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  1. Watched this flick four times already (Twice in the theatre, twice on Blu-Ray) and I'm unchangedly highly satisfied with it- yes, some line deliveries are cringe-worthy (Especially in the opening scene, urgh!), true, it is a tad pretentious at times, the plot twist at the end was rather inane, and, last but not least, Bane does not reach the sheer chaotic (and therefore mesmerizingly charismatic) persona of Ledger's Joker, but I was far more invested in the plot than with its predecessors, and had- oddly- no issues with the pacing, despite its inarguably long run-time. What stood out for me the most were- for one- the both visual and atmospheric motif of hope (Which rendered the scenery and story all the more interesting to me), the surprisingly solid portrayal of Hathaway as Catwoman, who came across as appropriately elegant and sexy, whilst remaining amusingly devious and intelligent, and of course, Hardy's captivating voice acting as Bane- he wasn't such a complex and odd character as Ledger's Joker, but for me, that was kind of the point and refreshingly different- he's a bad guy who means business and is open about it, yet does not give a shit what you or I think about his mannerisms, all what matters to him is the achieval of his goal; his non-chalance is so casually hammy that he comes off as calm and zealous, which is no small feat to pull off behind a mask and such an "iconic" voice :D I was actually disappointed that so many seemed to dislike the end of the trilogy, given that, while Ledger's Joker is already legendary (Understandably so!) and TDK had the more natural writing, it actually suffered under more severe pacing issues and a somewhat too realistic (Ergo boring) finance-politic-centric plot that only fell under the table because the Joker's twisted worldview made it so rewarding to watch. I'd even go as far as to say that this was the best of the three instalments- there's nothing that it did super-duper-excellently, but many little things (Like the off-beat humour) it got absolutely right. And whilst I certainly enjoyed the shit out of Avengers at the cinema, TDKR is in a whole different league, though I wager it would be sorts of an apples vs oranges-comparison due to the genre differences alone (Batman all the waaaaaay!).
  2. I've just seen the trailers and I too, love the concept without knowing the comics. Seems like silly, over-the-top-fun with a great cast to booth. 2nd trailer here: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/summit/red/
  3. Yeah, I loved them both. Rossdale wasn't too bad either, but similarly to Weisz, he got a pretty clichéd role. Would have been cool to have a more visceral Midnite, too.
  4. Imho Keanu acted the part well enough, in fact, it suited him pretty well. What the guy absolutely cannot do is modulating his voice, ie. voice acting, but since I've seen Constantine more often than not in German, luckily I didn't have to listen to him too often. Losing the sidekick is definitely a good idea. LaBoeuf's presence was aggravating, and I for one cheered when he was pulled up and down a room to his death. And a thicker plot with more thought-provoking content could not hurt either. Not to mention the weaponized relics and associated lame shooting galleries, bleh.
  5. Yay! Interested what they'll do with it this time around.
  6. The movie seems even sillier than the first. But Mickey Rourke as antagonist is a potent choice.
  7. hagren

    The Toy Thread

    I'm not a big fan of figurines and the like usually but this guy looks hawt!
  8. I've just seen it on DVD and I thought the exact same thing when that scene unfolded :) I didn't like it much as the first, in its entirety, even though it felt tighter than its precedessor, but you got to hand it to Del Toro, he's a master when it comes to art design, which is what redeemed the film for me, in combination with the few, characteristically Hellboyish teenage romance sequences that made the first one so charming. Krauss was a great addition to the cast as well, even with his clearly British German accent, but none of the them came even close to Kroenen, who's unchangedly, still the best villains of all time. Of all time!!! Selma Blair could still not act for shit, however, and I missed more scenes with John Hurt and the former voice actor of Sapien, respectively. This film also marks the first time that I was bored by an Elfman score, the loose, uninspired tunes just could not hold a candle to Del Toro's incredibly amazing creature designs (Especially the golden army suits and Hellboy's death blew me away). There was a distinct lack of substance, too, and many lines did not deliver in the humour department, but the visuals, some technical limitations aside, really were worth the time and dough. On a side note, am I the only one who thought the prince looked uncannily reminiscent of Cruise's eldering Lestat?
  9. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, just found it funny in retrospect :) Sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. I mean really, with how averagely Begins performed at the box office, who would have thought that TDK is going to break a billion worldwide?
