet him on his own terms, I wasn't entirely surprised where the film went with that. So I found the super-powered punch-up fun but yeah the complete disregard for the fallout from said punch-up is much harder to overlook. Optimist in me hopes that it forms a thread towards some anti-superhero shenanigans in any potential Justice League movie, the cynic is laughing at the mere thought that DC/Snyder et al is being that thoughtful in their approach. But anyway the casting was great and the greatest hits approach to the origin story through flashbacks worked for me. So yeah there are misfires in terms of tone but just enough of it works to make it worthwhile for me.
  7. Mercury727

    Big books of comics

    Read through the first trade of New 52 Justice League, they throw a bunch of characters together to fight Darkseid and... that's about it. Not bad per se but it underwhelmed me. Also gave Coward, the first trade of Brubaker's Criminal a whirl and that was altogether a more satisfying read. Nothing surprising for those accustomed to noir-ish yarns but executed well.
  8. Mercury727

    10th of May (and weekend)

    Man I should check the events section of facebook more often, its a firm maybe from me until I know whether work will set me free that weekend.
  9. Heya Duckyface! Just dropping you a msg to let you know I haven't forgot about our little catch up, I've just been mega busy lately w/ work & fundraising for GazaOrphans. It should calm down a bit at some point though, so I'll check in w/ you and mess up your hair then :) xx

    1. Mercury727


      gotcha, can imagine you're pretty busy there, catch up with ya soon!

  10. Mercury727

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Loved it, the scale and epic-ness of TDK coupled with the tone of Begins somewhat. A little uneven at times sure, and the jumping about in place and time gets a bit much, but on the whole, it worked for me. Bale's turn as a broken down Wayne and resurgent Bats was quite something I thought. It doesn't have the unpredictability of TDK, and on a first showing I'm not sure if it betters that film, but as an emotionally satisfying conclusion, yeah I'm happy with that.
  11. Mercury727

    Boldly going again.

    He's in the second pilot episode, the first one to feature Shatner. One of my favourites too.
  12. Mercury727

    The Avengers

    Everything with Hulk was awesome, but overall the team aspect of it all worked together quite well, no mean feat given the characters on display. Twas paced well and everyone got their moment.
  13. Mercury727

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Them last 10 seconds aside, thats effectively foreboding stuff right there.
  14. Mercury727

    The Avengers

    I approve of this trailer.
  15. Mercury727

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Bane didn't seem too hard to understand there, in that whole single line of dialogue anyway. Liking what I see thus far.