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  1. Hope you're including me in that count. I wrote below in Spidey Noir thread after reading #3. I'll say there's too much packed into each issue. I ended up confused and making the decision to read them all over again in one sitting when I get #4. I might be able to follow that way. The story pace is all scrunched up with too little cohesion. Still haven't read #4 et. Like I said, need to wait until I have enough time to sit down and start at the beginning.
  2. Only just got this months comic subs so I'm late to the party as usual. Normally read Daredevil first off but this month it was X-Factor #40. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this issue. After Peter David's 'this will blow you away' introduction, I was expecting something huge and the climax of this issue? Well, I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when. It would have worked a whole lot better if the no-spoiler-warning had come at the end of the comic. Mind you, it would be hard to meet the mind-melting standard of #39. But back to #40. Flip back to the entrance of Madrox and re-read the second balloon that comes out of his mouth, now contrast this with later events. Nice. Now that is the X-Factor and a perfect example of the more subtle foreshadowing that permeates this book.
  3. I thought Dark Avengers #1 was fecking awesome with some great piss-taking. So there
  4. arrazello

    Spidey Noir

    Agreed. Though I'm dissapointed with Logan's role. I also don't care for the lead character. Not one bit. I'll say there's too much packed into each issue. I ended up confused and making the decision to read them all over again in one sitting when I get #4. I might be able to follow that way. The story pace is all scrunched up with too little cohesion. Logan is kinda disappointing - . Takes the whole thug image too far or makes it too mundane. The main character - I'm struggling to remember. Although I do think i was more impressed with him in Part #1
  5. arrazello

    Big books of comics

    Recently read Fallen Son: Death of Captain America Bargaining was the best issue. And I really liked the whole card-playing scenarios in#2 I really don't like Tiger Shark's appearance in anything I've read so far. And Civil War: Ironman That I enjoyed. Thunderbolts (Are Go) Caged Angels = Really enjoyable. I just love emo boy Penance and all his pain.
  6. Umbrella Academy - that's the MCR bloke isn't it? Or not? I know the reviews hype it but frankly that means nowt because he's probably got great press. For reasons of extreme prejudice, I have never given it a shot. So it's good?
  7. That does sound a little more up my street. I'm very much more interested in characterisation - insight and development - than I am in action or [shock tactics] - reason I just dropped Hellblazer.
  8. If you don't find it to be one of the most amazing comics you've read recently, you're dead to me! You're out of the will! Colour me dead. It's well executed but it's just run-of-the-mill gangster/crime-fiction. The kind of story that's been repeated a hundred times in film media. Rotten cop insider strikes deal with experienced con. Bad cop dupes him but the con comes good. Along the way con loses people that mean something to him. Most interesting character was Jenny from Internal Affairs. Most interesting potential development is the way Leo hints at being something entirely darker than he seems. If you had held me up the first copy of Incognito and the first copy of Criminal and said - you can only choose one to follow. I'd have gone for Incognito, no doubt. It promises something a little different. I'm interested in how the setting will pan out - nice coincide with the pulp-driven universes of the Noir series too. I'll still be reading the next 3 trades because someone got them me for Chtistmas and they've finally started to drift in the door.
  9. Yeah, Layla is a great character - refreshing, but as you say the book is rife with strong characterisation. I love Madrox but I think Rictor is my favourite (can't wait for him to get his powers back - it's going to happen isn't it? Yeah it is.) and M is a riot. David did bounce back but there was the whole Darwin/Secret Invasion hurdle to negotiate too. The Mr Patrosky/Madrox dynamic was a nice interlude before that. All in all - X-Factor has been one of the best things I've read recently.
  10. arrazello


    Edit: Not best but a couple of the funniest I've seen. I'm juvenile, I know....
  11. I agree to an extent. Definitely, the X-Factor was great up until #25 when the MC took over for 3 issues - it totally changed the pace and did not fit the mood of the book AT ALL. I really don't think it has returned to form since then but #39 was promising and maybe... (I wasn't too keen on the Endangered Species add-on but at least it was that - an add-on).
  12. Yes, and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Outstanding turn of events.
  13. Might check that one out then since I am tired of Hellblazer.
  14. Just got the Coward trade through the door. Hope it lives up to its hype.
  15. arrazello

    Spidey Noir

    Yeah, you're right. Ok, so Spidey does some extra-special drugs and just believes he has the power of a spider? If it's not magic or radioactive - it has to be drugs. Drugs are very criminal ;) Fantastic Four Noir? I don't like the Fantastic Four - but noir - I could get to like them.
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