  10. I agree with you about Iron Man being a mildly disappointing film, but not necessarily for the same reasons entirely- I've just seen it and I'm a tad puzzled how this film got such a solid reputation. Sure, both suits are fantastic and don't even feel akward in flight mode, the cinematography is decent, the CGI and postures are very well made in the action sequences, and Tony Stark has a minimum amount of witty lines and persona, but for a film about a man in a flying, metal suit there wasn't really much going on in terms of plot and events. And to be frank, there were some pretty cheap lines and directional choices. It felt a bit prolonged for the content, all in all, especially the desert scene overstayed its welcome. As for the villain, you could not have thunk about a more generic and predictable baddy. I guess the film would have been much more enjoyable for me if it would not have been for the horribly slow paced, tepid and stock "metal" soundtrack. I could also question the progress of Stark's home technology, but I don't feel inclined to considering it's a comicbook adaptation. Now I do want to see more of the character and the suit, but please grant Downey Jr. better storywriters and music engineers the next time around. Compared to a masterpiece such as TDK, this isn't worth more than 6-7/10 to me, awsome metal suit or not. Of course, it could have been a lot worse, and his bunkmate at least was a really great supporting character. Oh and this read downright hysterical with all the time that passed (Quote by inca): :P
  11. Fuck. One never think that a life, an individual mind can be taken by something mundane and common phenomenon as a traffic accident. I too, with the aid of your technique, saw him as Constantine. On the other hand, I'm sure there was much more to him than our icon, and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I wish him, his family and you all the loss of pain that can be achieved without having to resort to drugs, and may he have a bloody good time, wherever he is.
  12. I'm not sure which "Hagren" you are referring to, since everyone knows I always speak the truth! :P
  13. Well, I've seen the second half of it yesterday, and I can't recall being this disillusioned by a film for a long time. Why did it turn from a muddled, yet intriguing alternate dimension character study into a sub-par, bland and unintelligent crime thriller? It was also riddled with clichés and mindnumbingly boring. The only redeeming factor was Rorschach hacking and slashing through inmates. Amidst all this simplicity however, there were numerous plot/character points I did not quite get, yet in retrospect don't give a flying dookie about. Why there's love for this flick I can't comprehend. Even V was a better movie, some lame acting and the horrendously botched ending aside. 5/10
  14. Watched the first 72 minutes of the film. What is going to follow is the opinion of someone who has not yet read the book, specifically for the reason to share a view uninfluenced by the source material. What I've seen does not suck, yet hasn't impressed me on a whole. My favourite scene so far was the whole Dr. Manhattan segment- Great music, an intriguingly passive character, and well organized scenes. I also found a liking in Rorschach even though his voice gives me throat cancer by just listening to him :P However, so far there's no feeling of connection to either of the characters- it's too bleak and emotionally detatched for its own good, yet by gazillion times deeper than 300. Silk Spectre II and Ozymandias have been the most unconvincing and shallow characters thus far (A spoiled playboy and a nobody) , and I'm not sure that I accept the Comedians way of thinking- Which brings me to the only reason why I'm going to continue watching the film as soon as I find the time- Since what on earth made this animal of a human being weep like an old, lost man? Which does speak volumes about the plot- There's too much time wasted on presenting brief character bios instead of actual drive. I'm also often confused in which time the film plays, as I see no clear (or clichéd) representation of any. Audiovisually, it has been a mixed bag. There were some aesthetic shots, but on a whole, it lacks a distinct style or direction, and the music only works when it's in melancholy mode (Then excellently though). Last note: OTT violence FTL. So yeah, that's the gist of it. More to come later.
  15. Weak. Like waching some low-budget, amateur schoolplay. Of course, they're only brief glimpses.
  16. Because I linked to GameTrailers? :D That's where I found it first and I was too lazy to change the link. I'm more of a cineast than a gamer though, I barely play anymore, my love for CnC aside.
  17. Especially this: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermov...aylist=featured
  18. Rewatched it on DVD today. It's still a superb crime-thriller with a psychological subtext, and a true accomplishment to dig this deep into the conflict of anarchy vs. order for a film centralizing on characters being either heavily made up or wearing an unintentionally hilarious rubber suit. Kudos to the whole crew for this masterpiece.
  19. Your link is dead. Here's a kicking one: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermov...aylist=featured
  20. Hm. This leads me to think that either Rourke or Del Torro would have made a great Rorschach voice. They were Sin City's saving grace in terms of voice acting, at least.
  21. Saw it today. Whilst it did not live up to the massive hype and did not turn out as exceptional as expected, it was pretty darn satisfying to sit through and certainly a brilliant, twisted crime thriller. Apart from the ludicrous Batvoice and the stiff suit, respectively the talk-heavy first half, amongst other things. My respect goes to Ledger and Eckhart for two quite amazing performances and Nolan for a more than solid direction and story. This one had colours, too! And much cleaner action shots. Next time I'd like less public scenes, though. Loved the maturity and richness of the film, it really felt disturbing and unsafe.
  22. Visually quite inspiring trailer, hopefully this will be better written, set up and paced as 300.
  23. Best film ever, IMDB user votings say: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/ I'm curious how long it stays. 9.5/9.3 is not shabby though.
  24. I have to wait till August...fuckers! :P
  25. Has anyone seen the fan-made spoof of the trailer? Or Bay's Batman Dark Knight script? ;) http://my.spill.com/profiles/blog/show?id=...ogPost%3A355506
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