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  1. wrongemboyo

    Hellblazer #247

    I think Manco's art has finally gotten better, except I still think he overuses the scratchy and blotchy ink. Andy's stuff so far has been great. I like the beginning of the book, perfect little nuggets like that piece of info make the book and character great. I'm just glad to see John doing some stranger than usual magic. Snorting St. Nick has to be a good way to immediately hook into the power of belief but I think there has got to be better ways. Though the power of belief has always been his best weapon, from Swamp Thing destroying the monsters, to the twig he gave that feller in the last one. Anyway, that's all I've got for now.
  2. wrongemboyo

    How do you get to heaven in Hellblazer?

    I think one of the hardest things to do, after being gone for a long time, is finding a way to jump back in. Hello peoples. Anyway, I like this question, but it's a hard one to answer certainly. I think I'd like to see John's character get more active. I always like when he has a goal better than when things happen to him. When I played with the idea of writing fan fiction I had arc ideas but no longer. Hmmm. uh....good question.
  3. wrongemboyo

    Big books of comics

    Just read Torso. Good stuff. I like the art and the story. Interesting to learn about the downgfall of Elliot Ness. I hear it will be a movie made by David Fincher. Hope it doesnt just look like seven 2
  4. wrongemboyo

    The Hellblazer Trade Paperback Thread

    I enjoyed Mike Carey's run until leonardo Manco came into it. I dislike his art very much, it looks messy and dark and covered with ink. Most disagree but the best is Marcelo Frusin, he sets up space like no one else and can manipulate light and shadow. Plus he uses great mouth close ups which have a great effect. John looked a little young for 53 of course, but the same goes for Manco's. Sean phillips is right under Frusin. As for Writers.... I havent read all the comics yet unfortuantely and Mike Carey is the one I am most familiar with. Ennis is good too but I have started to dislike Steve Dillon's art. Love him from swamp thing though. Alan Moore.
  5. My brother said I would like Hellblazer if i liked Preacher and so I picked up Dangerous Habits and number 184 and 185 and have been getting them ever since and colecting the back issues and tpbs.
  6. wrongemboyo

    Hellblazer Q&A

    I like azzarello's run. Its within each writers rights I think to take the character to a.) a different place and b.) bring a bit of themselves to the work. Plus I don't blame him for bringing Constantine to America in any way, write what you know and hes american. A little research into english life and backstory may have been a good thing for fans but he wanted to make it his own and do you really think someone who reads a book can peg what its like. Maybe i just sympathize because I am a fellow Chicagoan. I like "Loveless" though. But I have been itching for a good western for a while and Marcelo Frusin is the best artist ever. I think so anyway.
  7. wrongemboyo

    Hellblazer Q&A

    question? Was Brian Azzerello making a comment on Bruce Wayne and Batman is the Highwater tpb? I wonder..
  8. wrongemboyo

    Needs work but Opinions please.

    If only I knew who Mickey spillane is. Thanks for taking the time to read this stuff.
  9. wrongemboyo

    Just a question

    Anyone other than Ben Affleck.
  10. wrongemboyo

    Makes me wish I was still in college

    DAmn! I second the notion, hopefully it spreadas around to other colleges, but highly doubtful.
  11. wrongemboyo

    The Toy Thread

    I want shaun of the Dead figures. What the f-ck?
  12. wrongemboyo

    The Fantastic Four

    Haven't seen this movie, Don't plan on it. Iwoan Gruffud was alright in King Arthur. But most 20 year olds agree that Jessica Alba can do no wrong.
  13. wrongemboyo

    Comic Book Movies that Need to be Made

    I had a teacher who walked around everywhere with a tpb of Dark Knight Returns and said he was in the hundredth time reading it. He was pissed at the idea of Batman Begins and always said they should do Dark Knight with Clint eastwood as Batman. Which i think would be great if only clint was a tad younger. a tad. Because in my partial eyes, Clint Eastwood can do no wrong.
  14. wrongemboyo

    Needs work but Opinions please.

    I havent tried it mainly because it's a different style right? Like punchline on the back and stuff. Plus if Im going to draw might as well keep practicing for drawing the whole thing.
  15. wrongemboyo

    Needs work but Opinions please.

    thanks Lou. I could never decide on an official way to draw him. I have done all sorts of different styles. I dont know why. Also I do it because Im no good at drawing full length bodies, backgrounds, or women, but its because I dont ever practice.